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Here I am, back with a refreshingly perfect post for the summers! Now that everyone’s feeling the intolerable heat, how do we deal with it? Yes, we can keep blaming global warming and the ability to not handle the erratic changes in the climate, but hey, we just have to accept the earth as and how she reacts specially when we have no control over it… Kind of brought it up on ourselves, don’t you think? Acceptance is the key to inner peace even in times like these.
Moving on from all this philosophy, I am just so glad to let you guys in on the latest venture by Café Coffee Day. They’ve introduced an all new, refreshing range of slushes and smoothies called ‘Summer Slam’. This isn’t something new for them as they’ve always had smoothies and slushes on their menu, but these concoctions are nothing like I’ve tasted before. Unusual combinations of flavours make them stand out from the rest.

An event was organised by the team at one of their Bandra outlets, for a couple of bloggers to experience the new beverages over some fun activities, games and great company. The hashtag of the afternoon was #CCDSummerSlam and live tweeting about it made it all the more memorable. Check it out.
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It’s decoding time!
Available in 3 individualistic flavours – Strawberry Blast Slush, Tropical Spice Slush and Pink Lemonade Slush; everyone is bound to have a favourite and each was different from the next. 

Personally I prefer smoothies over slushes but if I had to pick my absolute favourite then it was the Strawberry Blast – a gorgeous blend of strawberries and pomegranates, this one’s a sweet slushy treat in the sweltering heat.
Up close next was the Pink Lemonade Slush – A quirky twist to the classic lemonade, this slush involves the goodness of pink grape fruit bringing about a refreshing tangy and sweet aftertaste.
The Tropical Spice Slush is not for the faint-hearted as it involves quite a hint of spices. This can hit the right spot if you are into that kind of experimentation. I on the other hand, preferred taking the safer route with the other two favourites.
Moving on to the smoothies, they have three variants in the offering. I started off with tasting the Strawberry Pom Smoothie. Although I found the first few sips slightly synthetic, it grew on me. Basically, this was the smoothie version of the Stawberry Blast Slush and I think it totally worked! A fab combination I definitely loved!
Up next, we checked out the Rasmalai Smoothie. Yes, you read that right! It was quite amusing to say the least since I never expected CCD to make such a different move, specially when I found small rasgulla pieces that bring about an interesting twist in texture. Although I am not a fan of Indian sweets and mithai, this one was my most favourite. I think it is the ultimate smoothie to beat the heat with as long as they keep a good check on the sweetness factor, as I found it a tab bit too much but that’s again a personal taste so yea, go figure what works best for your taste buds.
In the end, I was left with one more smoothie to taste. The Mango Peach Smoothie wasn’t as amazing as I expected it to be. Not the sort of creamy blend that worked for my palate, I know a couple of fellow bloggers who enjoyed it so in the end it all boils down to personal taste and preferences.
Tweeting and chatting away 🙂
Shots anyone?
Served in shot glasses so we could get a good taste of everything, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves over some lovely chatter and hearty laughs. This was a Saturday afternoon well-spent with some of the sweetest people from the blogging world and of course these undeniably delicious summer beverages that kept us alive and kicking’ in this crazy heat! In the end, a group picture was essential to capture the moment. 🙂
Group picture with all the bloggers 🙂
Summer Slam range of chilled beverages are available at all Café Coffee Day outlets across the country. Do update me about your experience if and when you check them out and don’t forget to share your feedback. I’d love to know… 🙂

Until next time…

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