Winter Special Menu At The Bombay Canteen + Burrp! Is Back In A New Avatar

Hello Potpourriers,
With the weekend that was, I have so much to share. It all began when Saturday afternoon was expected to be delightful as I was invited to check out the Winter special menu that’s been introduced at TheBombay Canteen along with some insight into the all new branding and user experience of Burrp!
If you haven’t been to The Bombay Canteen yet, I suggest you waste no time and give it a shot! Known for the way they trend with their uniquely curated menu, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed and will definitely want to go back for more.
New logo 
Here were 2 really good reasons to be at The Bombay Canteen on this wonderful Saturday afternoon.
So we all know and are aware of Burrp! – the original food search engine that was quite a rage at one point in time. Unfortunately, they crumbled and it wasn’t pleasant. But now they’re back – in an all new avatar.
A new logo along with a new website + app and some freshly added features (you can actually rate and review a particular dish and not necessarily the whole restaurant and more) bring about the much needed makeover it needed. Here are some snapshots.
The interface design of the all new Burrp! app
Although I did find the app a bit confusing, it’s all about getting used to when you come across something new. Explore and learn more… is how I would look at it. Also, the app tends to be slow at times. Here’s hoping the back end team fixes these glitches.
Moving on to the limited edition menu that the people at The Bombay Canteen are ready to introduce for this winter like season… 🙂 Beginning with the beverages, there are 4 different concoctions that you can try.
Ganga Jamuna Margarita – One hell of a winning combination, the mausambi juice and orange juice duet with tequila and lime hit the spot for all good reasons. It’s refreshingly tasty and I loved the hint of warmth it leaves within you with every passing sip.
Ganga Jamuna Margarita

Winter Apple Cider Sangria – I began the afternoon with this beauty because sangrias are so my thing. A true fan like me wouldn’t have it any other way. Adding some brandy to this classic concoction made it totally worth tripping over. I loved how they incorporated some freshly chopped strawberries to add to the distinctive flavour.
Winter Apple Cider Sangria
Cinnamon and Curry Leaf Iced Tea – If you love iced tea, then you have to check this out. Adding a hint of cinnamon, star anise, curry leaves and some lime is a great way to add some kick-ass winter twist to this otherwise classic summer cooler.
Cinnamon and Curry Leaf Iced Tea
Masala Coke – They say why have a regular soft drink when you can enjoy the chatpata flavours of coriander, chaat masala and kala namak in this Masala Coke. It’s quirky, it’s pretty addictive and managed to win many hearts at the bloggers’ table.
Masala Coke
Moving on the much awaited food, the concept of Chhota and Bada plates is not alien to those who have been to The Bombay Canteen. For those who haven’t, it’s basically the portion sizes that work appropriately as per the number of people sharing a particular dish. The starters are usually served in chhota portions while the main course is presented in bada plates.
Cheesling Bhel – Consisting of kohlrabi (it’s like the cousin of cabbage), finely chopped apples and mustard oil dressing, I never imagined I’d ever eat cheesling again after my childhood. But this one took me by surprise… the mustard oil dressing may or may not work for everyone as it’s quite pungent, but for those who do enjoy it, will most certainly love this interesting blend.
Cheesling Bhel
Smoked Mushroom Seekh – My favourite vegetarian appetizer of the afternoon, I loved how beautiful the texture of the mushrooms turned out in the form of a seekh. The smokey flavour was thoroughly loved and savoured by one and all. The sweet and spicy garlic chutney on the side only further highlighted the tasting experience.
Smoked Mushroom Seekh
Kejriwal Toast – Long story short, I could keep going back for this. The already famous Kejriwal Toast doesn’t need a description. With a single fried egg on a toasted slice of bread, topped with melted cheese and served with green chilli chutney, the recipe couldn’t be simpler and of course, delicious. Though I have to say, that green chutney was something else and made all the difference!
Kejriwal Toast
Spicy Chettinad Chicken Desi Tacos – Another favourite of the day, these aren’t just ordinary tacos. Served on Methi Theplas (yep!) the crazy combination is bound to flatter your taste buds. Special mention to the chicken chettinad… it was perfectly spiced and well made. Three cheers to the people who could think so out of the box!
Spicy Chettinad Chicken Desi Tacos
Sarson Ka Saag – I’m glad they didn’t try experimenting majorly with the saag itself but did give the makkai di roti a twist by replacing it with corn bread. Personally, I felt the bread was a little too sweet for my liking. On the other hand, the sarson ka saag was spot on! Served with some jiggery and white butter, it was homely yet rich in flavours.
Sarson Ka Saag
Videshi Style Baingan Bake – Brinjals in general don’t appeal to a lot of people. So again, as much as I thought this dish was quite extraordinary, you’ve got to love brinjal in all its form to actually enjoy it. Served with Maharashtrian peanut masala, spicy tamatar curry (which was super!) and some mustard dahi, this preparation not only tasted unexpectedly well, but also lived up to being an absolute visual treat!

PS. How pretty is that dish it was served in? #love
Videshi Style Baingan Bake
Choriz Per Eedu – An all the way winner of the day, the Choriz Per Eedu was simply soulful. A soft cooked egg tops this meaty delight and is served with a bowl of potato salli on the side. Eat it with the freshly roasted and graciously buttered pavs and you’re bound to reach foodie heaven. It all comes together with every bite; I couldn’t help but go beyond 1 serving. A #TGLPrecommendation for sure.
Choriz Per Eedu
After having stuffed ourselves with everything mentioned above, it was time to pig out on the dessert. Luckily there was just one, so I guess everyone may have secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Gaajar Halwa Toffee Pudding – You read that right. Consisting of candied carrots, roasted cashews and tamarind toffee sauce, I have to say these guys truly outdid themselves when it comes to “being different”. The presentation was lovely and the culmination of unique ingredients and flavours gave us all enough and more joy.
Gaajar Halwa Toffee Pudding
Being innovative may sometimes come with a price, but the joy in its success is priceless. That’s how I’d best describe the methodology behind the existence of The Bombay Canteen. Now that I’ve given you a detailed update about what makes up their winter special menu, it’s time you experienced The Bombay Canteen for everything it is!
PS. The hashtag for this meetup was #BurrpAtBombayCanteen. Go have a look on twitter for all our live tweet updates. 🙂
Contact No.: 022 4966 6666
Address: Unit-1, Process House, Kamala Mills, Near Radio Mirchi Office, S.B. Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Find The Bombay Canteen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Find Burrp on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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