Maybelline ‘Glitter Mania’ Nail Colours And 20Dresses ‘The Stunner Edition’ Clutches

Hi all,
It’s been a while since I posted something else other than food reviews. Although this post was meant to go live some time ago, I decided to wait it out to actually test the nail colours for not just an immediate response but a long term experience.
One of my first collaborations, this wasn’t a planned affair but worked out beautifully in favour of both brands. Say hello to Maybelline’s recently launched Glitter Mania nail colours from their Color Show range and some gorgeous clutches from The Stunner Edition by
Let’s talk about the nail colours first.
Like most Maybelline products, I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Out of the entire range, I checked out 2 glittery shades – Pink Champagne and Starry Nights.
Pink Champagne is a colour that pretty much defined the personality I mostly exude. A safe colour and extremely versatile, I knew it was bound to look good with almost every look I wore. The pink undertone makes it an easy wear for the day and the shimmery texture makes you want to love its effects in an after sunset environment too. Though I wasn’t bothered by the grainy texture it forms on the surface of your nails, some friends definitely did not dig it. I guess in the end it’s all about your personal preferences. I suggest 2 coats like most other nail colours for a 100% coverage. The only issue I faced was when I had to get it off my nails. The grainy textured glitter tends to stick on for long so you may want to use more nail colour remover than usual.

Maybelline’s range of Glitter Mania nail colours (6 ml) is available in the market for Rs.125. 
P.S. Please ignore the stubby-ness of my fingers. :p
Maybelline’s Color Show – Glitter Mania – Pink Champagne (607)
On the other hand, Starry Nights isn’t really my kind of colour because well, it’s black-based and I don’t have a dark, sinner-like soul. Stereotypical jokes apart, I did endorse a black nail colour phase when I was in design college but as they say, you evolve with time and preferences change all the time.
Nevertheless, I decided to give Starry Nights a shot because getting out of one’s comfort zone is what makes us creative, right?
In this case, I went ahead and took the extra mile with an unintentional collaboration with They recently launched a new collection of elegant clutches that I instantly fell in love with. Classy yet chic, perfectly sized and a great add-on to one’s collection, ‘The Stunner Edition’ clutches are available in 5 different colours – Black, White, Gold, Gun Metal Silver and Bronze and can be a stylishly convenient accessory wherever you go!
Here goes…

InstaCollage with Starry Nights
Quilted Stunner White Clutch
Quilted Stunner Dark Silver Clutch
Quilted Stunner Bronze Clutch
Quilted Stunner Black Clutch
Quilted Stunner Gold Clutch
 Check out the entire collection here
click on the above image to shop for your favourites

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Photographer: Samhita Gokarn

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