Sunday Brunch at JW Cafe – JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai Sahar

Hello Potpourriers!
Back with yet another post, this one is quite extensive since a couple of us were invited to check out the Sunday Brunch at the newly opened JW Marriott, Sahar (on the International Airport road).
The property is absolutely splendid… was my immediate thought, as I got a generic and quick tour of everything around. From the theme based lobby to the spacious banquets and on to the outdoor spaces, the hotel has so much to offer!
The fine dining restaurant, JW Cafe has multiple cuisines and that’s where our brunch took place. Having spent the afternoon with some of my favourite women from the wonderful world of blogging, we couldn’t get enough of those hearty laughs and bonding over the crazy amount of food we indulged ourselves in! 
If you have a massive appetite and love unlimited sunday brunches as much as I do, then this is bound to be a heavenly experience. As I was sorting through the images, I realised I went quite berserk since they had just so many counters with quite a few exciting options as a part of this comprehensive spread.
Here we were on Easter Sunday and they had a couple of visually delightful festivity related dishes that were quite nice. The dessert counters took the cake with the variety it showcases on this pleasant afternoon. Read on to find out how this afternoon turned out…

So as much as I would’ve loved to taste every little thing that’s a part of this spread, I couldn’t. It is humanly impossible and we just had to accept this harsh reality of our lives. We were 4 women who had a one major agenda – do our best and work as a team to check out as many dishes as possible. 3 out of 4 were hardcore non-vegetarians, but don’t worry, the spread has enough and more for the vegetarians out there.

What landed on my plate after round 1?
Our brunch session began at the frozen seafood counter. It looked extremely dynamic and being a true shellfish lover, this is where I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Yes, I can be skeptical like that; I always want my meals to begin and end on a high note. So yea, along with the usual prawns and scallops, we checked out this quite fascinating and super succulent Alaskan crab that completely blew my mind. Definitely the best thing I tasted during the entire brunch and currently, I feel the need to go back for more as I write this…

Cheese and Cold Cuts
If you’re a cheese connoisseur and are a fan of cold cuts, then don’t forget to check out the counter that gives you the opportunity to indulge in a variety like no other. Exotic cheese varieties like Pecorino, brie and good old gouda can be enjoyed well by pairing it with some fresh bread on the side and you’ve got yourself a simple yet delicious treat. The cold cuts too made it to my plate as I figured my way around during round 1. 🙂
More Seafood for the Soul…
We moved on to the grilled section and noticed all the fresh catches of the day. From red snappers to good old pomfret and more, we requested the counter manager and chef to cook up a little of everything just because tasting it all was essential. Some marinated before hand while some not, the variety was impressive. What we all realised was everything was mildly spiced once we tasted them. Now as per my understanding, the hotel is catering to a very evident foreign audience and any extreme flavours or spices might not go down too well with many. I guess it is a requirement on your part to mention what you as an individual prefer while placing your order. Once that’s sorted, I think you won’t have a reason to feel disappointed.
This is what our plate looked like once everything arrived – A classic platter. 🙂
Chicken Satay yeah?
We spotted pre-marinated skewers that were ready to be grilled in the section not very far from the grilled seafood counter. Although I am not a fan of the peanut sauce that usually accompanies it, this one was quite an exception and went well with the perfectly tasty and slightly sweet (in a good way) satay. Also, they seemed a tad bit oily but dab some tissue over them and you’re good to go.
Sushi, Nigiri and Me
For those ignorant, specially vegetarian souls who think sushi is just about raw fish and other meats, it’s time you got out of your shells and experience some downright delectable kinds of sushi and  nigiri. There are quite a few vegetarian choices so fret not. The counter manager warned us about the number of pending orders but we didn’t mind after all, brunch had just about begun and we weren’t going to be done any time soon. We requested for an assorted platter and boy! were we impressed. The sushi were beautifully made and tasted even better with a zing of wasabi in every bite. What caught my fancy was the Octopus Nigiri – yes! It’s the first time I ever tasted an octopus and I loved it! A little rubbery by nature with a mild flavour of its own, it’s a lot like calamari, and if you like that, then you might find this enticing enough too. The Tuna Nigiri was thoroughly enjoyed as well and is definitely worth a mention.
Eggs Benedict Counter (Easter Special)
There was a special section dedicated to the likes of Eggs Benedict with a variety of toppings at one’s disposal. Being Easter Sunday, they made sure we had a lovely time checking out this unusual counter and the chef handling it was kind enough to make some interesting combinations. I wish they turn it into a permanent feature as any Sunday brunch would be incomplete without some good looking and even better tasting eggs!
Chef with his Lamb and Turkey…
As I went around checking out the spread across JW Cafe, I came across a section that had 2 splendid Western Roasts – the Australian Leg of Lamb and Traditional Roasted Turkey. Meaty delights like these can get any true carnivore like me to experience foodie nirvana! Both were deliciously succulent, cooked to perfection and well-heated and that indeed made all the difference. I caught Executive Chef, Vivek Bhatt in a candid moment as he sliced the perfect piece of turkey for his patrons. 🙂
Desi Meal for the Desi Soul…
If you think your brunch should include some wholesome desi khana, then there’s an entire section dedicated to all kinds of chaats, pav bhaji, biryani, dal-chawal, curries, sabzi and the likes. If you know me well, you’d know I didn’t really bother trying any of it. I would rather check out unusual and international favourites instead and that’s exactly what I did. But hey, a special mention to the seekh kebabs that totally hit the spot for me. 
Also, we made an interesting observation… the foreigners at the hotel were making a meal out of the tandoori rotis, kebabs and gravies while we went crazy over everything that was no where close to Indian. Love how we as individuals crave for certain kinds of foods at any given point in time… 🙂
Salads aka The Health Zone
The weight-watchers have no reason to feel like they don’t have a choice but to sin at JW Cafe’s Sunday Brunch. The salad spread looked super but then again wasn’t what we aimed for. Everything looked fresh and I am sure it would make quite a meal for the health conscious individuals in the city.
Other sections included the Shawarma Counter, the Pizza Place and the Thai and Oriental Section that had some piping hot noodle soup in the making. As much as I wish I had the appetite to check them out, I only managed about 2 bites of the shawarma and honestly, it wasn’t very impressive. I have definitely had better. Do let me know if and when you decide to check out these sections whenever your time at the Sunday Brunch arrives. I’d love to know all about your experience.
Sugar Rush Baby!
Just when we knew we couldn’t have another bite, it was almost like we thought we’d skip desserts but that would be oh so wrong, right? So yea, with a heavy yet excited heart (and stomach) we made our way to the desserts section. I seriously think one can make a meal out of everything that was on display.
The decor around the desserts section spelt festivities and everything on display was an absolute visual treat… From cheesecakes, mousses, tarts & pies, brownies and so much more to the Easter offerings that included pretty looking chocolate and cream Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, themed cupcakes, white chocolate lollipops and soulful truffles. 
They also have quite an extensive Indian sweets’ spread that again did not fascinate me as much because well, I’m not really a fan. Also, the freshly made waffles and ice creams were catching a lot of people’s fancy, specially that of children. Can we really blame them? 🙂

Conclusive Cuppa…
So just when you think I ended this one hell of a feast with a whole lot of desserts, I needed to truly conclude with a healthy dose of strong coffee. Personally, I think JW Marriott does the best cappuccino unlike most other 5 star hotels. I vouch for it after multiple pleasant experiences at the Juhu Marriott and they continue to be consistently good even at the new JW Sahar. Quite a relief since I had high expectations and they didn’t disappoint. So yea, thank you JW Cafe for the perfect end. 🙂
This is one of those rare posts where the ratio of pictures to the writing is highly imbalanced unlike the usual. I guess my pictures will do all the talking because the above words are still not enough to describe everything that was experienced and shared together on this very special Easter Sunday. 🙂
The non-alcoholic brunch is priced at Rs. 2015 + taxes and if you need unlimited concoctions for company, an added charge of Rs. 1500 + taxes is inclusive. The prices may seem a bit steep at first glance, but when you have worldwide cuisines at every step of this experience, it’s worth every penny for the high quality standards that JW Marriott Sahar completely lives up to!
For reservations call: 022 28538656
Address: JW Cafe, JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai Sahar, IA Project Road, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai
Until next time…

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