The Little Door, Andheri West

The Little Door – Bar & Kitchen is fun, comfortable and unlike any other place that serves a variety of Mediterranean fare including fondue, pizzas, sloppy giant burgers and of course the house specialty – the Drunkesserts – which ironically they had run out of despite scheduling the review beforehand *super disappointing*.

I personally love the drinks menu design – fun and innovative which defines the place well. The menu consists of a pretty good selection of beer, wines & cocktails.
We tried the Whisktea and Snap – 2 very unusual concoctions I would definitely go back for!
As the witty line that goes with every cocktail, this one says “you wish this was how your morning tea was, don’t you?” I’d have to play along with the humour and say I couldn’t agree more… Whisk Tea consists of apple, clove, whiskey, Assam tea and some maple spice – almost like a spice-laden sangria but tasted like whiskey induced ice tea. Pretty neat! #HighlyRecommended 
On the other hand, Snap (from Snappy to Happy) is a more fruity-base cocktail despite it having vodka and Bourbon whiskey along with peach schnapps, guava juice, orange juice and rosemary. It did seem like, if I may sound a bit sexist – more of a girly cocktail due to its sweet factor, which I enjoyed nevertheless.

l to r: Snap and Whisktea

Among the varied appetizers in the offering, we chose to try the Sicilian Cottage Cheese in the vegetarian selection. A breath of fresh air for the paneer as well as the generic paneer lover as this one’s got the sort of flavour that really works specially when accompanied with your favourite drink. Spicy yet tangy, the paneer preparation comes across desi in every way but with a tinge of Italy in it – ideal for the classic Indian taste buds.

Sicilian Cottage Cheese

The Manager – Rohit then suggested he’d provide us with a platter that had a selection of non vegetarian starters just so that we could taste a variety… Great suggestion as this worked well for our appetites!
Here’s what we tasted:
1. Adana Shish – This dish is named after the fourth largest city in Turkey. Grilled skewers of minced lamb blended with exotic Turkish spices and is served with classic hummus and onion salad. The lamb was perfectly done and we noticed that the flavour of the meat remained beautifully intact despite it being infused in Turkish spices.
2. Strixxi Mimli – This is one of those appetizers I’d definitely want to call for enjoy along with my drink. High on flavour and not the usual kind of ‘finger food’ these deep fried chicken strips are stuffed with cheese and herbs served with some really good onion garlic mayonnaise and one can easily make a meal of it, along with a few drinks.
3. Tequila Lime Chicken – Three cheers to alcohol induced chicken as this one takes the cake (or should I say bottle?!) without going overboard. Tender, boneless chicken marinated with tequila, lemon juice, olive oil and tobasco, served with red cabbage and green onion slaw, we loved what we tasted! Again a great option for people who like to grab small bites while enjoying their drinks.

The Tasting Platter of Appetizers – l to r – hummus, adana shish, strixxi mimli and tequila lime chicken
Up next we jumped onto the interesting selection of Main Course. I love how the menu makes everything sound really good as we had a pretty tough time in deciding what to eat!
We started with the Pollo Con Salsa Al Pepe. In simple English, this was chicken and mushroom involtini in mushroom sauce, served with creamy potato mash and a medley of Mediterranean vegetables. One of my favourites of the evening. The chicken was perfectly stuffed + cooked and the overall experience was invincible with every bite.
Pollo Con Salsa Al Pepe

Next, it was time for us to check out some seafood. We were recommended the Pesca Cilantro $ Jalapeno Beurre Blanc, which is basically fillets of fish subtly grilled to perfection along with their house special beurre blanc sauce, which I must say was fantastic! Sapid and aromatic, this one got my senses activated for all the right reasons. I recommend this to all the fish lovers out there!

Pesca Cilantro & Jalapeno Beurre Blanc
Last but not the least and thanks to our massive appetites, we tasted the slow roasted lamb cooked in rosemary and onion sauce called Lambonioni. Served with butter parsley rice and a mix of Mediterranean vegetables on the side, I had high expectations from this recipe… hoping that the lamb I’d bite into would be super succulent and easy to eat, induced in the sauce that it was prepared in. But I wasn’t very impressed and the dish did nothing for me. Although I would like to give it the benefit of choice, as this preparation might be well accepted by a true red meat connoisseur.


So this was my mid-week dinner experience at The Little Door.
They also have a nice concept that involves board games and a good dose of hearty art in the house, once every week in the day during their much loved Sunday Hangover Brunch, where the brunch itself is in their words – a comprehensive affair of food, drinks and a whole lot of fun!
In the attempt to bring to the table a more meaningful experience to the regular lunch outing, TLD showcases work by young artists. The blend comes, where the works of art in question reflect the mindscape of the kind of youth that are attracted to the young & friendly bar.
The Little Door also promotes fun events such as the ‘The Jug Chug Championship’ which is a monthly contest where the winner who can chug down a mug of beer the fastest gets a month’s supply of free beer.
If all this isn’t enough, the culturally rich space is always thumping with great music in the form of live band performances and other events like Acoustic Tuesdays and more…
  • Acoustic Tuesdays – Every Tuesday
  • Pubcast – Every Thursday
  • Drunch – The Sunday Drunken Brunch

I suggest you go and check out whatever interests you and feedback/sharing your experiences will always be appreciated on the blog. 🙂
Address: Shree Siddhivinayak Plaza, Plot B 31, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053


 Monday to Satur

day: 6:00 pm – 1:30 am | Sunday: 

12:00 – 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 1:30 am

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