Shanoo Sharma: The Ultimate Mia Woman

Almost all the women around me have a Mia hidden in them… it’s all about how they express themselves through their work and how it’s not just worship but an integral part of their being and more importantly their personality!
Shanoo Sharma
Shanoo Sharma, Casting Director at Yash Raj Films, is one amazing woman who is more than just passionate about her work and despite the pressures involved, she lives the life she rightfully deserves and one that everyone dreams of!
Being really good at your job can be stressful for most, but Shanoo makes everything she does look so effortless despite having no formal training or prior experience in the field; she’s the queen of accuracy and efficiency, where both play a huge role in her profession.
This dedication would not be complete without mentioning the beautiful blend of traditional yet contemporary persona she exudes in her appearance. I absolutely swear by the style she endorses with her statement accessories and classic bindis.
Strong headed, confident and gorgeous, she knows exactly what she wants and gives a 100% to anything and everything that makes up the life of Shanoo Sharma!

A believer of something as simple as “Good exists in all that exists” makes her one of those women I look up to out of sheer respect and immense love! In my eyes, she definitely bags the ultimate Mia Woman’s title.
The Mia Woman TV commercial ( )
The Mia by Tanishq site (

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