Holy Kitchens Of Kangan Food Festival at The Westin, Mumbai

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Hope you guys have had a pleasant weekend. Back with another post, this one is quite out of the ordinary for 2 reasons – 1 because it’s an all vegetarian experience and 2 because it’s not just regular vegetarian food – but the Sattvik kind. Having temporarily embraced vegetarianism for a little over a month now, I was more than happy to check out this divinity-driven fare despite being a hardcore non-vegetarian.

Kangan – the Indian fine dine restaurant at The Westin Mumbai Garden City, is currently hosting a food festival like no other. It’s aptly named Holy Kitchens of Kangan because the menu encompasses food that exudes the authenticity of cities that are homes to the various iconic temples our country is blessed with. Although I couldn’t make it for the media lunch meet, the team at Westin was kind enough to accommodate my presence the next evening for dinner. I personally love sitting by the window each time I decide to savour a meal at Kangan and this time, it was no different.
Mumbai Meri Jaan – By night
Inspired by Sattvik cuisine, Executive Chef Rahul Dhavale has curated this one-of-a-kind menu. He proudly believes in maintaining the original flavours of everything that the food festival has to offer. The cuisines showcased in the Holy Kitchens of Kangan are an inspiration from the hallowed kitchens of Rajasthan, Amritsar, Varanasi and Shirdi that mostly include pure vegetarian food. The Sattvik diet is meant to be pure, essential, natural, vital, energy-containing, clean, conscious, true, honest, wise and eliminates foods and drinks that have destructive influences on the mind or body.

The mood is set…
You can either go in for an a la carte meal or check out the set menu that is presented in a gorgeous silver thali and a couple of silver katoris. I instantly fell in love with the thali as it strongly resembles the silhouette of Goddess Durga’s face. Yea, anything aesthetic and it is bound to catch my attention for all the right reasons.
Before we knew it, an interesting looking beverage arrived at our table. A blend of orange juice with a couple of *healthy* herbs, I never imagined Herbal Fair (fennel, basil, orange and sour mix) to complement our meal so well. I definitely recommend it to go with this sattvik meal.
Herbal Fair
The set menu has technically 3 courses – Shuruwaat, Bhog + Saath Mein and Meetha. The Shuruwaat (beginning) was indeed quite pleasant. With 4 different offerings, your appetite is set for the wholesome meal that comes in next. We tasted the Benaras ki Kachori Chaat, Kumbh Palak te Paneer de Seekh, Mathura ke Bhunney Khulley and Shirdi ke Sabudana Wadey with each one tasting like it was always meant to taste – authentically divine. Now that I was here, tasting everything… it made me realize that this is a chance to get transported to every holy destination these treats originally hail from, while you’re actually settled in a comfortable and fancy fine dine environment. Quite a unique setting, right?

A traditional fare is then brought to your table in a beautiful silver platter – an ethnic style thali that makes the food look even better, overall enhancing your divine meal experience.
This thali consists of 4 different kinds of vegetables and gravies starring – Benarasi Navratan Kofta, Kadhai Paneer, Bharleli Vangi and Govind Gattey ki Sabzi. A hint of tradition with some rich culture on the side, is what you’ll get a taste of!
Although reinventing recipes is a sign of an innovative chef, Chef Rahul chose to keep it simple and as traditional with this special menu, and that reflects very well once you’ve had a taste of everything that’s on this pretty platter!

Being a rice eater, the meal only got better when I took a bite of the Aloo Gobi Methi ki Tehri (a unique version of pulao rice) along with some lovely Arhar ki Palak Dal. Kangan has a reputation of making some legendary dal in the name of ‘Dal Kangan’ so I wasn’t really expecting anything less from this version.
If rotis are your calling, the Amritsari Kulchas are a must try! One of my favourites of the evening, the Kulchas are stuffed with paneer, chillies and onions – making them extremely wholesome. One can most certainly make a meal of it.  You also have the option of Masala Roti – another Kangan speciality.
The prasad jar 
Every meal invariably ends on a sweet note and this was no different. We checked out 2 meetha options. The Benaras ki Ras Madhuri strongly resembles the popular Bengali sweet – roshgullas. Each bite can be quite a messy but delicious affair.
If you’ve been to Shirdi and eaten their prasad, you’ll know this is exactly that – the Shirdi che Boondi Ladu‘s taste truly makes you feel like you’re in the pious space. It’s a nice feeling to actually enjoy the simplicity of its flavour, while you’re fine dining in the city of Mumbai.
The Holy Kitchens of Kangan food festival is on till the end of this month – ie. 30th September, 2015. The Maharajs of these various temples have been specially invited to make the kitchens of Kangan holy as can be. The festival name couldn’t be more apt as it sets you on a gastronomic pilgrimage giving you enough and more reasons to make sure you don’t miss it! 🙂
Special thanks to Chef Rahul, Arohi Tambe and Anahita Nair for the lovely jar of prasad and for making our evening even more special with their charming company.
PS.The restaurant endorses ambient lighting therefore apologies for the low lighting in the images. I refuse to use flash because I think (and you’ll agree too) it totally kills the mood of the image.

For Reservations Call: 022 6147 0000
Address: International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063.

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