Chef’s Table with Chef Vicky Ratnani at Harry’s (Fun Republic)

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It is so good to be back after a break that I invariably had to take thanks to a whole lot of other work and commitments I couldn’t excuse myself from. This review is overdue, but I guess it’s never too late when it comes to sharing a good experience. This was one, fun-filled Friday evening at the newest Harry’s that has opened its door inside Fun Republic (Andheri West). The place encapsulates some wonderful music with an in-house DJ, play zone (yes, there’s a snooker table) stocked bar area, delicious finger foods and drinks concocted to perfection!
The comfort bar food tasting was curated by the one and only, the very friendly and charming Chef Vicky Ratnani. The menu has been inspired from various treats from around the world and that’s when you know there’s something for everyone.

P.S. Apologies in advance as this review does not have the best quality pictures. The place was dimly lit and I refused to ruin the vibe with horrendous flash photography. 
Cranberry Mojito
The evening began with a brilliant mix of Cranberry Mojito. The potency was perfect and the drink didn’t lose its flavour despite all that ice. One of the best cocktails I’ve tasted in a long time. Also, this isn’t a regular feature on their bar menu as I requested the our server to make me a drink that has cranberry juice in it (Yes, I love cranberry juice and can live off it).

Watermelon and Feta Salad
Watermelon and Feta – The perfect summer treat from Harry’s Green section of the menu, the salad was devoured by all of us. A drizzle of balsam honey vinaigrette with herbed croutons completed this comparatively healthy yet delicious preparation.
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls – Almost one of the healthiest options from the menu, the rolls were too sloppy. But the semi crisp finish thanks to the peanuts and shredded veggies within makes for an interesting twist. I believe this preparation is an acquired taste although the soy on the side is a good way to add some drama to the overall taste.
Wasabi Cottage Cheese Squares
Wasabi Cottage Cheese Squares – The most sought after vegetarian appetiser of the evening was the simply stunning wasabi infused cottage cheese squares. The paneer was super fresh and had the ideal melt in the mouth after-effect and the wasabi rendition makes it a classic choice. If you’re a vegetarian and want something different, this is your go-to dish.
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken – Not the most exciting dish of the evening for me, as the chicken seemed a tab bit over-cooked and the marination was slightly more pungent than the expected taste. The bell peppers added a nice touch and helped break away from the monotony of just the chicken.
Pataya Beach Fish Goujons
Pattaya Beach Fish Goujons – Tender fresh basa cooked with a funky spice marinade that was infused with enough garlic to be absolutely aromatic. A hint of soy brought about a vivacious finish to this fishy delight.
Chimichurri Chicken
Chimichurri chicken – Argentinean by nature, the green sauce laden preparation was one of my favourites of the evening. The strong taste of garlic and Italian herbs made for a zestful appetiser and the chicken was succulent enough to imbibe the flavours.
Singapore Chicken Lollipops
Singapore Chicken Lollipops – Although quite nice, I expected a lot more from this lemongrass and galangal enhanced, spicy chicken drumsticks alongside some Sichuan garlic sauce. It almost felt like I was eating the regular drumsticks that one usually enjoys in a bar accompanied by drinks. That wasn’t really the issue but I guess sometimes a description is more inviting that the final taste.
Spicy Chicken Supreme Satay
Spicy Chicken Supreme Satay – I am not a major fan of satays but this one was exceptionally savoured by most of us. The tender chicken chunks were infused with Thai herbs bringing about a pleasant aroma and great after-taste. The skewers were accompanied with Harry’s special in house peanut sauce that went beautifully well with the appetiser.
The Fisherman’s Basket
The Fisherman’s Basket – Deep fried seafood delights like prawns and calamari is what you will find in this basket. Served with the pleasantly sweet and sour remoulade sauce, the batter around these sea creatures made them perfect little bites with your drinks.
Sichuan BBQ Chicken

Sichuan BBQ Chicken – If you’re looking for something that’s going to blow your mind and are a fan of fiery appetisers, this is it. The sichuan pepper and lemon laden chargrilled chicken delivers the perfect explosion of flavours and spice that go really well with your cocktails.

Jamaican Spiced Jerk Chicken
Jamaican Spiced Jerk Chicken – One of my favourite appetisers of the evening, it left a lasting impression on my palate. Chicken chunks marinated in thyme and pepper and a crispy charred finish to it that I absolutely devoured! It’s one of those dishes I’d go back for.
Thai Green Curry (Chicken)

Thai Green Curry – Other than being a tad bit too salty in my opinion, the Thai green curry was richly textured and flavoured and can be a good start to your main course. Served with some sticky rice, the meal was hearty and perfectly spiced.
Unfortunately I had to leave early due to other prior commitments because of which I was unable to check out the desserts that Chef Vicky had in store for us. But hey, you still can and let me know how it goes. Your experiences are as precious as mine, so go ahead and share them with me. 🙂

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