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I like how the weekend has been fruitful… actually no, I mean ‘foodful’ for the blog. Two posts in a row made me realise how much I love doing this and is soulful reminder that blogging will always be my first love no matter what else I do. So here goes…

Mumbai is always bustling with new experiences and this blog would not have been the same if it wasn’t for my love affair with this city. This time, another new restaurant opens its doors to Mumbai. Say hello to Asado, where the menu encapsulates Latin American and Modern European gastronomical delicacies accompanied by authentic Latin American cocktails like Mate and Caipirinha and quite a selection of over 20 different kinds of tequilas.

Asado – The Grill

The word ‘Asado’ is a term used for a range of barbeque techniques or the social event of having to attend a barbecue in Argentina. As soon as I walked in, the décor resembled the streets of Latin America and the food is meant to be a reflection of the same region.

Mumbai can experience a new style of contemporary cooking concept in the name of ‘Sous Vide’ and ‘Lava Stone Grill’ with a touch of Molecular Gastronomy. The various kinds of grills like Lava Stone Grill, Classic Grills or Latin Sizzlers make it an interesting journey while you experience the food at Asado. Our tasting menu was quite extensive, but only a few dishes caught our attention for the right reasons and stood out beautifully! Here’s what hit the right spot for us.

Both the salads we tried were quite refreshingly exquisite.
The vegetarians can savour the Quinoa Salad which almost felt like you’re getting a taste of Latin American bhel – which trust me, is a good thing! I mean who wouldn’t love some exotic version of a  bhel, right? 

Quinoa Salad

While the non-vegetarians should totally treat themselves to this delicious Caramelized Pork Belly Salad. Lots of individualistic flavours come together and as much as I am not a salad person, the pork belly strips definitely make me reconsider my preference for salads!

Caramelized Pork Belly Salad
If I ever have to go back for soup that I think I’ll never get enough of, then this would be it. The Mexican Seafood Soup is downright delicious! Every seafood lover must give this soupy delight a shot. Some vibrant flavours that may vaguely remind you of a tom yum soup or actually closer to the authentic taste of rasam (thanks to the coriander), it is most definitely a TGLP recommendation.
Mexican Seafood Soup
The winning appetiser of the evening was the Katafi Pastry Prawns. I knew Asado has the potential to become a seafood lover’s hotspot with all that they served us the other night. The Katafi Pastry Prawns were served with Jalapeño Corn Puree and some tangy Fruit Salsa and as much the skeptic in me wasn’t too sure of the combination of ingredients, I am so glad I tried it and absolutely loved it!
Katafi Pastry Prawns
Up next, we checked out some Chicken and Bacon Wrap Dates Anticucho served on skewers. I liked the way it tasted as the use of dates was unusual. The bacon wrapped around it brought about an interesting twist and makes this dish one that definitely requires an acquired taste.
Chicken and Bacon Wrap Dates Anticucho
Although the place is presenting itself as a grill speciality restaurant, the pasta was pretty good too! I guess it’s not very difficult to make bad pasta but what really caught my attention was that I’d never tasted anything like the Four Mushroom Truffle Fettuccini. A creamy texture with a powerful punch like flavour of mushrooms made it an instant favourite.
Four Mushroom Truffle Fettuccini
The Jumbo Prawns were cooked to perfection using the Lava Stone Grill technique. The vegetables on the side felt rather pointless as they were served cold but I am sure they were meant to go well with the prawns. Nevertheless, the prawns were succulent and flavoursome and that would make any seafood lover like me, happy!
Lava Stone Grill – Jumbo Prawns

If you’re seeking some red meat delight at Asado, the Brazilian Beef Tenderloin is where your search should end. Juicy with a smokey finish is a combination you’d consider as a treat if you have an experimental palate. Make sure you stick to medium rare and pair it with some house-made smokey BBQ sauce that I couldn’t get enough of thanks to the deep, meat infused after taste.
Brazilian Beef Tenderloin
The evening always has to end on a sweet note. This time, it was with some fantastic cinnamon infused Churros with drizzled Chocolate Sauce on the top. The weather supported this experience so perfectly as I took a small but tactful bite of these piping hot churros. Although, some extra chocolate sauce on the side would have been ideal.
Churros with Chocolate Sauce
A very popular and traditional Spanish recipe, Tres Leches is usually a buttery sponge cake that’s prepared with 3 different kinds of milk. It came across as rather dense in appearance but was quite light once I took my first bite and a great way to end the meal. The creamy finish isn’t hard to love and I surely did!
Tres Leches
Now that I’ve listed down the food that made me enjoy every bit of Asado’s unique menu, I suggest you go ahead and check it out for yourself. As per my understanding, the non-vegetarian foodie is sure to have a bountiful experience, unlike a vegetarian one. Having made a lasting impression on me with their seafood preparations, that’s exactly what I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience Asado. The 65 seater venue includes both indoor and outdoor seating and exudes a classic old world charm vibes from the streets of Latin America.

Average meal for two: Rs. 2400 per person (without Alcohol)
Timing: 12:30 to 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm to 1 am
For reservation call: 022 65686666
Address: Monorama Chambers, Ground Floor, SV Road, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, Next to Railway Colony, Mumbai 400050.

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