Indigo Colaba – 14th Anniversary Celebrations

To have successfully survived and maintained the classic Indigo standard for 14 long years, Rahul and Malini Akerkar’s premier restaurant, Indigo Colaba proudly celebrated their 14th Anniversary by taking its customers back in time… The perfect nostalgic mood was set by presenting the 1999 menu at the 1999 prices!

Unbelievable eh? Well, it was too good to be true and a couple of my foodie friends and I had the privilege to join in the celebrations and share a lovely evening at the Indigo table.

14th Anniversary Celebrations’ Menu

Gorgeous as it has always been… something about Indigo Colaba seemed unusually appealing… maybe the celebratory feel was in and around us in this old world charm enviroment. Here are some pictures of the intimate yet classy Yellow Dining Room that we settled for…

The Yellow Dining Room
The Indigo Bar
Here is the menu for your reference:


  • Cold carrot & orange soup
  • Lobster bisque with crispy okra
  • Salad of mixed greens & grilled mushrooms, hearb croutons with parmesan balsamic vinaigrette
  • Chive gnocchi with leeks in a saffron cream
  • Flan of wild mushrooms with a lemon mushroom sauce
  • Ratatouille & oilve risotto with parmesan & basil oil
  • Roasted lobster salad with tomatoes, black beans & greens in balsamic vinaigrette
  • Prawn “Raviolo” in a white wine gae roasted pumpkin, peas & roasted tomato pesto
  • Grilled cinnamon quail with pomegranate & pickled carrot salad


  • Crab bisque
  • Mozzarella, pickled mustard carrots, sweet peppers, french beans, mixed greens & basil
  • Smoked salmon, bacon & spinach salad, sesame scallion pancake
  • Tuna salad


  • Potato crusted rawas, ginger carrot puree, sesame crispy spinach & “kairi curry”
  • Black pepper crusted tuna caponata, white beans & warm coriander red wine vinaigrette
  • Grilled tiger prawns, beetroot couscous, pack choi & lobster butter
  • Seared filet mignon grilled & roasted vegetables, mustard mash potatoes & port demi-glace
  • Braised, stuffed leg of lamb, root vegetables, persian rice & prune chutney
  • Grilled house-smoked chicken mushroom ragout with corn & spinach custard
  • Crisp-roasted lemon pepper chicken, couscous, pac choi & rosemary jus
  • Roasted pumpkin & pine nut, gram flour tortellini, oven-roasted tomato & sage cream
  • Penne with roast corn, morels and green peas morel sauce
  • Fusilli with eggplant and olives roasted with red bell pepper sauce
  • Seasonal flame-grilled, roasted and sauteed vegetables, warm frisee salad, moong dal pancakes with assorted dipping sauces
  • Baked & stuffed sweet peppers, grilled asparagus, mascarpone and spinach risotto


  • Tiramisu
  • Espresso coffee and rum reduction
  • Warm banana, walnut and chocolate “strudel”
  • Banana honey ice cream with caramel sauce
  • Hazelnut meringue
  • Coffee cream
  • Warm tarte tatin
  • Vanilla ice cream with oven-dried apples
  • White and dark chocolate terrine
  • Collapsed chocolate souffle
  • Bourbon cream
  • Mango with white chocolate mousse
  • Assorted fresh fruit sorbets

Being a big group, we had the amazing opportunity to check out almost everything on this extensive menu. We also managed to click pictures of as many dishes we gorged on, except the desserts cuz that’s when gluttony took over! :pAmong the appetizers, the cinnamon infused grilled quail won my heart despite it being a tedious task to eat and for the vegetarians, it was the chive gnocchi with leeks in a saffron sauce.Main course – definitely loved the pepper crusted tuna and the grilled house-smoked chicken. The flavours were perfectly amalgamated without overpowering the original essence of the meat.
When you know you’re getting fabulous gourmet desserts for an archaic price in this day & age, whether you have a sweet tooth or not, the foodie in you is bound to explore as many options as possible! The six of us managed to taste all the desserts that were available on the menu and it definitely was one of those ambrosial experiences I’m bound to remember & cherish.
Thank You Indigo Colaba for making your 14th Anniversary celebrations so memorable for us!
Location: Colaba, Mumbai
Address: 4, Behind Taj Mahal Hotel, Mandlik Road, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
Menu courtesy: deGustibus

Pictures courtesy: Mona Joshi, deGustibus
Chef Rahul Akerkar sharing a smile 

The Artiste – Chef Rahul Akerkar at work 🙂
Lobster bique with crispy okra
Grilled cinnamon quail with pomegranate & pickled carrot salad
Flan of wild mushrooms with a lemon mushroom sauce
Ratatouille & olive risotto with parmesan and basil oil  
Chive gnocchi with leeks in a saffron cream
Black pepper crusted tune caponata, white beans & warm coriander red wine vinaigrette
Crisp-roasted lemon pepper chicken with couscous, pak choi & rosemary jus
Grilled house-smoked chicken with mushroom ragout & corn & spinach custard

Braised stuffed leg of lamb, root vegetables, persian rice & prune chutney

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