Learning from the Mountains…

Having just returned from a wonderful trip to Sikkim, I wasn’t the only one feeling the “difference”… (You’d know what I am talking about if you’ve been following me closely on Twitter and Instagram).
The writer in my mother came alive last evening and the below published, impromptu note materialised from the bottom of our hearts… Go ahead, feel it with us… 🙂
Learnings from the mountains…
This little but invigorating message landed in my WhatsApp window, 48 hours after getting back from the Himalayas. It was as though what I was experiencing up there, took life and manifested in this form.
The mountains are gorgeous. They wield such power, hold such beauty and display such magnanimity!
Being cradled in the lap of the Himalayas leaves you full of awe. You realise, even that flake of snow has a greater sense of existence than us humans.
All these thoughts and more, left me feeling very humbled. I came back convinced that you don’t need WiFi (weak or strong) to be connected. 
He is the only one, we all need to be connected to! Everything else is an illusion.
This experience has given me a fresh insight.
I shall now endeavour to live a life dictated purely by positivity, love and humility.
The stage is set. It’s pay-back time!
– Geetha Balsara (Mother Dear)

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