Mumbai’s First Brew Pub – The Barking Deer

The quirky logo

The Barking Deer… the name’s as quirky as the logo and brand image and there couldn’t be a better mascot that would reflect the exact sense of fun that the founder & managing director Gregory Kroitzsh totally lives by!

Beer guzzlers in the city have a big reason to rejoice as Mumbai now has its very own brew pub with an elaborate microbrewery – the first of its kind, that’ll serve a varied range of beer varieties exclusively available only at The Barking Deer.
With its warm and welcoming environment all thanks to the brick finish walls and wooden tables and jute woven chairs within the 4,000 square feet split-level space, one could see Gregory’s involvement in doing up the place, just the way he visualized it.

The bar and the brewery in the background
The Barking Deer space

The food menu which has been contrived by Chef Parag Joglekar consists of an elaborate selection of salads, burgers, sandwiches, soups and entrees. Their in-house, craft beer on tap will include six to eight categories including stouts, wheat beer and a variety of ales and that is definitely worth something to look forward to, once they have the license in hand.

Here is the menu for your reference: (click on it to enlarge

    We tried the following:

    • Green Apple & Basil Cooler
    • Fullerʼs Honey Dew (Golden Ale)
    • Schneider Weisse Tap 7 Unser Original (German Wheat Ale)
    Pub Bites:
    • Prawn Chimichangas
    • Mushroom Parlouft
    • Chicken Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

    prawn chimichangas
    mushroom parlouft
    chicken buffalo wings with blue cheese dip
            Among the starters, the chicken buffalo wings definitely won my heart for all the right reasons; on the other hand, the prawn chimichangas weren’t that great. The mushroom parlouft was a pleasant surprise as the flavour’s hangover decided to cling on to my taste buds for a long time to come.

    Main Course:

    •  Coriander rubbed tiger prawns on a bed of garlic cous cous
    • Chicken waterzooi stewed in beer with assorted exotic vegetables
    • Grilled chicken in earl grey jus served with mash potatoes & sautéed vegetables

      coriander rubbed tiger prawns on a bed of garlic cous cous
      chicken waterzooi stewed in beer with assorted exotic vegetables
      grilled chicken in earl grey jus, with mash potatoes and sauteed vegetables

    The main course menu intrigued me at first sight. A variety of delicacies have been prepared in beer in ways that are new not just to me, but also to many of my readers; so we decided to try one of them… the chicken waterzooi that’s stewed in beer. A comparatively bland soup-like dish, but with an intense tangy flavour, I’d say it’s not for everyone… specially not for someone who thrives on spice in his/her meal.

    The earl grey induced chicken which was perfectly cooked and served with creamy mash potatoes was worth savouring… The gusto of flavours makes it a dish I am bound to come back for!
    I have officially declared the coriander rubbed prawns as the clear winner and my most favourite dish so far. Brilliantly flavoured tiger prawns and for someone who isn’t a cous cous fan, I couldn’t get enough of it.


    • Fresh fruit and Mascarpone tarte
    • Date and Almond Tarte with Caramelized Banana

      fresh fruit and mascarpone tarte
      date and almond tarte with caramelized banana

    Although I’m not really a tarte person, the fresh fruit and mascarpone tarte was a delightful treat. The mascarpone cheese was heavenly to say the least and combining it with fresh fruits and a perfectly baked crust as a base, is a great way to finish a delectable meal!
    Gregory knows how to pamper his guests, deliver the best and made sure the evening turned out to be a whole lot special by getting the chef to present a dessert that’s not on the menu yet… the date & almond tarte with caramelized bananas. I love exclusivity, and I believe I was served the same. Thank You Greg! 🙂

    The Barking Deer… with its wooden cabin-like interiors

    The Barking Deer is the ideal spot for one of those leisure meals you’d like to enjoy with an assortment of beverages, have a good time with your buddies, with board games in the house and multiple TV screens. Also, I’m pretty sure the prompt service and high level of hospitality will not go unnoticed by you either… And hey, what can I say, they played some of our all time favourite, American classics from the 70s and 80s that only made The Barking Deer experience so much cooler & enjoyable!

    Drop by… whether you’re into beer or not, cuz it’s definitely worth checking out.

    Location: Lower Parel
    Address: Mathuradas Mills Compound, Opposite Blue Frog, Next to Busaba, Lower Parel (West)

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