5 Things To Try At Fellas Cafe

Long time, no post. But oh well, it’s been a busy phase and here I am typing this article on my phone… while I’m on the go. Being stuck in traffic has its own perks, I guess? Anyway…

I recently checked out the newly re-located Fellas Café. It’s now on 5th Road, closer to Khar station and is slightly smaller in size with only outside seating and is also PET-FRIENDLY. Yes! Can’t tell you how happy I was to learn the same because this city definitely needs more of such places.

A menu consisting of most things healthy like juices, multi-grain pizzas, salads and more, it’s indeed a good feeling to eat clean, that too without burning a major hole in your pocket. Calorie conscious or not, they have a count mentioned beside each listed dish. This works really well if you’re the kind to keep a tab on your intake. Here are the top 5 things to check out depending on what catches your personal fancy (and taste).

PS. As much as I would have loved to mention the salads (I’ve heard good things!), I didn’t have the chance to try it so don’t have a personal opinion from my end.


Zucchini & Asparagus Soup – Sometimes you want to go beyond the obvious (aka favourites/safe bets) and try something that isn’t a typical. The Zucchini and Asparagus Soup is a rich leafy green soup that has good health written all over it. Time to make your mother proud by eating your leafy greens – by sipping on this lovely and soulful soupy blend!


Grilled Mexican Prawns – I personally thought the whole masaaledaar twist to this preparation was nice but a bit unexpected. Maybe because we went with the mindset of having a comparatively healthy meal… the kind that isn’t too spicy by nature. Nevertheless, delete that thought and I have an appetiser that is perfect to please the classic desi palate.


Pesto Chicken on Pesto Base Pizza/BBQ Chicken Pizza – One of our favourites of the night… we decided to go the half and half way. Minimum cheese to keep it real, the base is crispy thin, has no maida and is prepared with multi-grains like whole wheat – bajra, ragi, jowar and mix seeds. How impressive is that? They don’t hesitate with the topping either, so yes… it’s a win-win!


Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper & Wine Sauce – It’s usually hard to go wrong with something as commonly prepared as this so yea, the chicken was tender… Topped with a sunny-side up fried egg and served with mash yam (an interesting alternative to the classic mash potatoes) and sauteed vegetables on the side, I liked how this meal culminated into a wholesome one.


Nutella Crêpe – This just might be the nicest and softest crêpe I’ve taken a bite of… Certainly would like to believe this was a vegetarian version (no eggs) and it tasted just as well. We checked out the super sinful Nutella version – without the banana and strawberries which is originally on the menu. I would assume it’s bound to only highlight the experience further… especially for those who like a fruity twist to their desserts.


Although they had run out of guava, I anyway checked out the Strawberry, Banana (replaced the guava) and Apple Smoothie. The consistency was perfect, but I can’t say the same of the aftertaste. I guess I’ll have to go back to try the original blend because this “alternative” wasn’t as appealing as I’d hoped.



Other than the fact that the Grilled Basa was a tad bit too salty, it could have made for a simple and hearty meal. The lemon butter sauce that came with it was certainly well made. They serve it with Dauphinoise potatoes (a style of mash potatoes) and although I’m not sure how the original is suppose to be, this one could have been slightly creamier by nature.

From fresh juices and smoothies to salads and diet-friendly plated preparations, I have enough reasons to go back to try out more. They currently are focusing more on delivery so if you live around the area, I suggest it’s a great option to order in some healthy food instead. If you live further away and your order is a big one, then they’ll be happy to deliver the same. I guess that makes sense… after all, travelling across the city for bulk orders is totally legit.

Contact no.: +91 9769879115 (delivery available in the Bandra-Santacruz radius)
Online delivery option is available via Zomato and Scootsy too.

Address: Fellas Cafe, Bhavya Plaza, Near Kotak Mahindra Bank, Off S. V. Road, 5th Road Corner, Khar West, Khar, Mumbai.

PS. The blogger was invited to the new outlet. Views are and will always be personal.

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