Dunkin’ Donuts And More – Now In Mumbai

What happens when a brand as popular as Dunkin’ Donuts finally opens its doors to the bustling city of Mumbai? Sheer joy and a whole lot of excitement! Yes, and I have to say I am a part of this beautiful chaos and not ashamed to admit it! Dunkin’ Donuts and More finally opens in Mumbai! 🙂

As of now, Dunkin’ had opened outlets in two very distinctive locations – One in Khar on Linking Road and the other at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla. I do expect them to spread their love and more across South Bombay and the rest of the suburbs too. Yes, Andheri/Lokhandwala people, I hear you! 🙂

So yes, I was invited to attend the Culinary Experiential Workshop that was organized a day prior to d-day, by the team at the Khar outlet, which I must say looked great – it’s spacious and vibrant in every way. There was so much to learn… right from their flawed come fun-filled approach to the making of their extensive menu that almost feels ‘gourmet’ but isn’t and a massive tasting session that consisted of coffees, iced teas, bagels and cream cheese (which I believe works very well as the ultimate form of comfort food), wraps, burgers and of course their world famous donuts!

Dunkin’ Donuts houses 20 unique flavours of donuts that have a twist of their own. What really caught my fancy was the Death By Chocolate Donut – as sinful as it could be and then the Alive By Chocolate Donut which is a lighter version and the one I also preferred! It’s like a chocolate explosion in your mouth – the good sort of course and well, all I can say is that the gooey chocolate lovers out there are in for a treat with both these glorious flavours!
Adarsh from The Big Bhookad and I decided to share these humongous donuts because I was pretty sure I couldn’t finish an entire one after the massive tasting session we had. With a few bites of death and then life, all I can say is we sure did experience a ‘life after death’ kind of situation! 😉

Their other signature products include the Tough Guy Burger, Heaven Can Wait Burger, Wicked Wrap (My personal favourite!), Stirr’accino Coffee, three variations of iced teas – Classic Lemon Iced Tea, Iced Green Tea, Spiked Iced Tea and their Alive and Death By Chocolate versions of donuts. Dunkin’ is also popular for their original Hot Drip and Iced Drip Coffees and the Classic Dunkaccino. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I get a good feeling about ’em!

Classic Lemon Iced Tea
Stirr’accino Coffee

I hope you enjoy the Dunkin’ experience as much as I did. Do share your experiences with me by leaving your comment below. They have high standards to live up to specially for those who already know what the brand stands for and have had the opportunity to experience it in a foreign land. Let’s hope they make us proud and three cheers to my favourite donuts’ brand opening in my most favourite city! 🙂

The Dunkin’ Donuts Goodie Bag 😀
Great one-liners, delectable donuts 🙂

Head to the nearest outlet and get your mojo back!

Bharat Bhavan, 711, Linking Road, Khar West
Open from 8:00 am

2nd Floor, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla West
Open from 10:00 am


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