‘Mango Bliss’ at Long AndShort – Intercontinental Marine Drive

The season of mangoes is on and it’s a given that all of you have indulged enough and more when it comes to the king of fruits! But I am pretty sure you’d be intrigued if I told you that Long & Short – the gastro bar at Intercontinental Marine Drive has devised and concocted a special menu with mango being one of the key ingredients!

Yes… I had the lovely opportunity to try out this very unique ‘Mango Bliss’ menu. A bit skeptical in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to have mango as a base or ingredient in every course. But hey, being experimental never killed and this time, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Mr. Eric Lobo – the Manager at Long & Short with his enlightening and fun-filled company!

It was a pleasure interacting with chef Rupali as she informed and explained everything we were to taste as a part of the Mango Bliss menu.

With a variety of concoctions to indulge in, I assure you that it’s the sort of drunkenness you want to experience – a high so lovely, all thanks to the fresh mangoes of the season.
Mango & Jalapenos Margarita – This is one smooth blend and definitely goes on to become a classic #TGLPrecommendation. A hint of spice thanks to the jalapenos and the strong flavour of mangoes make for a delightful combination.

Mango and Jalapenos Margarita
Tango Mojito – Pretty much of a let down… I had high expectations from this one but then again, I was also not keeping too well around the time of the review so here’s me giving this concoction the benefit of doubt. Mangoes, Oranges with a sinful blend of dark and white rums – sounds good right? I am sure it was, just that I couldn’t savour it. Let me know your opinion in case you decide to try it! 🙂
Tango Mojito

What’s my take on the food? To be honest, I’d rather indulge with the drinks & beverages they have to offer. The food pretty much seemed like a mixed reaction affair and I guess that is the best way to put it briefly. But I’m here to share the details to the best of my ability and experience.

Prawn And Mango Cocktail – Personally, among the non vegetarian options, this one did it for me. A fantastic preparation consisting of grilled prawns tossed in mango cocktail sauce, I enjoyed every bit of it as both – the hint of mango flavour and of course the taste of perfectly grilled prawns complimented one another.

Prawn and Mango Cocktail

Scallops And Mango Sliders – I believe this could have been a very cool and unique preparation but somewhere, something was amiss and it seemed like I could hardly taste the scallops as the flavour of the mango slice inside these mini burgers overpowered it all. Some may like it for everything it is, while some like me felt otherwise.

Scallops and Mango Sliders

Caribbean Mango Crabcakes – Preparing the perfect crabcakes isn’t up every chef’s alley but looks like I tasted one the best considering it only tasted better with every bite I took! If seafood and specifically crabcakes (Caribbean-spiced) are your thing, then this will do it for you! 🙂

Caribbean Mango Crabcakes

Chicken And Teriyaki Bruschetta – A comparatively less complex of a preparation, I love the lingering flavour it left on my taste buds. A great appetizer option to go with your drinks, I say it’s worth giving the dish its due credit. The hint of mango along with the teriyaki spiced chicken made for a wonderful combination!

Chicken and Teriyaki Bruschetta

Pudina Mango Paneer Tikka – Baked to perfection and served with an aroma that has the ability to whet your appetite effortlessly. The cottage cheese was fresh and melted in our mouths as we savoured every bite. The mango marination somewhat reminded me of shrikhand – a traditional, sweet preparation that’s terribly famous amongst the Maharashtrian community. Sweet but with a lasting flavour, these are paneer tikkas with a difference!

Pudina Mango Paneer Tikka

Mango Nigri – One of my favourite vegetarian appetizers, Chef Rupali indeed knew what she was in for while concocting this recipe. Beautifully constructed and presented, the sushi was nothing less than spectacular! Nigri rice with cream cheese and Alphonso mangoes is all it takes to make most of us happy therefore I strongly recommend it for all the experimental vegetarians out there who want to go beyond the usual and normally restrictive menu options.

Mango Nigri

Chickpea Fritters with Mango Labneh – To be honest, this was one of the most disheartening dishes I’ve tried in a while. But on the bright side, the mango yoghurt dip that accompanies the fritters was the winner all the way! The fritters as it is were pretty bland and almost tasteless, but take a bite of the same with the dip and experience a transition of flavours that is hard to decipher! It tasted really good; period.

Chickpea Fritters with Mango Labneh

Mango Bocconcini Pizza – Okay so I was quite intrigued when the chef brought the pizza to our table. Buffalo mozarella, sweet peppers and fresh mango pieces as toppings wasn’t my idea of an ideal pizza, but hey, who am I to judge right? Nevertheless, I took my first bite and I think I fell in love. A unique preparation and having managed to pull it off is pretty big a deal! Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but I suggest you check it out too.

Mango Bocconcini Pizza
Tacos With Mango Slaw – Definitely not as delectable as the pizza and nigri, the tacos are a decent option for those who want to go the Mexican way but with a minor twist. The bell peppers, ice berg lettuce within the tacos didn’t really ring a foodie bell in me but the spicy mango salsa that accompanied it definitely deserved a good amount of attention as it highlighted this preparation as a whole.
Tacos with Mango Slaw

Finally, after having made a feast of the appetizers, it was time to get a sugar rush! I would almost consider myself to be a dessert-o-holic because I believe it matters. End your meal with not just anything sweet, but with something that will remind you of the meal in the long run. Make it memorable – do it with desserts!
Vegan Mango Panna Cotta – What caught my eye was the vegan bit and to learn that the dessert is prepared in coconut milk glaze. A lovely coconut-y flavour and more importantly aftertaste, it’s the sort of panna cotta I have never tasted before and has an independent zest to thrive on.

Vegan Mango Panna Cotta

Cheesecake Duo – A little too sweet for my personal liking, but a unique dessert option for those who like to play safe. The Cheesecake Duo consists of mango parfait over a regular cheesecake and is served as a wholesome slice that’s big enough and heavy on texture to suffice 2-3 at a table. It didn’t make it to my favourites despite being a cheesecake and mango fanatic; nevertheless, it might just tingle your taste buds the right way.

Cheesecake Duo

Mango Mousse – The mousse was nothing like I imagined. It was way better! Hats off to the pastry chef at Long & Short for managing a mango mousse so smooth and refreshingly delicious. What didn’t work for me was the chocolate sandwich presentation as it was unnecessary. I would’ve much rather preferred the mousse to play protagonist and steal the show as it is.

Mango Mousse

Believe it or not, but just when we thought this commenced the end of our Mango Bliss journey, Mr. Eric Lobo decided to spoil us further and treated us to some more unique beverages. From aam panna induced with vodka and rum shots to Frozen Aapus – A supremely refreshing drink and perfect to beat the summer heat! Have it virgin style or lace it with your favourite spirit. We had ours with vodka and couldn’t get enough! 🙂

Aam panna + rum shot
Frozen Aapus

This was one memorable experience and I am pretty sure you as my reader will love it too. The Mango Bliss fest is on till mangoes are in season, so go and soak in some mango magic before the rains take over our beloved city – only at Long & Short – Intercontinental Marine Drive.

For reservations call: 022 39979999
Address: Intercontinental Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai.

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