French Bistro Style Menu At Artisan, Sofitel Mumbai

One of the finest meals I’ve had in a long long time, the French Bistro style menu at Artisan is something I urge everyone to try. I never insist on something as personal as food choices, because it is subject by nature and I’d like to believe it’s important to suggest but not impose anything on anyone. On the other hand, this particular culinary experience was indeed an exceptional one!

It all began with a glass of homely mocktail on this fine Saturday afternoon. A personal choice that I certainly don’t regret. After all, who knew I’d get so high on the food itself. FOOD COMA ALERT


The talented chefs have put together a stunning menu that stays true to the original French cuisine and encapsulates bistro style breakfast, lunch and evening tapas. One can find rustic dishes that instantly transport you to a quaint lil’ French café even if you have never really been to one. I’m talking about an overall experience that makes you want to romance every bite of this exquisite meal. Another highlight of the Bistro menu is its Rotisserie style of cooking which will feature the ‘Roast of the Day’. Gourmet by heart, bistro in style – the dishes we indulged in have stories of their own. I’ve got new found respect (and love) for the art of slow cooking… because timing is everything… especially when it comes to preparing meats.


We began the afternoon with the oh-so-fresh and crunchy roasted asparagus on a crusty French baguette. One can effortlessly taste the freshness of the vegetables used for this hearty appetiser. If you’re into asparagus and love the flavour well toasted freshly baked breads, then this dish does absolute justice to it!


Goat Cheese Tartin – I know a lot of people who either love or hate goat cheese. For those who love it, you’re in for a treat… and for those who don’t, it’s time to change your mind. fingers crossed The Goat Cheese Tartin comes with figs and some lush leafy greens and together they make for an almost unexplored flavour… the kind you just may fall in love with. PS. It’s certainly an acquired taste and took some time in getting used to.


Lamb Shank – Oh the charm of slow cooked meat is what we experienced when this beauty arrived at our table. Never have I had such an effortless red meat meal… where it all comes crumbling down with just a touch. Undeniably juicy, I’d go back for more. Also, the mash potato puree at the base is super silky and perfectly complements the preparation.


Whether you enjoy duck meat or not, the Duck Confit here is one of the finest I’ve tasted. Again, I love how proudly and confidently the chef proclaimed the art of slow cooking being the key to making this meal a massive success! I suggest you give it a try because it’s very unlikely that you’d regret it.



I’m a fan of French Onion Soup and when I was told they have a vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian version (chicken broth, ofcourse), it was quite amusing. I checked out the vegetarian version and was satiated to a point of no return. The smoky aftertaste of caramelised onions and the soaked layer of cheesy bread makes this soup the kind you want to enjoy on a cold winter’s night.


So as per the menu, there’s a new crêpe of the day everyday to look forward to. Ours was the savoury kind which was generously stuffed with cheese and potatoes. Can’t really go wrong with that now, can you? An easy favourite but may seem a tad bit bland for a typical Indian palate.


Wrapped and slow cooked in cooking paper, the Poisson Papilotte with Tomato and Olives has a refreshingly different citrus-like flavour. It visually comes across as a subtle preparation but is rich in aftertaste. Eating this is quite an experience in itself and is apt for those who are open to the idea tasting food that is nowhere close to cliched Indian flavours.

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After a fantastic meal of unusual appetisers and main course options, it was time to dig into the variety of classic desserts. Our afternoon dessert platter consisted of good ol’ Crème Brulée that pretty much tasted like it is suppose to…. a profiterole drenched in warm chocolate sauce which I didn’t fancy as much and some Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse) that was simply sinful with every passing bite. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate mousse… and as repetitive as I may sound, this meal as a whole was pretty much perfect in every sense. Big thumbs up from me and cheers to the entire team! A classic #TGLPrecommendation all the way.


Venue: Artisan, Sofitel Mumbai – BKC

Time: Bistro Menu – 7:00 am – 11:00 pm (Breakfast – 7:00 am – 11:00 am)

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