New Menu At The Irish House

It was one hell of an amazing tasting session at The Irish House with some fantastic new additions to their menu. Chef Rahul knows exactly what his patrons would like and has worked out a really unusual menu consisting of Beer Can Chicken, Drunken Mushrooms, Prawns on a High, Community Hummus Platter, Mini Burgers & Three Little Dogs among others. Almost looks like it has something for everyone and that’s just so cool since it is a pub fare we’re talking about.

While popular, signature dishes like the Great Irish Fish & Chips, Steak ‘n’ Kidney Pie and Murphy’s BBQ Chicken Sandwich continue to be a part of the menu, these brand new additions are as exciting and alcohol induced as their respective names.

The all day pub has 36 varieties of beer with 24 international beers and rest being domestic. Seven new Irish whiskies and single malts have been added recently like The Wild Geese, Tullamore, Bushmills, Red Breast to name a few.

Being a Thursday, the night turned out to be a whole lot of fun with a crazy pub quiz in the house and a tasting session I am still fantasizing about.

Here’s what we tried out:

Among the appetizers, the oven roasted mushrooms infused with tequila and topped with stewed spinach, goat cheese and parmesan was a highlight.
The dish – Drunken Mushrooms is a mildly flavoured preparation that maintains the original flavour of mushrooms and goes really well with the beverages that The Irish House has to offer, which have a distinctive taste of their own.

Drunken Mushrooms

The Community Hummus Platter is a great choice if you’re a big bunch and feel like a few flavourful bites of some unique pub fare. Served with an assortment of crispy lavash, focaccia, roasted potato wedges and harissa flavoured vegetables, this one can win hearts for mere variety.

Although I am not really a hummus fan, the assorted accompaniments only made my experience a lot more appetizing! 
The Community Hummus
Although being a hardcore non vegetarian, I preferred the minced tofu patty burger (Mini Burgers) over the option of a chicken patty (Mini Chicken Burgers)
The tofu version consisted of crunchy leeks and bean curd layered in bite size burger buns and honey chilli drizzle while the other was a chicken patty with balsamic smoked bell peppers and caramelized onions. Both were absolutely delicious and apt for someone who isn’t feeling up to it for a main course
Definitely one of my personal favourites, considering I love how the chef was enthusiastic about presenting something new to savour for the vegetarians, other than the usual (and boring) cottage cheese or potato patty.
Mini Burgers – minced tofu patty (vegetarian option) and minced chicken patty (non vegetarian option)
Not that I have anything against it; in fact I love hot dogs and Three Little Dogs was a pleasant change as it didn’t taste anything like the classic hot dog. Here, the mini grilled chicken hot dogs were served with balsamic smoked bell peppers and caramelized onions; while the vegetarian option (Mini Dogs) consisted of crunchy leeks and bean curd layered in bite size burger buns and honey chilli drizzle. 
Like I said, this menu is definitely more on the experimental side and that just makes it a lot more exciting. The Mini Dogs is also available in a vegetarian variation with soy nuggets marinated in pickled chilli sauce inside crusty mini dogs which was nice too.
Three Little Dogs
The winner of the evening – Prawns on a High. Highly recommended as it is a great way to add that zing factor to your taste buds. Salt water prawns infused with smoky vodka and glazed with spicy harissa on toasties; it looked like one of those quick and easy-to-make appetizers. This preparation was anything but ordinary, lip smacking good and I was ‘high’ on them all evening, for all the right reasons.
Prawns on a High
The Irish Lamb Pie on the other hand, is definitely a must try for all the foodies out there who savour red meat and its piercing aftertaste. An unusual offering among the mains, I enjoyed it more with every bite I took of this slow cooked lamb in red wine and herb jus with tubers and then baked in a crusty shell. It has the tendency to grow on you and the authentic tangy flavour is something I’m going to savour for a long time.
Irish Lamb Pie
Among the mains, we absolutely loved the Beer Can Chicken that’s been soaked overnight in Murphy’s Stout, farm roasted and served with roasted potatoes and seasonal greens. One of the most unique plated dishes I’ve tasted and I definitely see myself coming back for it!
We also tried the Spaghetti with Meatballs which was an absolute stunner. Great flavour and an even more appealing after taste, the piquancy of the meatballs was perfect!
Just when we felt like we’d stuffed ourselves with the above mentioned delicacies off this fantastic new menu, 3 absolutely delectable desserts arrived at our table and well… what can I say? It was such a TREAT!
The Belgium Style Waffles didn’t do much for me as they seemed too egg-y for my liking. On the other hand, we couldn’t get enough of the Apple Blitz (stewed apples freshly baked crispy filo wrap) and the Chocolate Lava Cake that had a superior flavour of cinnamon to it.
With a menu like this, I’m pretty sure the gratification of your taste buds is guaranteed and how! 🙂


The Irish House, Rampart Row – 30 K, Dubash Marg, Kalaghoda, Mumbai
Tel: (022) 49150001/02
Timings: 12 noon to 1:30 am

The Irish House, Phoenix Mills Compound, High Street Phoenix, Mumbai
Timings: 12 noon to 1:30 am

The Irish House, First Floor, Phoenix Market City, Kurla, Mumbai
Tel: 022 – 61801611/12/13
Timings: 12 noon to 12:00 am

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