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Hey Potpourriers!
[Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this post couldn’t go live sooner. But since it was ready and up for publishing, I didn’t want to edit the emotions set within this post. Sorry if it sounds outdated but here you go…]

Hope you’ve kick-started this brand new year on a fabulous note. Here’s hoping 2016 is filled with absolute joy, positivity and of course, experiences that redefine the good life!

Christmas day fell on a Saturday and it was perfect with a whole lot of amazing Japanese food. My friend, Assad of Medium And Rare invited me to check out Ruka – Juhu’s newest entrant in the world of fine dining. Located right next to Ramee Guestline Hotel (same compound if I’m not mistaken), Ruka is elegant and exudes finesse from every nook and corner. The moment I walked in, it sort of reminded me of Yauatcha, the fine dine restaurant in BKC. It’s minimalistic, ambient and is perfect to compliment a fancy meal consisting of authentically raw but delectable food!

With an open kitchen and spacious seating area, Ruka is fanciful and keeps you feeling good throughout your dining experience. I was invited to check out the menu and everything they had to offer and was thoroughly impressed by their spread.
An array of seafood treats arrived at our table and honestly, I’m still learning the difference between one sushi from another. As I write this post, I realise it’s a challenge in itself as my knowledge towards Japanese cuisine is quite limited.

Nevertheless, here’s me wanting to share all about the wonderful afternoon we spent at Ruka – with their modern take on Izakaya-Style contemporary Japanese cuisine.
Having given almost a crazy number of preparations a shot, I’m about to give you guys a crisp low-down on pretty much everything we tried and absolutely loved.
Making this review extremely long is not my agenda so here goes…

Nigri Sushi Platter – A massive plate consisting of some sea bass, cooked tuna, cured salmon, yellow fin tuna, crab meat and sweet omelette wrapped with traditional rice, we got a taste of so many distinctive flavours in one go. A tad bit overwhelming, I was new to quite a few of these preparations.
One of my favourites of this afternoon, the Softshell Crab Maki Rolls is definitely worth a mention. You’re bound to love the crispy finish of the softshell that’s rolled in with some finely sliced cucumber and a generous hint of Yuzu Mayo.
The fascinating combination of deep fried tempura, rice, avocado and cucumber alongside the crunch-filled garnish of tenkasu, the Prawn Tempura Maki Rolls made up for all the prawn cravings I’ve had in a long time.
If you thought Ruka was all about the sushis and sashimis, you’re limiting your own gastronomical expectations. Just when we’d finished trying out so many varieties of typically Japanese food, this beauty graced our table. Say hello to Saikyo Miso Marinated Cod. The smooth, buttery and unforgettable flavours of this unique fish preparation got me and everyone else drooling for more. The brown wasabi sauce accompanying it only makes it better, of course and damn, now I crave it!

Having been a rice-eater almost all my life (the tamilian brahmin in me comes alive then), I tasted the Mushroom Hot Pot Rice with Miso Truffle Butter. An enjoyable blend of all sorts of mushrooms like enoki, shiitake and oyster, the fragrant sticky rice arrives at your table in a neat and organized manner but the server makes sure it’s mixed well, right in front of your eyes and then served. Makes for a delicious yet simplistic main course!
Some more visuals of the wonderful preparations we got a taste of… 

As we got done with the main course and were on the verge of finishing our drinks (I could do a separate post on the crazy and creative concoctions we were introduced to…) it was time to see what desserts came our way.
A massive bowl of flavoured sorbets, freshly cut fruits with Omakase and a molten lava cake made up our dessert “platter”… There’s really no better way to cleanse your palate after a magnanimous meal like that, than with some passion-fruit flavoured sorbet. The lava cake wasn’t extraordinary, but it definitely satiated my “dessert” craving in the end.

I’d like to conclude this review with my friend, Assad’s words…
“It all boils down to one thing – Expensive food with imported ingredients; if you appreciate all the intricacies that go in the making of that plate of food, then this is your place.”
Find Ruka on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
For reservations:022 6715 9225
Address: 462, A.B. Nair Road, Juhu, Mumbai, India 400049

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