Monsoon High Tea at The Sassy Spoon

Hello Potpourriers!
Hope you guys are doing well. It has been a hectic start to the month of July but honestly, I have no reason to complain because this is how I love my life. With so many blog posts in the pipeline, I do wonder how I manage to live this dual life – One that of a professional content writer and of course, that of a lifestyle blogger.
Writing truly makes me happy but there are days when I feel like going offline and savour the time I get to be with myself. Now that I’m done with wishful thinking, it’s time to continue this post with the original motive – Letting you guys know all about the Monsoon High Tea menu by The Sassy Spoon and my experience at the tasting along with a bunch of wonderful women including Owner/Chef Rachel Goenka. Owner/Chef Irfan Pabaney also joined in and enlightened us further about everything that made up this gorgeous spread!
The Monsoon Menu is all about indulging in comfort food. Now there could be various forms of comfort food but this menu is quite exceptional and absolutely perfect for high tea. The monsoons have almost arrived (yes, I say almost because it’s been pretty erratic and most Mumbaikars would agree with me) and there really couldn’t be a better time to enjoy these sweet treats in the aesthetically cozy ambience that The Sassy Spoon has to offer.
An enduring custom at the restaurant, the high tea menu has classics like bun maska… this butter has cinnamon in it and tastes out of this world. Make sure you enjoy it while it’s still warm for maximum satisfaction. 😉
If you’re a fan of scones, then you’re bound to love the one they serve here. With clotted cream and home-made strawberry jam, what more can one ask for?
A favourite that I know I’d like to go back for was the banana waffle. They were basically pancakes made with roasted banana, whole wheat and oats, drizzled with some lovely maple syrup.
The banana bread was quite lovely too. Ironically, I enjoyed treats with banana as an ingredient more than anything else. This, even though I don’t dig the fruit as it is.
The rolled up cinnamon french toast has a couple of variations. I checked out the one with blueberry and nutella filling and both were loved for their individualistic flavours. They also have kumquat marmalade, caramelized banana nougatine as other stuffing options.
Hot chocolateserved with vanilla cream and marshmallows also feature on this delectable menu. We checked out a couple of them in shot glasses and as much as I would have loved to enjoy one in a tall glass, there was so much more to taste.
Some of the other delicacies we checked out on this pleasant afternoon were croissants, pain au chocolate, danish pastry, blueberry muffins, cinnamon swirls and more.
They say a picture speaks a thousand words… so I’m just going to let the one above do all the talking. 😉
Address: The Sassy Spoon, Classic Corner, Next to Holy Family Hospital, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Phone No: +918655555555 / 26444777

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