Warm up to the Winter Menu at Punjab Grill

It almost seems like winter is here in Mumbai and Punjab Grill decided to make the most of this beautiful weather with the introduction of a special winter menu.
I’m sure all of you have heard of or have already been here but for those of you who are new to their concept, Punjab Grill promises to take you on a culinary journey into the grandeur of undivided Punjab, the fine dine route.
The experience as a whole is an exploration of the wonderful diversity and rich streams of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan and Punjab cuisine; a tradition flown downstream through the immigrants of West Punjab, who have lovingly cherished and preserved it with their heart & soul!

The all new winter special menu consists of a great variety of cocktails as well as a unique selection signature winter recipes inspired by classic, traditional techniques and infused with a whole lot of spices, specially crafted by Chef Gurpreet Singh.
This menu celebrates the nostalgic aromas and unforgettable earthen flavours reminiscent of winters in North India​ along with maintaining the classic original flavours.

We started off with the ​Kaali Gajar Kaanji a matured tangy black carrot juice which I must say tastes really different and almost felt like I could include it as a part of my fitness regime. Healthy yet the hint of spice makes it an interesting drink to sip on.

The vegetarians will find a unique aspect to this preparation. Shakarkandi Kamrakh ki Chaat – which is basically apple wood smoked sweet potato and star fruit tossed in sweet and sour tamarind is a safe bet and it’s the star fruit that really got my taste buds thinking, unlike the potatoes which had a typical chat-like appeal.

The Kharode ka Shorba – gently simmered lamb trotter soup tempered with fenugreek isn’t something I would really want to have unless I intended on making a meal out of it. Ironically, it’s the accompaniment – which seemed like cheese balls wrapped in roti, that I enjoyed more than the actual soup.

A treat for all the vegetarians out there… the Chukandar ke Kebab – crisp beetroot kebabs, hung curd and pine nut stuffing was enjoyed by one and all. A unique preparation, we loved the use of beetroot and hung curd together, although we hoped to have tasted more of the pine nut stuffing in it.

After a massive spread like that, our stomachs knew we were pretty full with all the tasting we’d done so far. But hey, this was just the beginning as the main course had still not arrived at our table 🙂
I loved the Tabak Maas – succulent lamb ribs simmered in fennel flavoured milk, finished on tava as the meat was perfectly done with a hint of marination that I personally thought worked beautifully.
Up next, there was the Methi Chicken Tikka – Char grilled chicken tikka infused with fresh fenugreek that very honestly was super! Succulent and rich with every bite, I would expect nothing less from a classic Punjabi restaurant.
Considering I am not a fan of Bheja in any form the Bheja Masala – sautéed lamb brain with freshly roasted garam masalas did nothing to me and it almost felt like a mistake, but hey I wouldn’t want to be that judgmental as this might just be the kind of bheja preparation that some of you may dig.

The sheer pleasure of indulging in some hot Sarson da Saag with Makkai Tava Roti during this season is everything one would wish for! This is plain good stuff to make your main course experience a memorable one.

Just when you think you’re almost done, up next was the Bahurangi Biryani – basmati rice cooked on dum with winter vegetables which was a lovely change to all the rotis we were eating. Rich aromas and flavourful bites along with the subtle spices among the winter vegetables makes this a classic rice delicacy.

One of the highlights of this menu is the Punjab Grill signature Hot Pot which includes mutton kofta, mutton jus and a sensational range of winter vegetables (the baby carrots look super cute btw!) A lovely aftertaste, this mutton treat is great option for the red meat lovers.

P.S. I highly recommend the Mutton Pickle that was placed at our table along with the regular chutneys. One of the best meaty pickles I’ve relished in a long long time!

And yes, then came the desserts… *phew* and we couldn’t go beyond 2 spoons only because now you know how much we ate or more like the variety we “sampled” from the menu.

The Gurh Wale Chawal – jaggery sweetened basmati flavoured with black cardamom & fennel coconut chips, which was served with some lovely homemade vanilla ice cream, is one of those more homely desserts you’d indulge in after a heavy duty punjabi meal rather than the cliche jalebis and rabdi. Glad they incorporated this particular, simple & easy on the palate meetha (sweet) into this otherwise vast menu.

What better way to conclude than to quote Chef Gurpreet’s words and the sentiments behind them. “The exuberance of flavours from the state has been brought forth in a variety, with an ability to transport and bring back memories of childhood. Keeping in mind, the forgotten culinary treasures from the region of Punjab, I have created this special winter menu.”

This limited edition menu will be available only for a short duration – from the 13th to the 19th of January, 2014. I hope you manage to make a plan and get yourself treated to some hot dishes, prepared by a chef with a warm heart and perfectly devised for the cold winter season! 🙂

Unit No. 24, Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre, Opp. Criti Care Hospital, 9th Gulmohar rd., Juhu JVPD Scheme, Vile Parle West, Mumbai 400049.

Contact No.:
+91 22 42433100/01/02  |  +91 9930706655

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