A Meaty Experience at The Boston Butt (Now in Bandra)

Life is all about having experiences… the kind that you can make memories of… the kind you want to cherish… the kind you’re grateful for and more. So even though this isn’t a philosophical post, I would like to let you guys know that my recent experience at the newly opened outlet of The Boston Butt was a meaty one and how – quite literally!

India’s 1st Smokery, Charcuterie & Bar, The Boston Butt is where you can find one of a kind specialities that cater to the experimental meat eater’s palate. They serve up unique yet traditional BBQ experiences from the US with special influences from North and South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas and Kentucky.

Sounds good, right? Well, it was…

Here are my top picks from the menu.

The Charcuterie Larder Board

Now as much as the menu might seem overwhelming with a whole lot of new and unusual preparations, I suggest you give different kinds of cheese a try. A lot of them are an acquired taste to be honest, but if you’re as experimental as I am, you’re gonna find something you love. The unique meaty bites are served with chive cream cheese, carnival peanuts, marinated pinto beans, baked yam crisps, house ferments and rocket – it’s the perfect accompaniment for a night out that involves a whole lot of drinking.

Nduja Style Chicken Pate

Personally speaking, I am not a pate fan in general and probably wouldn’t have tried it but since this was a night of tasting, I gave it a shot. To my surprise, I quite enjoyed it. It has just the right amount of flavours that build oh so beautifully on your palate with every passing bite and well, what can I say? I would love to go back for more.

42 Days, Dry Aged Pork Pepperoni

Cured with an Italian red wine, smoked paprika, chives and aged for a mild chew, funk and spice – It’s definitely a style of meat preparation that isn’t for everyone, but if you truly enjoy the real infused flavours, then this might just be right up your alley.

63 Days, Dry Cured & Aged Pork Gabagool

A unique kind of salami that’s cured with aldona peppers, sage and aged. It has a marble like appearance and is yet another dish that expects you to be open to bold flavours. I bet your taste buds are gonna be in for a surprise with this one!

7 Hours, Low & Slow Smoked Pork Ribs

One of my favourite preparations of the night, I absolutely loved every bit of this fantastic dish. Available in 2 styles – the Memphis style dry rub or St. Louis style glaze, I chose the St. Louis version… And what a magnificent choice it was! I probably have day-dreamed more than once about it ever since the night we tried it. This one definitely makes it to my #TGLPrecommendation list. As a pork lover, whether you eat anything else or not, give this a try and you can thank me later! 


A big shout out to all the seafood lovers out there! This one’s for you. I’d say it’s one of the finest seafood meals I have truly enjoyed in a long time. Jambalaya is a beautiful amalgamation of clams, shrimp, chicken choriz and brown rice. As much as the combination sounds quite unusual, it all comes together so well. One can easily make a wholesome meal out of this stunner.

Freshly Baked Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie with House Ice Creams (salted caramel, vanilla bean, chocolate)

If you manage to keep some space in your tummy for desserts, then give this skillet a chance to take over your sweet tooth cravings. Best shared with bigger groups (4-5 people), this one’s a sinfully indulgent choice. Pro tip: eat it before the ice cream completely melts into the cookie for that perfect hot and cold effect.

Having learnt that all their preparations are made using in-house rubs and marinades and freshly prepared breads, you know you’re in for an authentic Southern American feast! The art as well as burst of flavours of slow cooked meats certainly come alive when you’re at The Boston Butt.

Make sure you complete this experience with their extensive selection of well-heeled Californian wines, Southern-inspired house cocktails, locally crafted beers, trendy gin offerings and non-alcoholic house brews.

Until next time…

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