Hoppipola – All Day Bar And Bonhomie

The city of Mumbai never disappoints with regards to food, culture and lifestyle. I’m sure you agree with that simple yet honest statement. It has enough and more places to socialise and can do complete justice to every Mumbaikar’s whims and fancies. Living it up with good food and drinks is easy to find, but there’s a part of us that would like to go back to the good old times and make simpler memories. Look no further because now that Hoppipola has come to town, it’s almost like life comes a full circle for those who visit the city’s latest happy place. Say hello to Hoppipola!

What captured my attention was the theme behind this aesthetically designed space with high ceilings and stain glass windows, all set up in a quaint little lane off SV Road. Childhood memoirs of almost every kind come together under one pretty roof and Hoppipola gives you the pleasure of enjoying these small yet priceless memories. From a granite table playing the role of a blackboard to cute little birdhouses on a wall and high flying nostalgia in the form of wooden airplanes, there’s happiness all around you.

A couple of us were invited for the launch night and I must say we’ve not had so much fun together in a long time. From beer chugging competitions to a couple of shots at Taboo and Jenga + Truth or Dare, they have all sorts of games lined up in a sleek but charming circular shelf that also holds innumerable books for those who like to read. Whether it’s a night out with friends, a day get-together over drinks on a leisure Sunday afternoon or just you and your laptop for company – Hoppipola is a versatile set up that works for one and all.

The drinks are very reasonable priced at Rs. 150 for a pint of local beer and Rs. 280 for a small Absolut. I had a go at one of my favourite concoctions – A classic Long Island Iced Tea (Rs. 295). Not bad, eh?
We checked out quite a few appetizers and finger foods like nachos served with sour cream and salsa, garlic prawns tossed in olive oil and chillies and a portion of tender, grilled strips of lightly spiced chicken skewers.
Although the seafood was a bit too salty for anyone’s liking, I’m pretty sure they’d taste nice once the chef gets his salt proportions right. A special mention for their Margharita pizza that became an instant favourite with the very first bite. The Patata Bravas, Cigar Cheesesticks and Fried Chicken were some of the other dishes we certainly liked over others.

All said and done, the one disheartening aspect about our experience was when we learnt that they don’t have any desserts. The section itself doesn’t exist on their otherwise bright, pop-tastic menu, and that’s quite something since we all look forward to desserts after a meal. Although it’s more of an all day bar/pub scenario, I see no reason why they shouldn’t have a few desserts in the offering (even if it means they outsource it).
After a successful stint in Bengaluru and Pune, Hoppipola is now finally open to the people of Mumbai and I’m sure everyone has a reason to be hoppily-happy and re-live their childhood – the adult way! A lovely space to de-stress, unwind and have a good time, this is your chance to unleash the inner child in you and who wouldn’t love that, right? 🙂
Address: 757 Ramee Guestline, MD Ali Quereshi Chowk, Off SV Road, Khar (West)
​Contact No.: 0226487364
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