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Hope all’s well. Here I am, back with another post after a while. This time, it’s a new menu experience at an old favourite. Moshe’s has been around for a while and I have always had some sinfully good innings with their food, specially with their desserts (ie. baked Philadelphia Cheesecake to be precise). Their menu has always been of interest to me which is why this bloggers’ meet was a much awaited one. The expectations were certainly high when I was invited for the exclusive tasting session at the Chef’s Table on a leisure Saturday afternoon.
Here’s my take…

The meet started off on a cool note with this unusual Watermelon and Wine cocktail cooler called Melon Tizer. Honestly, it didn’t seem as potent as it could possibly be, but played it’s role well to beat the heat on a hot Saturday afternoon in Mumbai.
We started off our tasting session with some delicious Home-style Hummus in three variations served with fresh pita bread and char-magaz lavash.
  • Beetroot and Chilli
  • Cream Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes
  • Nutmeg spiced Spinach and Broccoli

Each one had an outstanding flavour of its own and went extremely well with the fresh pita bread and lavash that came alongside. My personal, most favourite turned out to be the Beetroot and Chilli Hummus. The Cream Cheese version came a close second and the Spinach Broccoli spiced with Nutmeg was quite nice too.

Up next, some hot, piping Portobello, Porcini and Button Mushroom Soup arrived at our table. The flavour of celery brought about some beautiful twists to this semi-creamy soup. A nice preparation cum relief remedy for a sore throat.
Fresh Pear and Rocket Salad – As much as this was one deliciously fresh salad, I would think some goat or feta cheese would have helped balance the excessive sweetness in it. The salad consists of alfalfa, cucumber and lettuce greens tossed in mustard orange and honey dressing finished with roasted walnuts. A tad bit more mustard could have also helped in bringing about a zestful after taste but hey, I still enjoyed it. 🙂
Up next, we tried the Moshe’s Signature Harissa Chicken Skewers. Beautifully spiced with a North African marinade made with matured red chillies, cumin, garlic and some vinegar and grilled to perfection, the chicken was tender and deliciously succulent. If you like your taste buds to experience distinctive spices, this appetizer is definitely worth trying out.
P.S. A gentle squeeze of lime adds to the zing factor and that salad at the base tastes even better! 🙂
Time for some main course! Say hello to Brick Chicken – A unique style of preparation, this was basically classic roast chicken that’s been seared with rosemary and garlic and pressed down with a brick on a hot grill. Served with potato stilts, white bean in pesto along with cherry tomato and shallot, the potatoes and pesto laden beans worked wonders for this plated dish.
If a classic Thai curry had to marry an authentic Cambodian curry, this is what it would pretty much taste like. A medley of vegetables come together in this food coma inducing Malaysian curry and is ideal for the foodie who likes to savour his or her rice with curries and gravies (the Tamilian in me digs this concept so…) The rich coconut and lime base makes this curry extremely likeable and is served with a decent portion of aromatic steamed lemon grass rice that only enhances the experience.
The afternoon of course had to end on a sinfully sweet note. One can expect nothing less from a place like Moshe’s. I couldn’t quite get enough of this ambrosial, deep, dark, chocolate indulgence. Don’t count your calories when you’re biting into its gooey centre or you shall regret it! The vanilla ice cream on the side is a nice way to cut out the excessive sweetness that gets built up on your palate.
I’m definitely going back for the Beetroot and Chilli Hummus, the Harissa Chicken Skewers, the Malaysian Vegetable Curry and most definitely the Chocolate Mud Pie Brownie. What about you?
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Cuffe Parade – 7, Minoo Manor Building, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Contact No. – 22161226 / 22161266
Bandra – Above Mamagoto, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Contact No.: 26415555 / 26425555Until next time…

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