Presto Lunches at Botticino, Trident BKC

The weekend was well spent and after a long time I decided to cover something for the blog. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not like I am losing interest in blogging… Gosh! I don’t think that day will ever come. But I’ve been going easy with the invites and posts because work (yes, for those who aren’t aware, I keep a full time writing job too) has been keeping me sincerely busy.
Now that I am back with another post, here goes 🙂
Botticino – the Italian restaurant at Trident BKC has recently launched a concept menu called, Presto! It means, quick and in a quick tempo. A set menu that has some of their most sought after preparations… All for a stunning price of Rs. 990 + taxes. Now mind you, this is you getting a chance to enjoy a 3 course meal at a 5 star restaurant. Sounds like a good deal, right?

PS. the bread basket was exceptionally lovely. I believe if a restaurant serves fresh and beautifully baked bread, you know they don’t compromise on genuine quality.

The assorted bread basket
While I glanced through this well planned menu, Udhav the restaurant manager was kind enough to share some insights into the concept. Ideal for the innumerable corporate guests who seek a fuss-free and quick meal in between work hours, #PrestoLunches is apt in so many ways. Course 1 involves a choice of either a soup or salad. Course 2 offers quite a variety of main course options and Course 3 has eggless options for the vegetarians while the non vegetarian menu has sweet indulgences that involve eggs. A well thought out menu, I think this is a major plus point since the diner is bound to be comfortable with his/her choice of menu preference.
Antonio – Our lil’ fishy

Udhav then surprised us with the most adorable guest who joined us at our lunch table. Apparently the restaurant makes sure solo diners have company while dining at Botticino. A fish of the opposite sex is placed on the table and they all have the most adorable names! Such a simple yet amazing idea, isn’t it? I was genuinely impressed! 🙂 Even though I wasn’t alone, Antonio – our fish turned out to be such great company!

Now moving on to the meal we had…
beetroot tartare with orange spheres, beetroot macarons and preserved lemon gel
We kick-started the afternoon with some freshly made sangrias that were perfectly potent to taste. Our meal began with the Beetroot Tartare with Orange Spheres, Beetroot Macarons (which was exceptionally lovely) and preserved Lemon Gel, served with fresh leafy greens, the salad was light and made for a pretty picture too! The vegetarians are sure to love it while I savoured it too… (after all, it was healthy!) 😉
country style pork soup
I requested for a small tasting portion of the chef recommended Country Style Pork Soup since the preparation description looked quite interesting on the menu (it has borlotti beans and rosemary). And boy was I glad, because it was simply soulful and perfect to complement a rainy afternoon. A hint of those beans in the soup along with the meat brought about a flavoursome combo that’s hard not to love!
parmesan and black pepper chicken with cream potato mash in a grape reduction
Then the Parmesan and Black Pepper Chicken with Cream Potato Mash in a Grape Reduction arrived and that’s when I realised everything I was about to eat this afternoon was definitely going to be a visual treat if not anything else. The art of presentation is when you can eat with your eyes too and yet look at it with a whole lot of admiration! The chicken wasn’t overcooked while the grape reduction brought about a zesty finish to this preparation.
pepperoni pizza for the win!
So I usually end up ordering a pizza in an Italian restaurant because who doesn’t want a slice of perfection, right? Having not eaten a good Pepperoni Pizza for the longest time, I decided to give the one on their menu a shot. They were gracious with the meaty topping, the crust was perfect – guess there was no reason to not love it!
poached red snapper with potato mash and exotic vegetables
Up next, our main course arrived. If you’re a fish fanatic, then the Poached Red Snapper is for you! Cooked in a glass jar with vegetables and orange butter nage, the preparation is served in the most fascinating manner around a bed of crushed baby potatoes (minced olives and basil added an amazing flavour to it). With a piquant sweet flavour, this dish not only tasted wonderful but also proved to be a healthy affair! 🙂 Check out the way it was presented below…


caramelized onion and goat cheese ravioli with pine nuts and basil cream
On the other hand, the vegetarians can make a hearty meal out of the Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Ravioli with Pine Nuts and Basil Cream, as every bite makes you fall in love with the amalgamation of varied flavours. The basil cream further adds to the rich aftertaste. If you’re a vegetarian and a fan of goat cheese, then this is the dish for you!
orange, raspberry and guava chilli sorbets
Now that we were done gorging on these beautifully plated dishes, it was time to move on to sweeter things… literally. Having been to Botticino earlier, I remember the sorbets we’d got a taste of which did not disappoint. This time, I saw it on their presto menu and I knew I wanted to revisit that long but not totally lost memory. An assortment of guava chilli, raspberry and orange sorbets arrived and they made for not only a pretty sight, but also worked as healthy desserts + palate cleansers.
chocolate feuillant belgian chocolate mousse and rice crisp crunch
Udhav recommended us to try the Chocolate Feuillant Belgian Chocolate Mousse and Rice Crisp Crunch as it’s an Oberoi classic recipe. Glad I gave in because this beauty is what sinful chocolate dreams are made of… Bitter enough to keep you hooked, every bite was worth it! And oh, not like I need to mention it, but how photogenic is this stunner?


We also met Chef Sushil – the “artiste” behind these photogenic preparations, who was nice enough to visit our table.

The whole idea of having a set menu to get you through a quick work lunch is what the Presto menu is all about! The pricing is apt and works in favour of those who seek a 5 star experience without burning a major hole in their wallets. Being a business hotel, the restaurant targets the working professionals of BKC and otherwise and I don’t see why it isn’t a fabulous concept! Drop by and let me know what you think? 🙂


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