Swey – Worli’s Newest Rooftop Lounge & Bar

It was an evening I was looking forward to… After all, it’s been a while since I got back into the blogging sphere. Having gone through a tough phase on an emotional front, I needed this distraction more than ever. An evening to ‘SWEY’ with good vibes only… and that is exactly what I got at this recently opened rooftop bar and lounge in Worli.

Spread over a vast area of 15000 sq feet, SWEY has many unusual spots and zones, for large groups, private bookings and even intimate tables for small groups & cosy twosomes.

The moment you walk in, it’s the expanse of it that instantly catches your eye. Airy and aesthetically designed to exude a casual yet sleek finish, Swey has a mishmash of a menu with regards to their food as well as drinks. I got a taste of a few things – some that made an impact while some that fell flat… Here’s my first impression review.

An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day – my favourite cocktail of the night which initially was quite sweet but beautifully potent. I can almost say it’s a vodka-induced dessert because I was pretty much drinking an apple crumble (my favourite). So so good! It’s one of those beverages I’d want to go back for more…

Cheese Chilli Flat Bread

Cheese Chilli Flat Bread – One of those preparations where it’s really hard to go wrong, we enjoyed starting off our evening with something that effortlessly works and sets the mood for our taste buds. PS. Have it while it’s still warm to enjoy it at it’s best.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms – This was basically mushroom sliders stuffed with chèvre mousse and aoili. For those who genuinely love the original taste of mushrooms, this appetiser is going to be hit. The chèvre mousse certainly adds a much needed punch to it.

Rechado Fish Tikka

Rechado Fish Tikka – Topped with corn salsa and gribbiche, the fish was perfectly marinated (typically desi) and well cooked, so much so that it crumbled the way it should… Works as a pretty good accompaniment with your drinks.

Moving on to the main course…

Out of the two I tried, the Butter Roast Chicken certainly got me enjoying it. Now I don’t mean to compare, but for those who’ve eaten the roasted chicken at Indigo Deli… it’s a lot like it. Served with baby potatoes and sauteed veggies, it’s a big plated meal. I like how they didn’t compromise on the portion.

Butter Roast Chicken

The second one was the Chicken Waffle… Although the concept was quite amusing of having chicken on top of savoury waffle (It Happened In New York has a similar one but is with Korean fried chicken) it didn’t really work for us. I guess I feel like I should go back to try out more options as the main course didn’t impress us as much and I would hate to jump to a strong conclusion (especially a negative one) with just one visit.

Velvet Chocolate Bombe

Amongst the desserts, we tried the Velvet Chocolate Bombe (with cointreau jelly on fried genoise) and Hazelnut Entremet (layers of hazelnut dacquoise, coffee amareto bavarian and caramel). Although the chocolate bombe was deeply satisfying and indulgent in the 1st few bites, the moment I noticed the orange zest hidden within it’s core, it kinda put me off. Personally, I’m neither a fan of hazelnut based desserts nor like orange zest in any of my foods… So I think there’s got to be something else on their desserts menu that should hopefully grab my attention for good reason the next time I pay a visit.

FYI: Swey is a wifi-zone, offers valet parking and is also smoke-friendly.

Address: Rooftop, Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai 18

Telephone No. (For reservations): 9820436666

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