7 Reasons And More To Fall In Love With Planet Hollywood, Goa | #TGLPatPHGoa

Hello and I am back with a new post. This one’s special as it’s all about the most perfect weekend getaway to Goa that also happened to be my birthday weekend. A luxuriously chilled out staycation at Planet Hollywood Resort and Spa where great hospitality matched up to the super photogenic property and leaves you feeling nothing less than special. A lovely weekend stay at this laid-back resort especially during the monsoons is what dream staycations are made of. Here are 7 reasons (and more) to experience and fall in love with this unique property.

Scroll through and enjoy the write up and the photo journey that follows…

The Room

With luxe Hollywood vibes that embrace every nook and corner, it’s nothing short of living like a queen. Soft satin pillows and sheets with velvet finesse and you know it’s a bed fit for royalty. Aesthetic monochromatic photographs of Hollywood actors grace the space over the headboard. Even the washroom has funky shell toned tiles that spell grandeur and indulgence. They also have a foot/leg massager in every room. How thoughtful, especially if you’ve been out and about Goa on your feet all through the day… PS. They also have multiple lighting options.. Including mood lighting (apt for parties within the room or for newly wed couples who’d like to spice things up.)

The Food: Courtesy Chef Aswin

One of the nicest people I met during all my meals, he made sure every dish we had was nothing short of exquisite and made with immense dedication. The very 1st meal we savoured for lunch was a traditional Goan thali… beautifully plated to perfection! The food journey over this fabulous weekend is worth all the praise I have to give. Right from the lovely picnic basket he prepared for us while we hiked up to the 3 Kings Church hill on my birthday morning to the fanciful 4 course dinner at the Presidential Villa and every other meal at Planet Dailies and Fame (the Sunday brunch has an incredible variety!) I believe the people at Planet Hollywood really know the importance of good food. Extra points just for that. Yep.

The Pool (side)

Now I know that every pool has it’s own vibe and in the end, either spells fun or chill. But the one here has an attached jacuzzi where the gushing water is exactly what your body needs after a couple of non-stop, kick-ass laps. In general, a great spot to simply relax and unwind with the power of water therapy, the pool isn’t deep so even if you’re not a swimmer, you needn’t worry. PS. the tiles they use is the same as the one in the bathroom and the floor is lit up with blue lights that brings about a massive difference in the pool and overall space’s personality.

The Private Beach

Oh gosh… one of the best birthday experiences, I enjoyed the solitude by the private beach. Watching the sun set and playing with the local pets, it doesn’t sound exciting or fascinating but it was exactly how I wanted it to be. Peaceful yet soul-stirring… The access route to the private beach was like a dream… surreal in many ways because everything around looked and felt picture-perfect. To find solace in such a beautiful place is a luxury in the lives most of us lead.

The Warm Hospitality

Whether it’s the front desk or the waitress in charge of our table during all our meals, I realised the people here are truly happy and it shows in your attitude, body language and of course, those amazingly warm smiles. I understand it’s an integral part of being in the hospitality industry, but the Planet Hollywood team made sure they went beyond their call of duty. Even the security guard at the entrance to their private beach was sweet and courteous. Probably something Goans are known for, their joyful vibe showed in their attitude on all the 3 days during my stay at this lovely property. From the lovely midnight surprise cake that was sent to my room to the way they had decorated it with balloons… Making it memorable is definitely their USP.

The Pink Room Spa

Known as ‘The Pink Room’, the first thing I noticed was how spacious it was. Every treatment room had a unique feel to it along with aromas that are essential to set the mood. Tranquillity certainly took over after a relaxed massage session of 60 minutes. From working on pressure points to relieving the stress from within, the therapists are well equipped to handle all kinds of requirements from patrons who seek a positive difference after a spa therapy. Supremely relaxed, a nap in my luxe room was on the cards…. And why not?

It’s Pet Friendly

Recently been put into action, this new development in the world of Planet Hollywood Goa definitely gives me enough and more reasons to love it. Considering there aren’t too many pet-friendly resorts in India, this one in Goa makes for a unique feature. So if you have pets and want to include them as a part of your family vacations, this is the place to check-in. Even though I didn’t have my cats for company, the innumerable ones within the property that showed immense love towards me (they followed me around and even chilled by my room) would be thrilled by this news! 🙂

For more details, check out http://planethollywoodgoa.com/

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