It was time for Africa!

Right from a very young age, travelling has been an integral part of my being. My fascination with varied cultures, cuisines, people and lifestyles makes my love for travel grow deeper with every trip.

In the August of 2012, taking a vacation was the best possible decision we took. A worthwhile break I’d say. Every place visited had a mesmerizing story to sustain my interest in it or a strong historic connection behind it… a culturally-rich country.

This time, it was South Africa… a land so beautiful that I was beyond mesmerized and couldn’t stop taking pictures with my DSLR. A 9 day trip and I still couldn’t get enough! It was a 7.5 hour flight and we travelled by their national airline – South African Airways (great service!)

Destinations visited: Capetown (Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Fish Hoek, Boulder Island), Knysna (Moussel Bay), Port Elizabeth, Sun City, Johannesburg.

South Africa did not come across as a country that belongs to the African subcontinent, considering it falls under a 3rd world continent category.
Hats off to the people who made the place for what it is… an absolute pleasure to visit.
To experience new found respect for Mr. Nelson Mandela, is to feel a whole new sense of evolvement!

Pictures courtesy: My DSLR (Canon 500D)
for the love of art… believe it or not… this is a painting
A strong message indeed… at Signal Hill, Capetown
wild ostriches… while driving down to the Cape of Good Hope
Victoria Wharf, Capetown by night
Victoria Wharf, Capetown by day
the point where the Atlantic Ocean & Indian Ocean meet…
Franschhoek – a mini France in the outskirts of Capetown
cruising to Seal Island
a sea of seals on seal island
exclusive wine tasting at Spier Vineyards
Spier’s wine tasting lounge
inside Anura Vineyards’ wine tasting lounge
petting Ananda, a 3 month old white bengal tiger cub 
the meditating cheetah 
23 years of sheer awesomeness – Birthday Bliss… August 5, 2012
chilling on the beach, Fish Hoek
cuteness at Moussel Bay 
inside Cango Caves
scene 1 *lights!*
scene 2 *camera!*
scene 3 *action!* (awww…)
South African delicacies… ostrich and crocodile meat
Boulder Island – home to the African Penguins
our very own African Pingu 
Boulder Island
Knysna… where prettiness came alive
posing at the Knysna Lagoon 
a bird’s eye view of Knysna
inside The Palace Hotel, Sun City
the grandeur within… The Palace Hotel, Suncity
the breakfast area inside The Palace
Face Adrenalin – bungee jumped off
the world’s highest bungee bridge

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