212 All Day Cafe And Bar – Now At Phoenix MarketCity, Kurla

Hello Potpourriers!
Hope everyone’s well and March has begun on a good note. I was out of town for the last 10 days and keeping track of days and time wasn’t my agenda as I holidayed in the lap of the Himalayas. Back after a supremely serene vacation in Sikkim, I have so much to update you guys about… This post being one of it.
Phoenix Market City now has a spanky new dining space for patrons who’d like to chill and unwind after an exhausting shopping experience or just want to let their hair down with friends over a few drinks… This is 212 All Day Cafe & Bar. As the name suggests, an all-day dining experience with interiors that exude chic bistro-like vibes thanks to the various seating options in the house. From casual 2 & 4 seater tables and booths to community style tables, the live pizza theatre kitchen further adds to the fun yet unpretentious feel of the place.
The menu is an eclectic mix of great salads and small plates, hand crafted burgers and sandwiches, made to order stone-hearth flat breads and a selection of gourmet entrées.
The evening started off with a glass of Peach Bellini and a classic Cosmopolitan. Simple, classy cocktails like these always make for a good start to an evening and it did exactly that.
Chef Paul Kinny dropped by our table and took charge to make sure we tried out what’s worth talking about. His enthusiasm towards our tasting was evident and I love it when a chef showcases his passion with no filters. 🙂
Our tasting session began with a Watermelon and Goat Cheese Stack (with balsamico, roquette and almond shavings) which was refreshingly delicious. It definitely is one of my most favourite vegetarian salads and this one did complete justice in satiating my taste buds.
The perfectly crisp Beer Battered Onion Rings served with Chipotle Barbeque dip were better than the ones I’ve tasted in the past. A great choice if you’re expecting a drinks + finger foods kinda evening at 212.
My favourite main course of the evening was the Chilli Crusted Sea Perch that was served with some zestful lemon butter sauce and some vegetables on the side. The texture was lightly dry and that brought out the actual taste of the meat. I will go back for this!
Both the pizzas we ate – Barbeque Chicken (toppings included hand-pulled chicken, sweet and spicy sauce, white onion, green pepper and ground pepper) and Spicy House Special (toppings included onion, capsicum, mushroom, American corn, jalapeno and chilli) were not exceptionally great as the base seemed a bit off. The fact that it was also served cold to us, may have been a good enough reason to not be able to enjoy the flavours it had to offer.

Buffalo Chicken Wings – One can’t and shouldn’t really go wrong with classic buffalo chicken wings. The one we tasted was quite nice with their house made hot sauce. The overall flavour wasn’t as overpowering as the sprinkled chive played their part well and that made for a nice change.
Shroom Sliders – Brownie points here for innovation as this unique preparation was quite tasteful. If you enjoy the true flavours of portobello and garden mushroom sauté and melted Gruyère cheese, then this burger is bound to be a treat for your palate! 
Amongst the three desserts we tasted, the New York Style Baked Cheesecake stood out for all the right reasons. A winner all the way, the cream cheese was perfectly dense and that really makes a cheesecake what it should be! The Chocolate Caramel Brownie (served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream) wasn’t as delectable as it sounded but works for those who like their brownies, but don’t mind a safe twist to it. The vanilla flavoured Crème Brûlée was light and is ideal for those who want to indulge in a not-so-heavy dessert after a wholesome meal.

212 All Day also has a wide selection of premium spirits, wines, beers and other interesting cocktails, so chilling with friends or colleagues over a few drinks could very well be a common scenario here. Launch night had a lot of familiar faces from the industry making an appearance and it did get pretty crowded by the time we left our table. The outdoor seating makes for a nice ambience too which I realised only later. But hey, great place and pretty good food. Go check it out for yourself! 🙂

Address:​ Level 1, Phoenix Market City Kurla, LBS Marg, Kurla W​est, Mumbai

Timings: 12pm to 12am
Call: 022 61801642

Until next time…

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