India’s First Transgender Band | The 6 Pack Band with Sonu Nigam

Hello Potpourriers!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this, but managed to do a Facebook post that pretty much sums everything I feel towards this particular evening. Here goes…

I was recently invited to be a part of a ground-breaking media launch at YRF Studios. A press meet like no other… the invitation didn’t reveal anything except that it was a going to be a-one of-a-kind collaboration between Sonu Nigam and Y Films. It was enough to get me thoroughly interested…

This wasn’t just another trailer release or a music album launch… this was a start to something big and revolutionary!

They’re naturally talented, they communicate better than most of us and the purity within this minority community is something that most people aren’t aware of… They aren’t meant to be feared… They’re more than just those people who beg at signals and dance at weddings… They are certainly more than just, “Aye Raju!” as stereotypically depicted in our films… They are the 3rd gender and are very much part of God’s special creations.
Curated by Shameer Tandon, supported by Y Films, Brooke Bond Red Label and of course the one and only Sonu Nigam, these 6 talented artistes from the 3rd gender community are here to stay! Here’s a big hello and a warm welcome to India’s 1st transgender band – The 6 Pack Band.
Check out their 1st single – ‪#‎HumHainHappy‬ – A desi rendition to Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’…

PS. This deserves to go viral for all the right reasons… so go ahead… share karo… khush raho… naacho… gao… aao bajao… taali! 😀

UPDATE: In the meantime, they came out with their second track – ‘Sab Rab De Bande’. It was launched on 26th January – India’s Republic Day… Apt timing, don’t you think?
Check it out… it’s a heartbreaking yet a supremely inspiring video… It’s time to look at them differently. Afterall, sab rab de bande…

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