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A few weekends ago, I got the opportunity to stay at Aamby Valley City with FBAI. Being an adventurous and super enthusiastic bunch, we were all set to experience everything there is on offer at this luxurious property that expands over 10,000 acres. The moment we arrived, it was drizzling and so we decided to seek some shelter inside the toy train parked around the corner. Guess there was no better time to take a group selfie… Thanks to my selfie stick, it turned out to be a pretty cool one! 🙂
Selfie time with team FBAI
The Reception
For those who aren’t aware, Aamby Valley City was once limited to only those who own property within the gated community and for their respective guests; pretty much like how a club membership works. But they have recently opened their gates to everyone and this step makes me realise the great potential in its growth as the kind it truly deserves. From various accommodation styles to an array of restaurants within this “city” and additionally lots of recreational activities like horse riding, fishing, golfing and more, even 3 days weren’t enough to check it all out. Nevertheless, we got a lot done despite the lashing rains that refused to take a break… leaving us drenched majority of the times, but never once did it dampen our spirits to explore and discover this stunning place! We also managed to witness the splendour of the light and sound fountain show called the “Fountain of Fortune” that leaves you mesmerized as the waters dance to the music and the lights add to the grand feeling!
August 8, 2016 2432
Fountain of Fortune

With so many things to do here, I honestly wasn’t sure how to go about this post. I didn’t want it to become a long and verbose read, yet it had to cover my time here to its full potential. With enough information and experiences to share, here are 5 highlights that make Aamby Valley City the perfect getaway… Monsoon or otherwise!

Spanish Cottages (Town Plaza Cottages)
The room – Inside the Spanish Cottage
Aussie Chalets
Inside the Aussie Room
Stay luxuriously with Spanish Cottages and Aussie Rooms
Whether you choose to stay in the minimalistic yet elegant Spanish Cottages (Town Plaza Cottages) or the super cozy and charismatic Aussie rooms (chalets), your stay in Aamby Valley City is bound to be unusual. The individualistic approach to your room is ideal for the peace and quiet and of course privacy and personal space within the lap of nature. It’s a breath of fresh air from regular corridor-based hotel rooms and is certainly a highlight.
Inside the Aquabus
The manmade lake
Take a tour with the Aquabus!
Although I get to visit Aamby Valley on a yearly basis thanks to the Wings India International Aeromodeller’s Meet, I didn’t know they’d introduced so many new things. The Aquabus – the amphibian bus, is one such tourist attraction that gives you the opportunity to explore this beautiful place by land as well as by water (via their serene manmade lakes). It’s indeed a one-of-a-kind experience and it definitely something you shouldn’t miss when you decide to pay that visit!
Group picture before the boat ride
Jet Skiing
Entrance to the Waterfall Safari
The beautiful trail bridge to reach the waterfalls
Enjoying the Waterfalls
Happy Feet at the Waterfalls
Monsoon fun with Water Sports and Waterfall Safari
Open throughout the year, the adventure seekers and hardcore water babies are in for a treat as there’s the Jet Boat Extreme and Jet Skiing to kick-start one’s adrenaline rush. On the other hand, the waterfall safari is one super highlight that’s possible to enjoy only during the monsoons. The route has been created through the lush green forests within and when it pours, the waterfalls lash their way down the natural path creating a route for you to feel one with nature… The pressure of these falls on your body is nothing less than a great massage and highly therapeutic. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes and shoes that aren’t slippery and you’re ready to go!
Breakfast stories at Woodpecker
Seafood lunch at Curry Coast (Inside Town Plaza)
Mediterranean dinner at Mabruk
Group photo outside Mabruk (please ignore the red eyes) 😛
Indian lunch at Namak
Drinks and dinner at 7 Sports Bar
Rajasthani thali at Manuhaar
Foodie Galore – Woodpecker, Namak, Mabruk, Curry Coast, Manuhaar, 7 Sports Bar and More
Having stayed at Aamby Valley for 3 days and 2 nights, we got a chance to check out the multiple restaurants that are specialised in particular cuisines. Breakfast was always at Woodpecker – the all day restaurant and is usually in a buffet format like most other hotels. Our lunch meets happened at Curry Coast (the seafood speciality at Town Plaza) that serves coastal delicacies from across South India, Namak – the Indian fine dine restaurant by the lakeside that serves some fantastic rich Indian food that I personally thought was rather exceptional and Manuhaar – the pure vegetarian Rajasthani thali place that makes you feel like royalty as you eat out of silver platters. Dinners on the other hand, happened at Mabruk – the Mediterranean fine dine restaurant that’s done up in the most authentic manner and has a belly dancer to keep you entertained as you make a meal out of Middle Eastern delights and 7 The Sports Bar that exudes a classic gentleman’s club vibes with potent concoctions to keep you company along with some good ol’ finger foods, you as a guest at Aamby Valley City will always have a varied spread (apart from the easy-going room service) when it comes to savouring a fancy meal of your choice.
Unwind at Ila Spa
Although it wasn’t part of my itinerary, I managed to squeeze in a spa appointment and it was totally worth it! A 5 minute drive down to Ila Spa and I felt like I was on a serene holistic retreat. I took the 60 minute long Swedish massage that helped my muscles feel well-relaxed and it felt like the perfect way to unwind after all the adventurous activities we’d got our bodies into. With a variety of spa therapies like Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massages and more, it’s like a cherry on the amazing cake that Aamby Valley is!
19 Degrees North – The Adventure Park
Footprints – The cafe at 19 Degrees North
Adventure time with All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
Adventurous Times at 19 Degrees North
So to those who love and thrive on all things adventure, 19 Degrees North is where you should be heading. It’s right outside Aamby Valley and has a variety of activities in store for you. Now this is something that you don’t have to be staying at of Aamby Valley for… Which is pretty awesome considering its more accessible to the public. From zip-lining to driving around on some rough terrains in an ATV and then there’s the amazing jungle safari (a fast and amazingly controlled rocky and splashy drive down to the base camp in an open jeep) be open to the idea of getting drenched don’t be afraid to get dirty… it’ll all be worth it! 🙂
This monsoon, Aamby Valley City has some pretty cool packages (open to customisation) to consider till the 15th of September. Here’s a synopsis of it. As the tagline suggests… it’s ‘A world created for the love of life’ and I couldn’t agree more. So go ahead, make your reservations and discover what this one-of-a-kind city has to offer!
August 8, 2016 2741
A big and heartfelt thank you to Neha Patel and her entire team for taking such good care of us and making sure we have a wonderful time. Check out http://www.aambyvalley.com for more details.
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PS. The bloggers were invited and hosted by Aamby Valley City via FBAI.

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