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Hello everyone. It is always such a good feeling to be back on the blog with a brand new experience to share with all of you. This time, I was invited to Trikaya, the South-East Asian restaurant in Seven Bungalows. If the flavours of the East is your calling, then you’re up for a treat as Trikaya has recently introduced some unusual dishes to their already extensive menu.
Trikaya, Mumbai
I believe introducing new menu add-ons is an important step towards the growth of any restaurant. With innovation and variety come better business opportunities and as a well-wisher, my passion for food and writing spreads the word, far and wide.
The evening started off with some fantastic in-house concoctions like Ping Pong consisting of pomegranate juice, lime juice, mint and raspberry puree that made this drink perfectly acidic by nature and a sinfully good cocktail.

Ping Pong
You can’t really go wrong with a Green Apple Mojito and the bartender made sure I had no reason to complain. Perfectly concocted, I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on it as our evening began to unveil.

As much as I am not a soup person, I tried not one but two varieties that were extremely different from one another.
The Jade Corn Soup is a lovely option if you’re looking for a mild on spice but perfectly subtle on flavour soup. A bit like the classic sweet corn but with a whole lot of spinach, this clear soup is healthy as well as tasty and although originally a vegetarian offering, is also available with chicken or prawns.

Jade Corn Soup
Soup number two arrived at our table and it looked a lot like the classic Manchow soup we all usually love. I was hoping it wouldn’t taste like it, but sadly it did. The Spicy Mandarin Soup is basically just Manchow soup with a fancy name. There wasn’t anything ‘unexplored’ when it came to this soup.

Spicy Mandarin Soup
It was time to taste some starters and with so many options, one could only be set up for a state of dilemma. 
But we made our choices and don’t regret any of them. 🙂
We started off with the Kung Pao Chicken – which is served with my all time favourite crackling spinach. Succulent and flavourful, I loved how tender the chicken tasted and is definitely a good choice for the people who love their chicken.
Kung Pao Chicken

My favourite starter of the evening and something I will definitely go back for… Pla Yang Tra Krai – fish that’s marinated in a light turmeric paste, beautifully wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. Subtle flavours made this preparation exceptionally delicious! This is the first time I am craving for a dish as I review it for the blog. *sigh*
Pla Yang Tra Krai
Another hot personal favourite, the Pork Bulgogi is nothing like you’ve tasted before. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to check out some unusual pork preparations. Juicy with an unforgettable flavour, these bite size chucks will surely make you fall in love with pork in a brand new way!

Pork Bulgogi

Rice that can be savoured as it is, the Bamboo Rice is rich in flavour and highly aromatic, making sure all your senses are touched upon. With some broccoli and mushrooms for company, I couldn’t get enough of it. A hint of bamboo flavour makes it an easy favourite.
P.S. It goes really well with the Roast Duck in Balinese Curry so yes, all the more reason to check it out whenever you head to Trikaya.
Bamboo Rice

Prawn Sambal – Loaded with spices thanks to the bird chilli paste and dry prawn paste, this one’s a stunner of a dish. The prawns were fresh (yes, you win half the battle when the main ingredient is absolutely fresh!) and the after-taste was supremely memorable. Pair it with steamed rice and you’re bound to experience foodie heaven!
Prawn Sambal

Roast Duck In Balinese Curry – Personally I felt that the bird meat was a little undercooked but the chef claims that the duck has been slow roasted over a long period of time and the strong flavours of the duck has been retained due to the process. On the other hand, the curry was absolutely lovely! Loved the rich, coconut base to it and the caramelised onions only made it more delectable.

Roast Duck In Balinese Curry

Whenever I am out for a review, the one thing I truly look forward to is the desserts. Trikaya managed to completely win my heart with both the desserts that I decided to check out.
Coco Moco is a traditional Thai preparation made out of coconut milk, water chestnuts and crushed ice. A lot like custard, but with a piquant coconut-y after taste, this one’s a delightful treat with every passing bite. Make sure you end your meal with Coco Moco because you will not regret it, for sure!

Coco Moco

Wicked Chocolate Blob with Cinnamon Kulfi – What can I say? The chocolate blob had to be amazing because well, it’s warm, gooey chocolate! But what really got my attention was the cinnamon flavoured kulfi. So so good! I suggest you give your taste buds a treat with this marvellous version of the classic kulfi.

Wicked Chocolate Blob with Cinnamon Kulfi

It has taken some serious expertise and know-how to bring the lesser known culinary culture of Asia to our city. Team Trikaya has managed to make the right sort of impact with their new, unexplored menu options by getting out of their comfort zone and that makes it totally worth checking it out. Not like you need a reason to pay a visit, right? 😉
I still need to check out some of the other new additions and trust me, I can’t wait. Do share your experience with me in case you head there any time soon.
And hey! Trikaya has also started delivery services in the vicinity so now you can consider bringing in the flavours of South East Asia in the comforts of your home or office.
Address: Meera Apartment, Raya Savid Link Road, Versova Link Rd, Seven Bunglows, Andheri West.
Contact Details: 022 6502 1389; +91 92-25-640533; +91 93-22-546699

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