Jashn-e-Kebab at Kangan – The Westin, Mumbai

It was a delightful Monday night when I attended the kebab festival that’s on in full swing till the end of September at Kangan – the Indian restaurant at The Westin Garden City, Mumbai.
Strategically located, close to major emerging business districts and the widely acclaimed Film City, The Westin Mumbai Garden City is just a short drive from the international and domestic airports. With the city’s premier shopping mall only a casual walk away and the famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park a few minutes drive from the hotel, there is something on offer for everyone.


Spacious, elegant and with a breathtaking view, the classy ambience amalgamated with the mouth-watering aromas of Indian spices makes Kangan everything it is. An experience to savour, Master Chef  Ajay Chopra and Chef Shamsher Ahmed’s magically crafted, refined northwest-frontier cuisine reinvents Peshawar traditions. Succulent kebabs, freshly-baked Indian breads, and an eclectic selection of Indian spices have the ability to mesmerise your taste buds. The gastronomic variety on vegetarian and non vegetarian kebab options are curated through ingredient sciences and complimenting taste analysis; thus breaking away from the regular Hyderabadi and Lucknowi grill varieties.

Master Chef Ajay Chopra
Chef De Cuisine Shamsher Ahmed

Having had the opportunity to interact with Head Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef De Cuisine Shamsher Ahmed, I learnt a lot about what goes into concocting these very unusual kebabs that’s on this special menu.  Since we hardly experience a chilly winter here in Mumbai, it was Chef Ajay’s idea to have this delectable festival during the mesmerizing monsoon season. With a gorgeous rainy view of my favourite city, we got a table by the window and the perfect kind of ambient lighting finished the look!

Mirch Melon
Green Apple Froito

We started off the evening with Mirch Melon – a scintillating blend of watermelon juice, vodka and a hint of chillies and a classic Green Apple Froito which were both very good and go extremely well with the flavourful kebabs that we indulged in!

Although I am a hardcore carnivore, I did check out some of the most innovative vegetarian selection of tikkas and kebabs. By adapting a ‘internationally traditional’ methodology, every kebab was distinctively flavoured and spiced to perfection!

Bhutte Ke Kebab
Mumbai monsoon cannot be experienced without some roasted bhutta, right? The use of Babycorn and spicy corn kernel, with a twist is unique and worth checking out. A bit dry by nature but delicious nevertheless.
Bhutte Ke Kebab

Lasoon Lal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka

This was that perfect melt-in-your-mouth tikka which is nothing like the usual paneer tikka that we’ve all eaten and loved. It’s got a fantastic aftertaste rich in garlic which I personally loved!

Faldaari Tandoori Chaat
Another unique tandoor preparation out of fruits – spiced and tangy by nature, that in my personal opinion, might not be loved by all. The experimental foodie will still find a reason to relish it though.

Kadak Vilayati Subz Seekh
Not the most amazing vegetarian seekh kebab I’ve tried as I think something was amiss. A bit on the bland side, the English vegetables are tempered with royal cumin and ginger and isn’t as exciting as I expected it to be.

Kadak Vilayati Subz Seekh

Kesariya Kundan

One of my favourite vegetarian options, I knew I wasn’t just tasting anymore after the third bite. Make sure you eat these stuffed mushrooms (with sunflower seeds, yes!) as soon as it arrives at your table because the burst of flavours taste best when eaten hot!

Kamal Kakdi Shikampuri Kebab
This lotus stem dish is an offbeat choice for the vegetarians as compared to the usual, tried tested and tired of paneer and aloo options. Delectable and earnestly good to taste!

Dal Kangan
You know that awful feeling when you can’t go beyond three bites of heavily laden Dal makhani because it is just way too rich? Well, it’s time to rejoice because Chef Ajay’s Dal Kangan is rich but doesn’t scar your appetite within 3-4 spoons. I suggest you check it out ASAP and you can thank me later. 🙂

Dal Kangan

Masala Roti
I don’t know how to put this in any other way but the Masala Roti and Dal Kangan are two recommendations you cannot ignore for sure, otherwise your trip to Kangan will basically be incomplete. I’m serious.
Tandoori Jhinga Samarkhand
Definitely one of the most gratifying dishes of the evening, the prawns were perfectly cooked with a smoky flavour that my taste buds couldn’t get enough of! Delightful is one word I could use to share how I felt after eating this!

Tandoori Jhinga Samarkhand

Gosht Karak Seekh Kebab
It’s crispy mutton seekh kebab but with cheese stuffing that’s batter fried to perfection! Sounds good, is supremely innovative and tasted ever better. I say go for it because it’s different.
Kalmi Kalander
The masaaledaar flavours of these chicken drumsticks is something I couldn’t get over. The classic kalmi kebab we all love but with a hint of vinegar and chilli that leaves a beautiful aftertaste with every bite.

Kalmi Kalander

Murg Shikanja
When raw mangoes, chillies and coriander come together along with some supreme chunks of chicken, you get Murg Shikanja that’s hearty and simply delicious. Being boneless is just a great plus point when it comes to the convenience of eating it. 🙂

Nalli Nihari
Although not a ‘kebab’ per se, but an integral part of the main course menu, this delicacy was slow-cooked perfectly, just the way it should be. The caramelised onions only added to the lasting flavour of the juicy lamb shanks and this preparation goes very well with the Ajwaini Parothi Naan. 

Nalli Nihari
Last but not the least, the evening couldn’t end in a better way than with some sweet treats! A platter is always a good idea when you got to taste more than one offering. It consisted of classic Indian mithai selections – sinfully rich Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai and Malai Kulfi(an all time favourite). All three lived up to their fabulous flavours despite the fact that I’m not a major fan of Indian sweets.
Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai and Malai Kulfi
Now that you’ve read through my fabulous food experience at Kangan, what also highlighted my evening was the in house bangle-maker who was kind enough to showcase his art and gifted us a couple of freshly-made, traditional lak bangles. Here’s a picture I clicked to share it with you guys 🙂
The Lak bangles
The Jashn-e-Kebab Festival is on till the end of September. Go check it out because I’m pretty sure you’re bound to fall in love with kebabs in a whole new way! Special thanks to Anahita Nair for her wonderful company. 🙂
For Reservations Call: 022 6147 0000
Address: International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063.

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