An Interview with Mansi Pandey of The Design House

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It’s been a while since I conducted and posted an interview on The Good Life Potpourri, so here I am, back with yet another interview. If interior designing is your cup of tea, then this feature will definitely be of much interest to you.

The Design House – the brainchild of Mansi Pandey was first thought of in 2007 and later developed in the year 2012. An interior designer from Mumbai, Mansi graduated from Rachana Sansad Institute Of Interior Design and has been working on innumerable projects, mainly residential, since the last 5 years now.
I had the lovely opportunity to chat up and get an insight about the brand and the aesthetic body of work it carries. Here’s hoping you enjoy the read as it has indeed been quite some time! 🙂

TGLP: What is The Design House all about?
Mansi Pandey: The Design House is a collective where old world charm meets modern day chic. It is an expression of contemporary sophistication and timeless elegance that can easily connect one to an international lifestyle.
TGLP: Tell us all about The Design House… the early beginnings, the offerings and the journey so far.
Mansi Pandey: The Design House was formed in back in 2012. As an interior designer, I noticed the city lacked in stores that provided and sold well-made, contemporary products at a reasonable price.
We offer customized designs so the products can be adapted to your needs and dreams, no matter where you live and the amount of space you have to work with! Our goal is not only to make great quality furniture that looks beyond good, but also make it absolutely functional and consumer friendly along with value for money.
TGLP: What makes The Design House different from the rest?
Mansi Pandey: The Design House as a brand is passionate about its products and takes pride in achieving the very best of results for our customers. We provide professional advice regarding the interiors of your home or any other space that needs to be worked on; giving you complete design solutions as a whole. We also customize furniture which is made from high-quality components based on our passionate regard for functional and affordable design. A range of handcrafted products can be designed as we believe in giving scope to our customers to create their very own personal space based on their personal preferences. The products can be customized in different sizes, textures, colours as well as finishes.

TGLP: What/Who has inspired you the most till date?
Mansi Pandey: I have always been inspired by the likes of everything that represents modern India – the ever-changing lifestyle yet somewhere, sticking to our true cultural roots and customs. This very idea is kept in mind while creating products – an amalgamation of ancient techniques and infusing them with modern day materials.
TGLP: What sort of design process do you follow to fulfill your client’s requirements?
Mansi Pandey: Once the client or architect comes to me with a proposed space, the first step is to note down basic but very important notes as per the client’s brief. Accordingly, I come up with concepts and ideas that are suggested to the client as per the brief given. The whole idea is to break it all down to the smallest of details that make up the client’s vision. Whether it’s just certain products or an entire look, The Design House is here to create magic!

TGLP: What products/spaces do you love investing extra time and effort in?
Mansi Pandey: I guess I have to say that there is no particular product or space that I personally love or fancy more over the other when it comes to investing time. All the projects that we handle come along with their own set of challenges. Extra time and effort goes in just about everything that we are creating for the first time and that’s where the joy of new experiences is!

TGLP: Our readers would love to know the 3 most interesting things that nobody knows about Mansi Pandey.
Mansi Pandey: I am a learner, a dreamer and a wanderer. Being open to learning, dreaming big and exploring the unknown has molded me into the person I am today.

Mansi Pandey, CDO at The Design House
TGLP: A few words that you’d like to share with the readers of TGLP.
Mansi Pandey: Well, I genuinely believe TGLP is doing a great job with the variation in its writings. The passion is evident and I love the fact that it feels so effortlessly communicative when I read every piece. I am indeed very glad to be featured on this platform!

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