Say Hello To Euro – The New European Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Sahara Star

Hotel Sahara Star

Another Friday night, another new restaurant launch… This time, I was invited to get a taste of all things European. Aptly named and as straightforward as it could be, Euro is the newest authentic European cuisine and bar to enter the world of Hotel Sahara Star. The space is an eclectic mix of minimalistic old world charm along with a dash of contemporary finesse. The open kitchen only adds to the experience as one can witness the chefs in action!

Euro can seat 46 pax at a time and is open only for dinner. Helmed by Chef Amol Rane & Restaurant Manager Sh. Sarang Patil, Euro will have a rotating menu with a ‘speciality’ dish each night. Executive Chef Salil Fadnis was also present to make sure this evening turned out to be a fine one.

The Chefs At Work

The evening started off with some fantastic wines and sangrias to set the mood. An array of cold cuts, cheese and freshly baked breads were a part of the spread that I could have happily made a meal out of…

From French Baguette, Lavash (Flat Thin Crispy Bread) Bread sticks to the common soft and hard bread rolls topped with pumpkin and other seeds, accompanied with a block of Parmagiano Reggiano (Parmesan Cheese) and fresh Bocconcini (Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella) immersed in flavoured olive oil (Pesto and Spicy Pepper)… a variety that one can never get enough of.

More Wine?
Breads and more Breads

Tasting portions of various preparations soon arrived at our table and as much as I wasn’t kicked about the frequency (too many gaps and delays), I knew there was minimal scope for wastage which is always a welcome change. As a blogger, I know how it can usually be and requesting for tasting portions has always been my agenda. This time, they themselves did the needful and I wasn’t complaining.

Pan Seared Atlantic Scallops

Pan seared Atlantic Scallops with broccoli and cauliflower puree, served with couscous and black sesame seeds topped with a grilled cherry. Sounds as fascinating as it tasted. The flavours are highly subtle (mild for those who like potent flavours) and this one’s worth a shot if you are capable of enjoying minimalistic bland food.

Porcini Mushroom Soup

One of my favourite preparations of the evening, the Porcini Mushroom Soup was rustic to its original taste yet creamily rich that’s best savoured while it’s still hot. A couple of pine nuts added a fanciful crunch factor which I personally loved! A soup I wouldn’t mind going back for.

Stuffed Mushroom Bow Pasta with Balsamic Reduction and Creamy Sauce

Next, I checked out the Stuffed Mushrooms Bow Pasta with balsamic reduction and a creamy sauce. The pasta was a bit dry in my opinion but the mushroom stuffing and creamy sauce it was topped with made up for the loss.

Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables

Another common favourite amongst the vegetarians sitting at our table, the Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables was simply soulful. The classic flavour of truffle cannot be missed and the creamy sauce at the base completed this preparation. PS. A lot of bloggers felt this tasted like the Pizza McPuff from McDonald’s… Not sure if that’a a good thing or not; nevertheless, I thought it’s pretty darn tasty!

Herb Crusted New Zealand Lamb Loin

If you’re a connoisseur of red meats, then this one’s for you. The Herb Crusted New Zealand Lamb Loin was nicely juicy and perfectly cooked. Accompanied by an unusual braised red cabbage and fondant potatoes (which was amazing!), it’s a dish I’d want to go back for.

Squid Ink Linguine with Grilled Prawns and Clam Sauce

My favourite of the evening… the Squid Ink Linguine with grilled prawns and clam sauce was all things amazing. Each element that makes up this TGLP recommendation in my opinion, is a winner in itself. Creamy and bursting with classic seafood flavours, I haven’t eaten better!


Rice preparations in the form of classic Seafood Paella and Truffle Risotto were next on the tasting menu. The Risotto rice (carnaroli) could have been cooked for a while longer even though the flavour of parmesan was undeniably enjoyable. The paella was all about the seafood delights that made a hearty appearance (the image speaks for itself). From clams to mussels to kingsize prawns, it’s every seafood lover’s dream come true. Personally I thought it could do with more salt, but that’s again such a personal choice… right?

Truffle Risotto

Soon after, an unexpected course arrived… Chevre, Brie and Parmesan Pebbles is a cheese course that doesn’t work as a palette cleanser as much as helps in transitioning towards the desserts. Striking off the perfect balance between savoury and sweet, I was amazed with the way this was put together… a slice of watermelon and parmesan stuffed chocolate pebbles completed this one-of-a-kind course.

Chevre, Brie and Parmesan Pebbles

Last but not the least, it was time to check out the desserts. Two very different preparations, the Raspberry Custard with cocoa biscuit and a macaroon and Ginger Mousse with soft cocoa biscuit, rosemary snow and caramel graced our table. Now for those who truly love the flavour of ginger in every form, will certainly love the ginger mousse. Personally I found it too overpowering but the caramel and soft cocoa biscuit sort of balanced it off. On the other hand, I thought the Raspberry Custard felt more like a cheesecake of sorts, yet tasted like a dream. The macaroon with it was light and added that perfect hint of texture. Gotta give extra points for the innovative choice of fine dine style desserts.

Raspberry Custard with Cocoa Biscuit and Macaroon
Ginger Mousse with Soft Cocoa Biscuit, Rosemary Snow and Caramel

The night concluded on a hearty note as we discussed our experiences… What worked for some while what didn’t make the cut for a few; in the end we all had our own set of opinions that we could swear by. That’s the thing about food… It’s subjective… One man’s average can be another man’s favourite. 🙂

With hospitality at its best and food that may seem a bit too bland for most Indian palates, maybe it’s time to break away from those limiting shackles and check out European food in all its authentic glory – at Euro!

To make reservations: 02239807444 | Email: | For more details log on to

PS. The members of FBAI were invited for the launch party of Euro.

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