Mad Over Donuts!

For someone who isn’t particularly fond of ‘cooking’ or anything near it except of course eating and appreciating it, designing and frosting a donut in my own special way was something I thought I’d never get to attempt!
To be able to bite into a freshly baked donut topped with warm chocolate is to know what heaven would taste like. This epic scenario took place during the “Talk & Taste” session at Mad Over Donuts (MOD)… an event I’m glad I attended and surely going to remember for a long time to come!
the invitation

Who would have imagined the skill (which looks so effortless when the experts do it) and more importantly the love that goes into making these donuts we swear by? From plain white chocolate to the classic milk chocolate or the sinful dark chocolate… We dunked our donuts into our favourites, just the way we wanted it! (There’s a certain technique of doing it and I’m glad I did it right!)

I loved the freedom we were given to ‘style’ our donuts with the innumerable toppings and icing options! Major creativity transpired in the form of “Hidden Love with a Sprinkle of Joy” – the self made donut I was oh so proud of!
Hats off to the staff, for their amazing enthusiasm and fun-filled support as they cheered us during the DIY session. It was great to witness Mr. Tarak Bhattacharya – the COO genuinely interacting and socialising with every one of us to make sure we got a ‘good taste’ of the brand that MOD is.
Thank you Mad Over Donuts… Sinful innings, well baked + frosted I’d say! 🙂
Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy!
Mad Over Donuts, Shivaji Park
The COO – Mr. Tarak Bhattacharya

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