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Here I am, back again after a while with my experience at Terttulia – the newly opened restaurant at Shivaji Park. Yes, you read that right. Shivaji Park finally gets a new, fancy food haunt – something that was definitely missing in the area.

Being a design graduate come fanatic, I couldn’t help but fall instantly in love with the interiors. The space defines aestheticism along with a hint of old world charm. A special mention for the ‘orchard’ aroma that lingers around without disrupting the tempting aromas of the food that kept arriving at our table.
What really caught my attention was the distinction in the 2 sections that have been created. A family friendly sit down space with ornate, vintage sofas and chairs and on the other side – al fresco seating that’s close to the bar with high bar stools along with tapas tables, ruggedly finished brick walls and a sunroof that only makes it more appealing during the day and of course, during the monsoons.
P.S. They also have a wall that has multiple, supremely gorgeous set of mirrors. Works totally in favour for all the narcissists out there, including me. 🙂

Terttulia, Mumbai
Although I haven’t been to the one in Pune, I was told that the concept and menu is pretty much the same with some new additions that would work well for the Mumbai consumer. 
We settled into our super comfortable corner with some fantastic, in-house special sangrias for company. We tried the white wine sangria with muskmelon (so good!) and the red wine sangria with apples. As much as I am not a fan of red wine sangrias, this one was incredible. A win-win sort of evening when you strongly like both variations, right?

Red Wine Sangria
White Wine Sangria
Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of the sangrias, I was offered an Orange and Basil Lime Mojito. What can I say? It was indeed very very good. I enjoyed it more with every sip I took and that’s how a drink usually should be! Right?

Orange and Basil Lime Mojito
Going on to the food we tried, it started off with their extremely popular preparation from Pune – the Karari Roti which as per my taste buds and understanding is khakra with a masala papad twist, that’s served a fancy way. Goes well with your drinks so no major complaints there, but I wasn’t that impressed when it came to innovation or taste.

Karari Roti
A platter of bread and an assortment of dips/spreads: Hummus, Mushroom PâtĂ©, Chicken liver PâtĂ©, Olive Tapenade and Tzatziki soon arrived at our table. We personally loved the garlic-infused Hummus (It’s a classic!) the Olive Tapenade and Chicken Liver PâtĂ© – this, despite not being a fan of any liver preparations.

The Platter
Up next, the delectable Bacon n’ Parmesan wrapped Dates with Mustard Creme Fraiche that made us instant fans. I loved the amalgamation of flavours, the salty side to bacon and the sweet factor of dates’ that came together so beautifully! The mustard creme fraiche only added to the burst of flavours that this preparation offers.

Bacon and Parmesan wrapped Dates with Mustard Creme Fraiche
Salmon in Labb Sauce – Although a bit on the salty side, I loved how the basil leaves and sesame seeds brought about the strong distraction of flavour plus crunch factor to this otherwise basic preparation. The pungent, salty flavour is undeniable and unique and may not be for everyone.

Salmon in Labb Sauce
Sauteé Basa in Chilli Cilantro Pesto – I am an avid lover of basa and this preparation only made it more obvious. The chilli cilantro pesto marination validates this recipe and I’m definitely going to go back for the melt-in-the-mouth experience that it has to offer.

Basa in Chilli Cilantro Pesto
Both, the Portobello Mushrooms stuffed with Olive Feta (vegetarian version) and the Portobello Mushrooms stuffed with Chorizo Gorgonzola (non vegetarian version) were absolutely delicious and had distinctive aftertastes of their own! I’d say they make great accompaniments for a drinking night and worth checking out.

Broccoli In Chilli Lemon Oil – A hot favourite for the vegetarians, the broccoli’s crunch factor brings about a lovely texture along with a hint of chilli lemon oil – something that didn’t kill the original taste of the green vegetable and at the same time, made it unique as a whole!

Broccoli in Chilli Lemon Oil
Chilli Garlic Prawns – Nothing like I ever tasted before, the Chilli Garlic Prawns were succulent and cooked to perfection. It kept getting better with every bite I took and would definitely want all the seafood lovers out there to try it out! Neither the chilli nor the garlic overpowered the other and that made it special.

Chilli Garlic Prawns
Chicken Tapenade – Want to know what reshmi kabab would taste like if it had to be prepared and served the European way? This is it; and I mean it in a good way. Soft, creamy and full of delicate flavours (the olives on the top did make a positive difference) the chicken tapenade became an easy favourite.

Chicken Tapenade
Panzanella – A salad that consisted of plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, romaine with bloody mary dressing. Sounds interesting right? It was. A flavourful preparation with every ingredient contributing in their own strong way, I loved this salad despite not being a fan of salads in general.

Pizza Terttulia-aah! – Some creamy spinach, tossed rucola scarmoza ‘n parmigiano drizzled with olive oil and some chicken (optional) is all you need to create this beautiful, light pizza that we loved as soon as we took the first bite. A slim, crisp base makes for a treat for those who like their pizza super thin!

Pizza Terttulia-aah!
Three Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto with Mascarpone – If you’re looking for the perfect comfort food during the monsoons, this is it. Home-cooked style risotto that may seem a bit bland to some (a hint of pepper might just make it a lot more appealing) but makes for an easy yet wholesome meal.

Three Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto with Mascarpone
Despite stuffing ourselves with all of the above, I couldn’t have been more glad to have given the Red Wine braised Lamb Ragout with Buttered Spaghetti a chance to be a part of my evening. There’s a reason why I say I’d go back – because dishes like these make my soul happy. The lamb was juicy and perfectly cooked, the spaghetti on the other hand was a masterpiece in itself as it had a hero flavour of its own! A #TGLPrecommendation for sure.

Red Wine braised Lamb Ragout with Buttered Spaghetti

Chocolate Mud Cake – My oh my. What can I say? Rich without the sluggish nature, this cake made me want to be on an empty stomach just so that I could enjoy every single bite of its sheer goodness.
Chocolate obssessor or not, I suggest you give this mud cake a shot!

Chocolate Mud Cake
The evening had to end on a sweet note and although we tried 2 desserts – both cakes in their own distinctive ways, the Crème BrĂ»lĂ©e Cheesecake took the cake and how! I love cheesecakes as much as I love anything that’s chocolate based, but this is the sort of cheesecake that everyone should add to their bucket list. Yet another #TGLPrecommendation for sure.

Crème Brûlée Cheesecake
Now that they’ve opened their doors to Mumbai, that too in a unique location (Shivaji Park is pretty centrally located and is equi-distant from South Bombay and the Suburbs) I suggest you check it out as and when you can… i.e. Soon! 🙂

Address: Ground Floor, Hotel Parkway, Near Natural Ice Cream, Ranade Road Extension, Shivaji Park, Dadar (West)
Call for reservations: 022 6002 0202

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