‘Eat Series’ by Mamagoto | Asian Flavours of Tah-Koh and Summer Cocktails

It’s always fun coming back to Mamagoto for their fun take on Asian food. This time, I checked out the tah koh menu (Asian treats in soft shell tacos) which is the first in their latest ‘Eat Series’ – where they intend to take Asian food to the next level. The kind that involves raging creativity and unusual pairing of ingredients to discover new flavours.
Lychee and Cranberry Whiskey Sour
Also, a couple of summer special cocktails have been introduced. I checked out the Lychee and Cranberry Whiskey Sour. If you know me well, you’re aware of my fanciful love towards all things cranberry… The cocktail was a perfect blend of 3 of my favourite flavours. Sip on it and you taste the cranberry and subtle sourness of the whiskey… once it’s down your throat, the lychee after-taste emerges in the most fascinating manner. One of the finest cocktails I’ve truly enjoyed in recent times. Maybe they should add it to their permanent menu? Hey team Mamagoto, hope you’re taking notes.

Here’s a round-up of the tah-kohs that emerged as absolute winners.
In order of ranking (which of course is personal)… Here goes!

1. Craby: Now I know how tedious it can be to enjoy crab meat when it’s all hidden under that hard shell, but these batter-fried, soft shell crispy treats were absolutely fuss-free to enjoy. Also, the generous drizzle of mango sauce brought about the perfect zest to the preparation. A big yes for every crab lover in the city!
2. Porky: Beautifully glazed pork belly that lay on a bed of home-made plum sauce, thinly sliced green apple and topped with micro greens, Porky was everything that makes experimental eating worth the experience. The set of ingredients used brought about some lovely pleasant piquancy!
3. Prawny: Panko-encrusted prawns that give your seafood-friendly taste buds an instant high; we quite enjoyed the multitude of flavours. The Japanese BBQ sauce, chilli mayo and mango sauce drizzled from the top only makes this better! The freshly sliced and fried banana chips on the side are an interesting add-on although I didn’t think it was quite necessary.
4. Ducky: Crispy duck with plum sauce, cucumber and spring onion. The preparation was quite similar to Porky with the choice of meat being the biggest differentiating factor. If you prefer one meat over the other, don’t bother ordering both. After all, variety is indeed the spice of life, right? One of those rare times when I truly enjoyed duck meat without mixed feelings.

5. Smoky: Crispy smoked chicken, green chilli mayo, goat cheese, salsa, micro greens with home-made Asian taco sauce. Now one can hardly go wrong with that, isn’t it? What really got my attention was the way each element stood out with good reason. Multiple textures with every wholesome bite. Nicely done!
Unfortunately there aren’t as many options for vegetarians but we quite liked Tofuish – where tofu is prepared in a Korean BBQ sauce, topped with green chillies, Mayo, taco sauce and cream cheese. Quite a combination, right? We thought so too.

Although we didn’t try Cheesy (panko-encrusted goat cheese, mango sauce, kimchi, mint and micro greens) I believe it sounds like it definitely has potential to make a vegetarian happy.

Flat Veggie
I’ve never really been a fan of flatbreads as such, but the ones they serve as a part of this menu, I wasn’t quite expecting it to be honest. Mushroomy is great if you like mushrooms. It entails mixed mushrooms, blue cheese, truffle oil, finely chopped green chilli, kimchi and pickled cucumber. We also got a taste of the Flat Veggie – a mix of artichoke, sliced radish, mango sauce and micro greens. Now as unusual this seemed to read as well as taste, I don’t think it’ll appeal the conventional Indian taste buds. Sometimes experimenting to this extent may not always be a good idea. Although I have to say… that mango sauce is to die for! One of my favourite elements from this tasting evening!
Now I’m not sure why they have these crispy flatbreads on a menu that is meant to celebrate the coming together of Asian flavours inside soft shell tacos. Personally they weren’t as impressive. Maybe the flatbread could have been softer? I guess the chef knows best but I wasn’t too kicked about anything I tasted.
Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce
Now an evening never really comes to an end unless it’s on a sweet note, right? This time, I tried their much talked about in-house speciality the Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce. Served with classic vanilla ice cream, the excessive sweetness was well balanced. I believe the taste grew on me with every passing bite…
All in all, it was yet another lovely evening with good company and interesting food. I recommend the tah-kohs but wouldn’t really push for the flatbreads. But if you’re keen on trying something that seems alien to your thoughts as well as taste buds, go for it!

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