A Fashionable Tryst With Mythology – Myntra A Day Keeps All Pains Away

Laxman and Surpanakha
It is a pleasant winter morning in the north of India. As the morning fog lifts and the sun’s rays begin to kiss the dewy lawns, a pretty woman in her late twenties is on a swing, humming her favourite song. Her long tresses are flowing in the wind even as the breeze caresses her soft cheeks. She is a gorgeous lady but for one aberration. Her nose wears an ugly scar, marring her beauty. 
She is Surpanakha, the sister of R​aavan. During her sojourn in Panchavati, she was offended by both the brothers Ram and Lakshman. As she was drawn to them, her love was spurned, first by Ram and then by Lakshman.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
The insulted and envious Surpanakha in her humiliation attacked Sita. The over protective Lakshman cut off Surpanakha’s nose and left her bleeding. With an excessive loss of blood, Surpanakha loses consciousness and lies sprawled in the forest near a mysterious shrub. Legend said that this shrub could take you on magical journeys through time.
As she regains her senses, she opens her eyes, the forest is gone but the shrub remains, she finds herself in a beautiful garden. She gets up and walks through the garden. Enchanted by the swing, she sits on it and lets herself enjoy the cool breeze and takes in the beauty of the colourful flowers.
Suddenly she hears a musical tone and jumps off the swing. She follows the sound of the music and stops at the flower bed. She peeps in and finds a contraption. She picks it up and examines the same, now snugly sitting in the warmth of her palm. She thinks it is alive as yet again the musical tone emanates from it. She drops it in fear. When the music stops, she picks it up gingerly and begins examining it. She presses a few buttons and as curiosity gets the better of her, she explores it even further. Accidentally, she presses a button and is shocked to see herself on the screen. The scarred nose reminds her of the horror and humiliation she had experienced. The anger in her knows no bounds and she decides to regain her beauty, come what may. 
The logo that made a difference
As she explores the little instrument in her hand, she accidentally opens a few more screens that are filled with apps. She scans them all briefly and stops at the multi-toned ‘M’ icon which indicated ‘Myntra’. She clicks on it and enthusiastically begins reading all the offerings. Just then, a young girl walks into the garden frantically searching for her lost phone. She walks up to Surpanakha and is about to ask her, when she spots her smart phone in Surpanakha’s hands. The young girl introduces herself as Riya and requests for her phone. Surpanakha is startled and hands it over in fear. Seeing her expression, Riya asks her about herself. Surpanakha shares her story with Riya and expresses her desire to look gorgeous once again. Riya notices her scarred nose and is at first repelled. She then sits beside her and advises her on ways to conceal the ugly scar and also dress appropriately to belong to this era. Riya then notices the open Myntra app on her phone and takes Surpanakha through a tour of the site.

On her part, Surpanakha is thrilled and decides to go on a shopping spree. When Riya explains that she will need money to make the purchases, Surpanakha requests Riya to help her sell all the jewellery she was wearing on herself and with the money make a fresh beginning!

It’s only been about a week since Myntra went app only (15th May was their big day) and it’s been a pleasant experience so far. Having downloaded and explored the app, I can vouch for a fact that the user interface is sleek and quick, making it easy to manoeuvre around and do your bit of shopping. Some may have not favoured the idea of Myntra going mobile but one should accept technology as it progresses… for the better, since apps are the way into the future. I expect to witness a change in the way this country looks at “online shopping”, thanks to Myntra going #AppOnly.
Shopping on Myntra’s mobile app defined the start to Surpanakha’s new life. A magical life where a scarred face was forgotten thanks to a shopping experience made so easy… after all, #ItsPersonal.

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