Mexifornia at California Pizza Kitchen

It’s good to be spending so much time here with my new found love… blogging.

So I had the opportunity of visiting California Pizza Kitchen for an exclusive food trial organised by the team. CPK is celebrating Mexico’s favourite holiday – Cince De Mayo with a funfilled fiesta – ‘Mexifornia’… a Mexican menu with a Californian twist!Definitely intriguing… were my first thoughts.
This was one of those special evenings where I got a chance to mix work with pleasure in the most fascinating way. The menu consisted of a variety of Mexican delicacies and delectable beverages that were tweaked to make sure they all are CPK classics!

Here is the menu for your reference:

We got a chance to try out some of the awesome stuff off this menu.

Among the appetizers, the Fire Roasted Enchiladas (chicken) were really good, perfectly baked with the right amount of spice & flavour.

fire roasted enchiladas
While the Tortilla Triangle Samplers was a nice concept, I personally didn’t enjoy it, except  the ones topped with roasted corn salsa and I’d have to say, the smokey barbeque & chipotle sauce was a pleasant surprise.
tortilla triangle samplers
The second round consisted of freshly baked pizzas that arrived at our table. For the vegetarians who prefer a medium spice factor, the Baja Supreme was a lovely choice… it did seem a bit dry, but a small dollop of more fresh creme fraiche made all the difference to this thin-crust delight and I personally loved it with every bite I took.
baja supreme
On the other hand, the Chicken Carnitas was my favourite… loved the homemade cilantro pesto’s aroma & flavour that took complete charge of my senses… beautifully made (it was fuffy and not a thin crust pizza unlike the Baja Supreme) and what can I say, it tasted great! The spicy orange chilli salsa that was served along with the pizza is something else all together and my taste buds definitely experienced shock of a new kind (the good kind).
chicken carnitas
Then came the Adobo Tacos, that is considered a ‘speciality’ on the menu. Not so special according to me, since the tacos felt too rubbery and unpleasant to bite into, on the other hand, the fried chicken filling with CPK’s signature smokey barbaque and chipotle slaw was delicious with a dash of the grilled lime. The mexican rice that came along with the tacos was the best part about this ‘specialty’ dish… a slightly sticky texture and a strong, flavourful base. *thumbs up*
adobo tacos

Last but definitely not the least, the Churros with Chocolate Mousse was the clear winner in this fiesta! It’s a huge compliment for CPK when I say the churros were brilliant compared to the ones I’ve eaten at San Churro Chocolateria… and the homemade mole mousse that was served alongside the churros, was sinfully good! Heaven must taste like THAT.
churros with chocolate mousse
Chef Bakul all smiles! 🙂
After interacting with Bakul Kodikal the Kitchen Manager at the BKC outlet… I realised how every little detail matters. From the grilled lime to the finesse with which every dish is served… indeed an art form in its own right.
This was my experience. I suggest you go and check out the menu for yourself between April 29 to May 19 and celebrate the festival holiday of Cince De Mayo – Mexican style! 😉

Indiranagar, Whitefield, Koramangala  (Bengaluru)
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Lower Parel, Malad  (Mumbai)

Pictures courtesy:
My awesome DSLR (Canon 500D)
Artwork / Menu courtesy: VSSU Graphics 

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