Sunday Brunch and Cake Mixing at Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

Say aye if you’re a fan of brunches… especially the Sunday kind. This post and probably the next 2 will be dedicated to this common love we share for lazy, long meals that make the weekend oh so blissful!

So I was invited to check out the Sunday Brunch at Novotel, Juhu and experience everything it has to offer on this fine Sunday afternoon. It was also when they had planned the cake mixing event. For those of you who are new to this concept, it’s when all kinds of dry fruits, tooty frooty bits and a variety of alcohols are crushed, tossed and mixed to create the perfect mix for the Christmas cake that will be baked next year. Yes, they actually soak it for the entire year to make sure the strength is on point and so are the flavours. Potent and how, the experience is definitely one to absolutely enjoy while you get your hands down and dirty. To witness people of all age groups indulging in this fun activity was definitely exciting and heartwarming.

Here are some pictures from this day by the poolside… Also one of my favourite spaces at Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach.

Moving on to the brunch, we started off with a fruity berry punch that perfectly beats the heat. A couple of starters are then freshly prepared and brought to our table so you can have it while it’s still hot. Kinda works really well for those who prefer the a la carte experience (and the lazy bums out there)… 

The spread is wide enough to leave you wondering what to opt for first. My suggestion? Go with your cravings… chances are it’ll be fulfilled at one of the many live counters or probably through the buffet spread. I of course, kinda reached a roadblock when I noticed sushi was not part of the brunch… I know it may seem like I am being too critical, but a part of me was definitely craving it on this particular day. Nevertheless, the fresh steamed dimsums did the trick. I then stuck to the various meaty offerings… from lamb skewers to succulent chicken kebabs, grilled prawns and more.

Special mention to the extravagant middle eastern corner that had an array of exotic offerings. The garlic infused hummus got my attention while I missed some pita bread on the side. I then moved on to the main course. A live pasta station to an elaborate chat section, I see no reason why anyone, from any age group, would not enjoy a spread like this. One of the many reasons why brunch scenes make me happy!

For someone who loves to do justice to brunches, I avoid taking breaks and eat whatever it is that I want… in tasting portion sizes. I usually skip the carbs and give my taste buds and appetite a chance to savour everything else. So even if you’re looking at eating healthy, it’s a great route to take…

PS. I shouldn’t be talking about eating healthy since the next segment is all about the dessert spread. LOL

Moving on to the desserts, the spread is right outside the entrance of Square (where the brunch takes place) and why not? It’s a great way to present yourself and get people interested in a Sunday brunch experience.

From the chocolate fountain that cannot be ignored to an array of Western and Indian desserts, I enjoyed every bit of the banana walnut cake, the gooey brownie pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. One of those few brunches where I ate to my potential… and didn’t exactly go overboard because even though the options were countless, I was more in the mood to relax and take it easy…

Now that I am done talking about this eventful Sunday afternoon and of course, the visual journey you just took, I hope brunches become one of your favourite things too. 😉

Have a great weekend you guys!

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