An Evening With Brent Owens – Winner of MasterChef Australia 6

Hello Potpourriers!
It’s been a long time and I’m back with yet another experience that I’d like to describe as nothing less than dreamy. An opportunity of a lifetime came knocking on my door thanks to a twitter contest. Yes, you read that right – a twitter contest hosted by Grand Hyatt Mumbai and FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India) that I participated in only because I read this charismatic man’s name with whom the winner would get to spend an evening with! How excited could I have been? Well, honestly, I was over the moon when I was declared a winner and knew I’d be getting this wonderful chance to meet, wine and dine with the ever so charming MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner – BRENT OWENS. The day finally arrived on Friday and I was supremely excited!

The evening began with some insight into Brent’s journey through MasterChef. The man knows how to be around his fans – dignified, extremely sweet and an absolute charmer. He made sure we’re comfortable even though I remember being quite nervous and star-stuck as he settled down, right next to me. *eep* We chatted and had a hearty laugh at all his witty jokes and answers to our questions, as he tried to remember all the dishes’ names he had tasted during his visit to Juhu Beach. From Kulfi Falooda that caught his fancy to Dahi Batata Puri which he claimed was the favourite chaat he’d tasted, Brent impressed us enough and more with his memory and knowledge about Mumbai special Indian treats.

A set menu curated by the MasterChef himself, was something we all looked forward to that evening. A true foodie like me knew this was going to be an extraordinary affair… and it sure was! Eating MasterChef Australia inspired food is like a dream come true and here’s a glimpse of everything we tasted on this special night. 
Appetiser: Lobster and Asparagus Garden with Parley Pesto Potato
What a masterpiece by the MasterChef! This was easily one of the most unusual appetisers I’ve ever tasted. You know what really caught my fancy other than the obviously delicious lobster? The pesto potato slice. Yes, that made this dish an absolute winning treat!
Soup: Cold Sour Topinambur, Leek Cream with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

An unexpected twist of flavours made this soup a sheer delight! The creamy finish was savoured and the use of salmon and caviar was a great way to bring about an experimental after taste to this one unusual soup preparation.

Main Course: Bread Crust Lamb Rack with Ginger Balsamic Reduction and Berry Relish 

A visual treat in every sense, this main course looked downright delicious. One of those things I really appreciate about Brent is his attention to detail and plating perfection. This one proved exactly that and the meal tasted even better! The lamb was pink and perfectly cooked – just the way I enjoy it.
Beetroot and Port Wine Risotto with Crispy Parmesan Flake (Vegetarian)
Since all of us at the Chef’s Table were non-vegetarians, nobody really opted for the vegetarian offerings. But the Beetroot and Port Wine Risotto with Crispy Parmesan Flake caught our attention for all the right reasons and we decided to share one portion between the 6 of us. Boy! Was I glad to have tasted some, because it was so good despite me not being a risotto or beetroot fan. Beautiful piquancy and the parmesan flake was like biting into a cheese papad… oh yea!
Desserts: Trilogy of Desserts

Moist Chocolate Cake: The bitter flavours of typical dark chocolate appealed to me even though the cake wasn’t as moist as expected. The shimmery golden almond on the top made it look extremely appealing.
Milk Chocolate Mousse with Oats Crumble: So this was one of those desserts that truly deserved some attention for being so unusually delectable. The oats crumble added a crunchy texture to the smoothness of the mousse which was enjoyed.

Olive Oil Ice Cream: Yes, sounds interesting, right? I never imagined I’d ever get to taste something like it. I guess everything we ate during this meet was extraordinary and completely lived up to MasterChef standards. This olive oil ice cream was no exception.

Now that I’m done going gaga over the exclusive food we tasted, these pictures of us definitely speak louder than my words ever will and for once I really don’t mind. Being speechless isn’t something that comes easily to me, but this night was an exception. Yes, I was absolutely starstruck and I shall not deny it. Brent was gracious enough to share lots of hugs and kisses  *goes weak in the knees* with all the lovely winners of the contest. I was absolutely ecstatic to have been one amongst all the fan girl frenzy and did not shy away from letting him know how much I adore him! No regrets is what I feel now as I write this post because it was one of those rare experiences I had and I chose to seize the moments for a lifetime!

A little, harmless flirting over Instagram by the end of the night was an unexpected but pleasant memory I made with this eminently talented man. 🙂 

See what I mean?
Last but not the least, a big thank you to FBAI and Grand Hyatt Mumbai to have turned this entire evening into a beautiful reality for every one of us who may have dreamt of something even close… and of course, THANK YOU BRENT, for being the absolute gentleman you were! 🙂 God Bless.

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