The Fatty Bao, Andheri (Izakaya and Noodleshop) | First Impression

The other evening, I was invited to check out the comparatively new outlet of The Fatty Bao in Andheri West. It’s located at Morya Classic, in the lane opposite Infiniti Mall. For someone who keeps going back to Bandra for night outs and dinner evenings, it’s nice to see how certain brands expand and grow within the suburbs. PS. The work place is in Andheri so it’s a blessing to avoid the insane traffic, especially during rush hours.

Coming back to my experience at the newest Fatty Bao, I was as usual, impressed. Although I haven’t covered a review of the Bandra outlet, I’m a fan of their food… The Ramen bowls being my favourite part of the meal.

So what’s different about this one… you’d wonder, right? Their Izakaya and Noodleshop concept is fresh and worth a shot. A menu dedicated to small plates’ preparations (finger foods as well as regular appetisers) and customised noodle bowls, you really can’t expect the evening to get any better. But it does… for those who enjoy karaoke sessions. Yep. They happen to have those on Friday nights and the space was all spruced up with an enthusiastic karaoke bar. 

Did I mention about the kickass bottled cocktails? It’s not just about the concoctions, but the way they are presented to you… Where you can alter your drink as per your preference. If you’re a control freak of sorts, this place might just be your guilty pleasure… 😉

Here are some of the things I tried, loved and are worth mentioning…

Amongst the cocktails, both… the Cool-Ade (gin, cucumber, elderflower, thyme syrup and bitters) and Peachy Lemonade (gin, green tea, lavender, peach and key lime) were pretty damn smooth. And since nobody really is a fan of ice melting into their drinks and diluting the hell out of them, you can always work around it with the customised experience. PS. I remove the extra ice if need be.

Moving on to the food…

Cold Green Tea Noodle Salad (ginger, scallion, soy sauce, cherry radish, cilantro and lime)

Now this is something I’d never order if this was just another dinner plan. But I am so glad they recommended this “healthy” option as it wasn’t just that, but also quite a flavour bomb. Subtle yet so different, I’ve never had anything like it before. Probably something that I’d put under the acquired taste list.

Fatty Lotus Roots (stir fried imported lotus roots and snow peas in kung pao sauce)

For the vegetarian who seeks beyond the usual, this preparation is unique. A tad bit sweet with a dash of spice and a crunchy finish, I have a feeling it has the potential to become a regular favourite for the otherwise experimental food enthusiast.

Onigirazu Sushi (Sandwich Sushi)

Tempura Fried Asparagus and Cream Cheese

For those of you who look down upon the concept of vegetarian sushi, please stop. It’s a thing and they’re doing it right. Like this one at The Fatty Bao. It’s made well and the flavours come together effortlessly. Total win win!

Teriyaki Salmon, Cucumber and Wasabi

Other than the style of presentation, it’s good ol’ sushi… just the way it’s meant to taste! Dunk it in some soy sauce and a dash of wasabi and your Asian meal is bound to be complete with some sushi lovin’…

Crab Rangoon (cream cheese, crab meat wontons,deep fried and served with sweet chilli sauce)

One of my favourites of the evening, this cracker of an appetiser has everything going for it. Have it with your cocktails or simply enjoy every bit with the amazing sweet chilli sauce it’s served with and you’re sure to become a fan of crab meat if you aren’t already one. PS. Eating and enjoying crab doesn’t always have to be a messy affair.

Sweet Spicy Sour and Sticky Pork Ribs (with Pomegranate glaze and papaya salad)

It’s actually the pomegranate glaze that caught my eye while placing my order and boy… was I glad! Don’t waste your time in clicking pictures of this because this one deserves to be eaten the moment it arrives. Mainly cuz it tastes better too. Juicy and flavoursome, the papaya salad adds to the experience.

Ramen/Soupy Noodles

So this is where you get the option of choosing your broth, style of noodles and the vegetables, meats and sauces that will go into making your own version of ramen/soupy noodles. The sheet with an array of options is provided for you to choose from. It’s like the “make your own noodle/rice bowl” concept that because quite popular at Noodle Bar.

I picked the a couple of vegetables, some seafood and the broth that was recommended to me to make this a successful collaboration was ‘via Malaysia’ which is an aromatic coconut broth with kaffir lime leaves, chilli, garlic, lemongrass, galangal and basil. A soulful yet wholesome soupy meal that might just be the best decision to take on a cold night or a rainy day… You know what I mean?

In the end, I gave the desserts a shot too.

What looked like something new on the menu was the Fried Miso Apple Tart that’s served with miso butterscotch and sour cream ice cream. Now if you’re a fan of apple pie/crumble, this might just be your kinda dessert. A tad bit too hard to break into, the flavour is rich but not overpowering in any way. The ice cream on the side makes it quite a combination to savour.

Although I’ve had the Japanese Cheesecake before… that too a long time ago, I have to say they’ve maintained their style and quality. It’s light and fluffy, and the airy, cotton-soft souffle texture gives you the perfect melt in your mouth experience. Served with sour cherries and vanilla bean ice cream, it really can be the ideal sweet ending to your meal.

Until next time…

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