Launch of Vero Cibo and Warren Tricomi Spa Experience at Novotel Resort and Spa, Goa | #TGLPinGoa

A trip to remember with some of the nicest people I know, Goa was experienced in a whole new way while I was there for the launch of Vero Cibo, the new and refreshing Mediterranean bistro and bar at the Novotel Resort and Spa property in Candolim.

A beautiful open air deck area to warm up to and overlooks the beautiful fields of Candolim, Vero Cibo serves modern styles of Italian, French and Greek food. The restaurant extends into the lawns right beside the infinity pool where one can either enjoy a leisurely brunch or a exquisite romantic dinner or just a casual lunch meal over a couple of cocktails… Whatever the occasion may be or if you’re just looking for a beautiful place to dine, Vero Cibo definitely has vibes to fall in love with.

With some fantastic Latin American music courtesy a LIVE band to set the casual yet exotic ambience, our afternoon was only getting started as some unique cocktails and appetisers graced our scenic table by the fields. A vodka-based Purple Passion to the kick-ass Beer Lime Bun and of course, the upside down beer bottles in ice-filled glasses (who doesn’t love a drink that feels like a never ending supply of chilled beer, right?) were enough to make this launch potent and oh so successful!

Freshly grilled prawns to crunchy bruschettas and cute lil’ open burgers made their way to our table, as we got a taste of the kind of starters this Balinese inspired (decor wise) restaurant has to offer. The brunch area by the lawn had a live grill counter where one can pick the fresh catches of the day along with an array of other meats and vegetables. Customised meals have a charm of their own so we picked our respective favourites and enjoyed every bit of it.

A fresh salad spread counter to the live grilled section, the make your own pasta kiosk and more, the food is light and airy enough to keep you feeling at ease and blends in with the look and feel of the place. Relaxed and unpretentious in ways I like, the food offered is basic but with a premium touch to it.

But what really caught my attention was the way they had set up the desserts counter. Placed in a beautiful red vintage style cabinet, a range of fresh fruit pastries, tiramisu lollipops, espresso creme brulee and the berry lemon cheesecake to name a few sat prettily in it. Each being different from the next, I took a bite of everything despite not having a major sweet tooth… because to experiment and try new things is always my agenda. 🙂 PS. the espresso creme brulee was super!

Once I was done with my meal, I had some leisure time on hand before catching my flight back to Mumbai. What do I do next? Book an appointment for a therapeutic spa session, of course. Having heard so much about the brand that Warren Tricomi is, I was quite excited to experience the same.

They say when you’re out on a getaway, a spa treatment or therapy of sorts is a great way to unwind, especially if your trip involves excursions and a lot of sightseeing on foot. For those who know me well enough and have been following me for a while, are aware of my love and fascination for spa experiences. It’s the best way to relax your body, renew the energy within your mind and rejuvenate both… while the masseuse works on pressure points along with your choice of essential aromatic oils.

I went in for the lavender oil (it can help you snooze off into paradise) and a de-stressing body massage and it was worth every minute spent within the beautiful wooden cabins that make for therapy rooms. My masseuse was from Bhutan and her fingers worked like magic making sure I am revived in a whole new way. The moment I walked in, it’s like I was transported back to my exotic spa experience in Bali. And why not? Everyone deserves to experience a touch of Bali and here I was, reliving it with equal enthusiasm. A 45 minute long massage is all I needed to feel alive yet so relaxed within every inch of my body, mind and spirit. A quick shower and a cup of freshly brewed green tea later, it was time to head to the airport. As much as I would have loved to stay back to experience the resort, it was time to go back… only with the hope that I will come back for more in the near future. 🙂

Until next time…

Address: Novotel Resorts & Spa, Pinto Waddo, Off Candolim Road, Bardez, Goa 403 515

Tel : +91 832 249 4885

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