Versova Koli Seafood Festival 2015

The mother of all seafood festivals is back in town and I made it a point to put it down on my priority list of things to do this weekend. Last evening, a couple of us headed over the Versova Koli Seafood Festival that’s held every year for the past 9 years. Three days of sheer foodie bliss, I call this place every seafood lover’s paradise! A celebration of the Koli community’s rich culture with traditional food, live dance and music performances, I had such a good time being a part of the festivities!
We visited stall no. 20 and indulged in almost everything these women had to offer. Go about and glance through what everyone else has to offer and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Fresh catches marinated in authentic masalas, these delicacies are home-cooked style by nature but have resonating and rich flavours of their own. If you’re wondering what the prices are like, let’s just say they are sold are comparatively reasonable rates unlike fancy restaurants.

The Fried Finds
From stuffed plus fried pomfrets to fried bombil (Bombay Duck) and rawa-crusted surmai fillets we indulged in these fried delicacies and savoured every bit of it! We also discovered bombil bhajiyas that were being served at another stall (I think Stall No. 45). Quite something and definitely worth checking out.

The Curry Cravings
We checked out the teesrya curry (clams curry), squid curry and prawns cooked in a dense onion and masala paste. Ideal with some bhaakris (rotis made with rice flour), we loved all of it specially the stuffed squids’ curry.

The Shell Fish Adventure

Personally, I choose to not go beyond prawns when it comes to indulging in crustecean preparations. I’ve always stayed clear of crabs and lobsters only because I find them extremely tedious to break open and consume. But last evening, thanks to a friend, we ended up savouring all of the below. Tandoori style lobster, crab and jumbo prawns roasted to perfection… I hope you’re drooling by now.

The festival is on until tomorrow and as much as I wish it wasn’t restricted to just 3 days, I suggest you head there either this evening or tomorrow evening and indulge. No regrets – Let that be your motto for the new year! 😉
Where: Ganesh Mandir, Church Road, Versova Koliwada, Andheri (West), Mumbai.
Timing: 6:00pm – midnight.

Inputs Courtesy: Janhavi Iyer

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