Ristorante Prego, Nariman Point

Ristorante Prego at CR2 mall
Reviewing food has become such an integral part of me ever since the blog was born. It is indeed one of the happiest phases of my life. *touch wood* Just the other day, I was invited to review this new ‘ristorante’ – Prego.

Having replaced Ruby Tuesday’s within CR2 Mall at Nariman Point, South Bombay now has a reasonably priced, premium Italian restaurant by RTC Restaurants. Ristorante Prego is a casual, high quality Italian dining restaurant perfect for those who enjoy hearty Italian food. The decor is warm and inviting… classic Italian by nature with the use of wood, glass and hints of colours.
The warm, inviting interiors

The menu at Ristorante Prego created by Corporate Executive Chef Shireesh Singh, boasts of signature dishes that stand for “Fresh From Italia” – Stone oven baked pizza, freshly baked sandwich breads, delicious pastas and paninis.

With a vast menu that had so much to offer, we couldn’t decide what to try out and what to leave out. But we managed to taste quite a few dishes off this extensive menu.

The Antipasti Misti platter from the appetizers section was an absolute treat! Great choices of meats like smoked ham, smoked salmon, marinated prawns, asparagus wrapped in spicy chorizo, marinated olives and mushrooms. I highly recommend it if you’re a meat fan.

Antipasti Misti
The Risotto Cheese Croquettes served with salad leaves and a spicy dip (marmalade and chilli in oil) which by the way, complimented the croquettes very well and is a great option for the vegetarians out there.
Risotto Cheese Croquette
From the salads section, I decided to check out the Quinoa, Chicken and Courgette Salad. A great option for the health conscious individual who wants to enjoy a ‘wholesome’ yet light meal otherwise.
Quinoa, Chicken & Courgette Salad
If you’re in a snacky mood, then the Spicy Pepperoni & Gruyere on a Focacciawhich I tasted is an ideal option. Light on the stomach, high on flavour, thanks to the herb infused focaccia and pepperoni slices.
PS: They bake their own breads and are always served absolutely fresh.
Spicy Pepperoni & Gruyere on a Focaccia
Among the pastas, we checked out the Fettuccine with Spring Greens and Chillies, a rich, white sauce based preparation that had a distinctive aftertaste which turned it into a one-of-a-kind pasta that we tried in recent times.
Fettuccine with Spring Greens & Chillies
Chef Karl D’Souza insisted we try something off “Prego Classics” – a separate section from the menu. The Cannelloni of Slow Cooked Chicken which was served with Pomodoro sauce took me to seventh heaven and back. A preparation that definitely got my attention for all the right reasons, despite not being a cheese/white cream sauce fan.
Cannelloni of Slow Cooked Chicken
Thin crust pizzas always make my day! So I was pretty sure I wanted to check out a vegetarian as well as a non vegetarian option among their highly reputed thin crust pizzas. So we requested the kitchen manager to prepare it the way you see it… Half Quattro Formaggi (Gorgonzola, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan) and half Chorizo & Marinated Rocket Leaves with Chillies; and it was brilliant! The 4 cheese pizza was absolutely delicious. Simple, yet a great dose of richness with every bite.While the chorizo pizza isn’t for everyone, considering the meat flavour is overpowering, but it surely has an international approach that some may enjoy.
Quattro Formaggi / Chorizo & Marinated Rocket Leaves with Chillies
Before we knew it, the Southern Style Blackened Fish (basa) arrived at our table. Served with olives and tomato risotto (yum!) and fresh green beans, this main course dish was the clear winner of the evening, with a subtly flavoured, perfectly steamed fillet which complimented the risotto that came along with it!
Southern Style Blackened Fish with Tomato & Olive Risotto
Kiwi Martini

Among the drinks, we sipped on some delectable cocktails like a Kiwi Martini and Sex on the Beach.

A bottle of Sula Satori Merlot is recommended as it is bound to enhance your meal experience, just like it did for us.

Ajit, the bar supervisor did his job well! 🙂

Chef Karl recommended we try the Tiramisu for dessert. Personally, I am not really a fan, but it’s best to keep an open mind; and thank God I did because now I can proudly say, “I like tiramisu” without thinking twice. A meal so big was beyond complete with a few heavenly bites of Prego’s tiramisu. When are you visiting them?


Location: South Bombay | Address: 31, Ground Floor, CR2 Mall, Nariman Point, Mumbai | Contact: 022 30932030 

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