10 Reasons Why You Should Experience The Cruise Life With Norwegian Epic

Cruise Director Magic

So once you’re onboard the Epic, you’ll be hearing a voice behind every speaker with all the ship announcements. Who knew that this voice will grow on you and so will the person who owns it. Andre Gaffney – our Cruise Director is the man I’m talking about. To be able to bring in the crowd for every show and activity that happens within this majestic ship and making it a memorable affair is his job among the many other responsibilities. Andre knows what he is doing and is really good at it. After being on the Epic, I can vouch for the fact that a Cruise Director can make or break your cruise experience and I for one would love to go back on a ship that has him as the Cruise Director.

Finest Food Galore

So one would think that food options may be limited on a ship. But guess what? You’ll probably feel like you didn’t have enough opportunities to enjoy meals in all the 20 restaurants that are on board the Epic. Yes, 20 restaurants ranging from authentic Japanese to traditional European food, they’ve also got some Indian chefs to make sure that if you ever crave for some desi food, it’s available. Personally of course, I don’t do Indian food on international trips but it’s definitely a big advantage for those who do need their dose of good ol’ Indian food. And you know? Majority of these restaurants are inclusive of the cruise package, except for a couple of speciality ones.

‘Epic’ Entertainment

Whether you’re into stand up comedy or live band showcases… there are a couple of auditorium setups inside this magnanimous ship that make sure you have some form of entertainment sorted for the day… especially in the evenings once you’re back onboard after a long day of exciting excursions. Stunning musicals with elaborate costumes, there’s no compromise in any sense when it comes to putting up a spectacular show. For the love of performing arts with world class performances, “never a dull moment” is the best way to put it.

Kid-Friendly Experience

With well equipped and interactive play areas, to pools that are absolutely kid-friendly, there’s every reason for families with young children to consider a cruise trip on the Norwegian Epic. They actually have water slides, a wall that’s fit for climbing (all the necessary gear is available when need be) and so much more. Having witnessed a number of families bonding over these wonderful activities, the ship is certainly child-friendly and makes for a great family vacation option.

Life’s a Party onboard the Epic!

From crazy dance parties to theme musical nights… art auctions to games of Deal or No Deal and more, the cruise director is always on his toes to make sure you have something fun to do while you’re sailing. There’s also a massive casino for those who want to experience the same and try their luck. My point is, no matter what your interest may be, there’s something for everyone… and life is like a never-ending party on board the Norwegian Epic.

Touristy Travel with a Twist

I understand this may seem like a trip that’s certainly not a true wanderlust/traveller’s dream come true, but then it’s perfect for the ardent tourist who likes to cover a lot of places in limited time. A week long cruise that covers 3 countries and some of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean belt, Norwegian Epic makes the experience absolutely worthwhile! Here’s the basic flow of our itinerary so you understand where I come from… 

We set sail from Barcelona -> Naples, Italy -> Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy -> Florence & Pisa (Livorno), Italy -> Cannes & Nice, France -> Palma, Majorca, Spain -> Barcelona (disembark).

Shopping at Sea

With almost an entire floor dedicated to various brands and their respective kiosks or stores, they have fresh and exciting deals on a daily basis. Some days it’s a flat 50% off on luxury bags, on other days, it’s a buy 1 get 1 free on other fashionable accessories. If you have the shopaholic streak in you, this is heaven on sea. The other major advantage of purchasing branded products onboard the epic is that you’re actually exempted from paying certain taxes since you’re at sea. Imagine the thrill of saving on taxes you’d otherwise pay while on land… Now how cool is that?

The Solo Traveller’s Cabin

Even though I did not stay in one of these studio-like cabins, I think it’s such a fab way to encourage solo travel enthusiasts to experience the cruise life. In the words of a colleague + friend… Ankit, who was on the Norwegian Epic a week before I set sail (talk about amazing coincidences like these!) and was staying in one… “The experience was rather different from my overall experience of the ship. The cabin pretty much started and ended at the same place and was honestly quite suitable for 1 person. It had these dramatic mood lights, some comfortable cushions and bedding coupled with a great air conditioner. The entire space, including the compact shower cubicle would come across crammed at first sight, but in the end it was a randomly cozy experience that sort of grows on you. The crew’s addition of some chocolate dipped strawberries and a complimentary wine bottle was one of the few plus points to the overall experience of the cabin.”

I was also told there’s a fun scheduled that’s customised for their benefit. Lots of mingling sessions and social events that connect solo travellers from all around the world. Sounds like something I’d be up for…

Heavenly Haven Suites

Just when you thought it couldn’t be better, it apparently can… If you choose to book yourself a room in the haven suites which is located right on top of the ship. It’s perfect for those who seek luxurious freestyle cruising where privacy is of prime importance. Having personal spaces that go beyond just a cabin, I imagine a lot of newly weds wanting to experience the same. Sounds ideal, right? Priced in a premium way for all the right reasons, it’s an exclusive, luxurious offering on the Epic.

World’s Largest Floating Spa – Madara Spa

If you’re a spa junkie in the truest sense, then Madara is meant to be experienced and ticked off your “spa buckletlist”. Apparently it is the world’s largest floating spa – floating because it’s on the Epic. It literally is as exciting as it could be. Quietly located on the top floor, the serene views of the never-ending Mediterranean sea adds to the calming effect one seeks in a spa. This is one of those “once in a lifetime” sort of things to do while you cruise with Norwegian Epic.

For more details, check out their official website – http://www.ncl.com.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. All views as usual are personal.

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