Rise And Shine at Cafe Mangii – All New Breakfast Menu

I may have never mentioned this earlier anywhere on the blog, but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day… Not just any breakfast of course, but the one that entails some eggs (in any form, I’m not fussy like that), freshly baked breads and some meaty delights like sausages, cold cuts and how can I forget to mention… the best of them all – Bacon!
I’ve been rather selective of the invites I accept in recent times, but when I got this one to check out the all new breakfast menu – Rise and Shine at Café Mangii, I knew I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. It was a working day and I made it to Café Mangii by 8:00 am. Their breakfast timings are from 8 am to 12 noon… So turn it into a brunch if you have all the time in the world (like on a Sunday morning) and you’re bound to savour majority of the offerings on this menu.
Here’s a glimpse of everything we tried on this wonderful Thursday morning…
As much as a glass of fresh juice (they have quite a variety) would be a great way to kick-start this breakfast feast, I began mine with a pleasant cup of café mocha. The strength of the coffee was perfect.

Cafe Mocha for the sleepy soul

Pineapple Juice (not mine)
Up next, I knew I had to order my share of eggs. Although I was terribly tempted to check out Classic Normandy, I went for the Chilli Cheese Molten because one can never really go wrong with omelettes, and this one was power packed with American Cheddar, Pepper Jack and Cream Cheese… Oh my, I write this and it’s like the taste of it never faded from my palate.
Chilli Cheese Molten
Alongside, I asked for a portion of bacon – which mind you, is the best accompaniment with eggs… Just a personal preference I take way too seriously. The glorious flavour and of course, aroma of freshly fried bacon is something inexplicable. Only one bacon lover can understand another bacon lover’s enthusiasm towards this supremely delicious meat!
Up next, we got a taste of Mangii’s French Toast. This eggs drenched brioche drizzled with maple syrup made for an extremely photogenic + delectable treat. I’m not a major fan of this classic sweetened bread, but this one left a lasting impression!
French Toast
A wholesome multi-grain toast that is generously topped with baby spinach and creamed mushrooms is best enjoyed while it’s still warm. If you’re a vegetarian seeking a hearty and delicious start to your day, then this one sure fits the bill. The Mushroom Florentine has simplistic flavours and would be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t fancy spices.
Mushroom Florentine
Cinnamon swirl pancakes with a few dollops of white butter on a generous portion of blueberry preserve and some honey… They call it Buttermilk Pancakes. I believe the entire combination so right, I almost thought I’d want to savour another plate but that was humanly not possible. Major tip: Have them while they’re still warm and you’ll be able to relate to my feelings.
Buttermilk Pancakes

Now that I’ve given you quite a descriptive update about the Rise & Shine breakfast spread, maybe you should totally consider spending your Sunday morning here and enjoy those moments of savouring good food, over good coffee and with some wonderful company. Have a great weekend, Potpourriers! 🙂

For reservations: 022 26498100/000
Address: Junction of Khar Pali and 14th Road, Off Linking Road, Inside Nike Showroom Lane, Khar, Mumbai

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