The Dimsum Week That Was… At JW Marriott, Mumbai

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic yet happily eventful. With so many foodies coming together so often, I don’t see why I should have it any other way. A couple of us were invited for yet another Chef’s Table – this time at ‘Spices’ – the Asian restaurant within JW Marriott to celebrate Dimsum Week on the occasion of Chinese New Year, with Chef Tenzin Khechok.
Although the festival was on only for a week (which seems like a really short duration), the dim sums are now a part of their permanent menu. So yea, time to rejoice and enjoy these beauties as and when you like!
The evening began with a glass of white wine. Mid-week indulgences like these can make anyone’s day and I am no different. Since the evening mainly had white meat preparations, the wine only added value to the evening’s offerings.

What’s in for the vegetarians?

  • Truffle and Edamame Dumpling
  • Shiitake Mushroom Dumpling
  • Vegetable Chive Dumpling
  • Vegetable Crystal Dumpling
  • Vegetable Shanghai Dumpling (pan-fried)
  • Wild Mushroom and Pokchoy Crystal Dumpling

The menu consists of varied vegetarian options so that’s always a good thing. While quite a few bloggers preferred the Truffle and Edamame Dumpling (Rs. 625) (It’s the most unusual style of dumplings I have ever tasted till date and has a peculiar texture to it which I didn’t quite fancy but you just might!).
I personally love the Wild Mushroom and Pokchoy Dumpling (Rs. 525) – they looked like tiny little pieces of artwork and perfectly steamed.
The Shiitake Mushroom Dumpling (Rs. 525) was pleasantly flavourful too but wasn’t as impressive as the rest.
The Vegetable Shanghai Dumpling (Rs. 525) is a lovely option if you’re a fan of pan-fried dumplings. The sauce that comes along with it is a nice way to zest things up.
The Vegetable Crystal Dumpling (Rs. 525) and the Vegetable Chive Dumpling (Rs. 525) also made the right kind of impact for someone like me, who isn’t otherwise a vegetarian. An array of finely chopped vegetables steamed to perfection, the vegetarians have enough and more reasons to indulge!

Shiitake Mushroom Dumpling
Wild Mushroom Dumpling
Truffle Edamame Dumpling
Vegetable Chive Dumpling
What’s in for the non vegetarians?
  • Prawn Har Gow Dumpling
  • Chicken Shanghai Dumpling (pan fried)
  • Prawn, Crab and Chive Dumpling
  • Prawn and Chicken Sui Mai Dumpling
  • Spinach Rolls with Prawns and Water Chestnuts Dumpling
  • Chicken wrapped in Pokchoy Dumpling with Schezwan Sauce

For the meat-eaters, the festival began and ended with some wonderful, never seen or tasted before options. I believe everyone (including me) went gaga over the Prawn Har Gaw (Rs. 625) – which was so simple yet so beautifully made, the burst of flavours was worth every bite. I am currently craving the same as I write this review.
The Spinach Rolls with Prawns and Water Chestnuts (Rs. 625) along with the Chicken wrapped in Pokchoy served with Schezwan Sauce (Rs. 600) were 2 visually unique preparations that tasted even better.
For those who like pan-fried dumplings, the Chicken Shanghai Dumplings (Rs. 600) were downright delicious and was served with some pleasantly pungent Shanghai sauce. The Prawn and Crab Dumpling (Rs. 625) was yet another stunner of the night. I loved how both the meats complemented one another in this preparation.
Up next, we tasted the Prawn and Chicken Sui Mai Dumpling (Rs. 625). They left a lovely after taste and that’s when you truly learn to savour the difference between the combination of meats.
In all this dimsum frenzy, what I really couldn’t get enough of, was the sight of all these hand-crafted dumplings… each as delicate as the next. You know you’re in for a treat when a fare like this appeals to all your senses and that’s exactly how I felt.
Chicken wrapped in Pokchoy Dumpling with Schezwan Sauce
Prawn Har Gow Dumpling
Prawns, Crab and Chive Dumpling
Spinach Rolls with Prawns and Water Chestnuts Dumpling
Chicken Shanghai Dumpling
The evening ended with a portion of these visually hypnotizing Chocolate Bons (Rs. 500). In my opinion, the bun coating was a tad bit thick. Break into one and you’re in for a warm gooey surprise in the form of hot, melted chocolate. The joy in savouring this preparation is to have it as soon as it arrives at your table. Once cold, the appealing factor dwindles. This was definitely an unusual dessert and an apt end to our Dimsum extravaganza! 🙂
Chocolate Bon
Dimsum week may have ended some time ago, but these delectable dimsums are here to stay. Making a meal of them is something I never imagined I’d do. Glad to have enjoyed the same with a bunch of my favourite foodie people! Why don’t you check it out too? I’d love to know all about your dimsum dining experience. 🙂
Address: Spices at JW Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049

For Reservations: +91 22 66933344

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