Big Brunch Sunday at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

February may have passed, but here’s a love-filled experience I had at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai recently. Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday this year and not like I need one day to celebrate this feeling, but hey, it was definitely worth sharing it with your 2 first loves – my mother and of course, food! 🙂
Being a Santacruz girl, Grand Hyatt isn’t very far for us. It was perfect because the thought of travelling somewhere far wasn’t the agenda. I was invited to check out their Big Sunday Brunch spread at their Pan-Asian restaurant – Fifty Five East.

Situated in the lower half of the hotel, the place exuded Valentine’s day vibes. Once we settled into our seats, we began our brunch scene with some potent concoctions. Some Strawberry and Cranberry Martinis set the mood for a lazy and delectable Sunday afternoon.

The very charming Chef Sushant Parab walked us through the extensive spread and it only made us wonder how we’d do justice to all of it! From what I remember, we kick-started this “tour” at the appetizers and sushi/sashimi counter. Expect the usual variety – from fresh tuna to octopus, if you like these Japanese bite size treats, you’ll be a happy soul.

Up next, the Asian counter had chicken satay, Indonesian fried rice and seafood pancakes that I tried for the first time and was quite amazed. I only wish it was served warm though. Would’ve enjoyed it a lot more.
They also have a noodle-soupy meal counter. Customize it with your choice of noodles, vegetables, meats and soup base (simply clear or tom yum spicy) and the chef will toss it up for you. Definitely a fab addition for people who might want to keep it healthy (yes, it’s criminal to think of healthy, clean and minimal eating while at a Sunday brunch but everyone has their preferences so…) I thoroughly enjoyed this soupy preparation and could very well make a meal of it! 🙂

Next, I had to of course check out the meaty options. Being a hardcore carnivore, I was mighty impressed with the perfectly juicy grilled lamb chop that I ordered for from the grill counter. Served with herb-infused mashed potatoes on the side, it’s been a long time since I truly enjoyed eating red meat and that’s why it definitely is worth a mention. Here’s my tweet that expresses my instant reaction. 😉

The garlic parsley marinated prawns with lemon butter sauce were absolutely sublime. Another treat from the grill section with a smokey after-taste and a flavour to savour, these beauties are definitely worth a try!

Up next, I decided to give the Indian section a shot. From Andhra style culinary treats to typically enjoyable North Indian delicacies, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The freshly made appams with coconut milk and meen kodzumbu combination deserves an applause. One of those rare sightings at a brunch and something I’d go back for because, cravings…

From the North Indian section, the biryani rice and seekh kebabs caught my attention for all the right reasons. Doing biryani well and staying consistent at a brunch can be quite a challenge but the team of talented chefs here know what they’re in for and tackle it well!

As much as I was hoping to check out the Teppanyaki section, my appetite and stomach space deeply disappointed me. Nevertheless, there’s always a next time and I can’t wait for that to happen soon.
Keeping a tiny bit space for desserts, I noticed the prominent chocolate fountain that stood tall in this sweet lil’ desirable section. Whether you’re a desi mithai kinda person or prefer your cakes and pies, you’ll find almost everything here. Since it was a Valentine’s Day special brunch, love-themed desserts took centre-stage and made their special appearance.

In all of this, our Sunday Brunch only got better when they randomly started playing Gangnam Style and before we could decipher the reason, all the chefs and staff members started dancing and grooving to the addictive beats! A flash mob by the team at Grand Hyatt… Now how incredible was that?! I managed to capture some of it and tweeted… Have a look?

Being a big fan of brunches, there’s something new for everyone at every brunch you go to. No two Sunday brunches within the same hotel is every really the same. My experience will never be like yours or like the tenth person who reads this review. So go ahead, make your own memory at the Big Sunday Brunch at Grand Hyatt. Chef Sushant sure knows how to pamper his guests and we’re grateful for his lovely hospitality! 🙂

You can enjoy a 50% discount if you book the brunch between Monday to Thursday. How cool is that? For more details about the #BigBrunchSunday check –
PS. The blogger was invited to check out the Big Sunday Brunch at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Views are personal.
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For reservations call: 022 6676 1149
Address: Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz East, Mumbai: 400055, India

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