My Weekend Stay At Taj Santacruz | #TGLPatTajSantacruz

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a while and this post was meant to go live sooner but I’ve been keeping some crazy work hours and making time for the blog has been a challenge. But here I am, sharing one of my most special post and it’s all about my staycation at the one-of-a-kind, Taj Santacruz.

The day I learnt about this property, I was pretty damn excited to experience it. Mainly because I had read so much about their runway facing rooms. Clearly a strong USP for Taj Santacruz, I knew aviation enthusiasts like me would be absolute suckers for it… And why not? I haven’t had a more unique room stay till date and it’s definitely number one on my recent list of favourites.

The weekend we checked-in was also my parent’s wedding anniversary. For those of you who aren’t aware, pappa left us in the physical form 11 years ago but he continues to be with us, our strength, in spirit. He was an ardent aviation enthusiast whose passion was evident to everyone who knew him. So here I was, making it special for us by checking into our very own #RoomWithAView… because I know he would have been thrilled to do the same.

Now as much as the timing couldn’t be more perfect for our staycation, I have to say, Taj practices hospitality like no other. The passion with which every action is pursued to the warmth in all the interactions, I know why Taj as a brand stands out for all the right reasons.

So let’s talk about everything that we got a chance to experience during our special weekend getaway…

The Runway Facing Room

An absolute highlight in every way, I can vouch for the fact that you do not have to be into aviation to enjoy this experience. It spells luxury from the moment one enters the room… a long corridor with warm wooden floors… magnanimous mirrors to create a stunning illusion of never ending space, a massive bath/powder area… and then of course, the actual room… equipped with a super comfortable bed and a luxurious couch that faces the runway view window. There’s also an elegant desk for those who intend to use it (usually when your stay involves business meetings and all that jazz)… One really cannot get enough of this room and of course, THAT view!

They’ve also very aptly created a cushioned seating space by the window to make it all worth it. The windows are wide but as a security measure, the side panels cannot be opened. But make sure you don’t lean too strong on them… an alarm could ring off is what I was told. Obviously I didn’t test it, but I understand where they are coming from.

PS. This was probably the only staycation where I voluntarily chose to stay in the room majority of the time that was spent at this luxurious property.

Lunch at China Inc.

A fanciful Chinese meal was savoured as we ate some really unusual preparations. The chef was aware of mum’s vegetarian preference and made sure she enjoyed her meal as much as I did. The pork ribs were beautifully cooked and instantly won my heart with the very first bite. The chicken main course was apparently a chef’s special preparation and was thoroughly enjoyed with some burnt garlic fried rice on the side.

For desserts, I decided to check out their in-house special wasabi cheesecake. Yea, you read that right… A part of me was a tad bit sceptical to try it but when I did, I didn’t quite expect it the way it turned out. Now I would like to say that it’s definitely an acquired taste, because I have a feeling it may not be everyone cup of tea. Nevertheless, I personally thought it was different and worth a shot. We also tried this other dessert, the Batter Fried Milk Cakes and it was quite a treat to bite into. If you’re up for experimenting with desserts, then both these desserts are up your alley.

Dinner at Rivea

Amma and Pappa’s anniversary dinner happened at Rivea – Taj Santacruz’s in-house Italian restaurant. A hint of old world charm with a dash of modern contemporary interiors, this place exudes a vibe of its own kind. Our meal was almost like a set menu customised to make sure we get a chance to try almost everything they have to offer.

From good ol’ pizza but the kind I’ve never had… the one we had was called ‘Focaccia’ consisting of arugula, parmesan shavings and garlic oil. Talk about falling in love with the simplicity of this preparation! Then some Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, a couple of bruschettas, Grilled Prawns with avocado and warm corn salsa and more, it was one of those meals that went on forever (not complaining!) with a whole lot of conversations and some well spent time with the cousin who joined us for dinner. The 3 desserts we got a taste of were… the De-constructed Tiramisu ( a Riviera signature), the Passiflora Pannacotta (which was my favourite!) and the Mascarpone and Chocolate (martini marcarpone with valronha chocolate) which I believe is every dark chocolate lover’s fantasy come true.

Brunch at Tiqri

After a really good, good night’s sleep in our amazing runway facing room, I woke up with a cup of mocha in my room, some fresh fruits and cookies and sat by the window watching the airplanes taxi, land and take-off. A sight to behold… I swear I could stay here forever and I wouldn’t miss a thing!

Soon, it was time to head to Tiqri – the mainly Indian restaurant in the open atrium space. Considering I have a thing for high ceilings, this one was beyond words could describe. The grandeur it brings with it is something else! The brunch setup was, as expected, huge and consisted of an array of cuisine options and live counter dishes that one can pick and choose from. Since I tried a little of almost everything, I’m just going to let the pictures I clicked do all the talking…

After a hearty + hardcore meal, it was time to go back to my favourite space in this hotel… My room… aka #RoomWithAView. There really was no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  A couple of hours of some me time by the runway facing window and I knew I wasn’t ready to leave; I had to come back for more… even before I left!

This check-out was certainly the most difficult part of my stay… because as they say, all good things come to an end. But now I can’t wait to go back again just to be able to experience the hospitality and relive every moment of this exceptional style of living the good life! 🙂

Thank you for having us, Taj Santacruz. It was such a pleasure… all the way!

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